Thursday, May 26

Wanted: WBD

{Button-down - very old Express; Skirt - Gap; Shoes - Steve Madden}

First of all, WBD doesn't stand for a Wittle Black Dress.  Or White Bustier Dress.  Or anything else that I can't creatively think of on my own right now.

I used to think that a crisp, white, button-down shirt (WBD) was a must-have piece for every woman's wardrobe.  There are many attitudes that this type of blouse can create for an outfit.  Sexy.  Confident. Playful.  Coy.  Serious.  I could keep going on, but I'll refrain (mainly because of that lack of creativity thing right now)

I still think that a white button-down is a staple, but doggone it!  Why is it so hard to find one that fits correctly in the shoulders, chest, and waist...has the right length...doesn't move when you do...but also doesn't keep you confined so that you can't even raise your arms?? 

Perfect WBD, where are you?!?

If you come across the Perfect WBD, please immediately report its whereabouts to:
KC @

A reward will not be given.

But a thank you will.

Wednesday, May 25

Come Rhyme With Me

{Hat - so old, I forgot; Jacket - Gap (very old); Top - Kenar, Marshall's; Pants - Gap (2010), Shoes - Steve Madden}

Feel like rhyming what I say.
Just tell you a little about my day.

A buck for Hat Day, and wore this hat.
Was likened to an artist, a kid, and an Italian man who's fat.

Started off with a faculty meeting...
Got to see overall assessment scores for Reading.

Before finding out who didn't pass the test,
Followed our meeting with a retiree breakfast.

One bite of a kolache. That was that.
Ridiculous pain.  Time to get that tooth looked at.

First period was lots of fun.
Took third outside to get some sun.

Thought there was gonna be a pizza party, so skipped lunch.
Then came fourth know about that bunch.

Realized pizza was the next day.
During sixth, tummy got a little "rum-blay".

During seventh, kid gave some attitude, then gave more.
Had to put him in his place.  MY name's above the door.

Hadn't had kids stay for tutoring in a while,
But had two today, so stayed 'til five.

Left soon after that, burned outta the parking lot.
Stopped at the sitter to pick up my tot.

Came home and did my "after school thing".
Now sitting here, typing. Aaaand dozing.

Tried hard, but kinda fell asleep.
Really should be trying to fix something to eat. 

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe
Cook? Fast food?  Yes or No?

Either way, gotta go.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 24

Role Figure... of Speech

{Jacket - Gap (old), Top - TJMaxx, Shorts - Express (old), Shoes - Bandolino (old)}

Have you ever been in a situation where you're around a bunch of children and, heaven forbid, you had to be the adult?

As this school year comes to a close, so will the end of my (unofficially titled) "Tales of My Fourth Period Class" series.  The following just may be the last installment.... reviewing Figures of Speech today, I asked my wonderfully creative and exuberant fourth period class to come up with an original figure of speech.  Since that was pretty tough to do, most of them recited ones that they've heard before ("The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree"...  "Raining cats and dogs" get the picture.)

Oftentimes with this group, I "allow" (read: they do it anyway) them to share freely without having strict know, like, raising hands, waiting to be called on...those type of school-related-freedom-sanctioning-rules-that-are-set-in-place-to-promote-an-appropriate,-controlled,-and well-behaved environment. 

Anyway, while the conversation ensued and I briefly turned my attention to my computer, a volcano of laughter erupted.  I turned and looked around at the sea of faces that were ALL cracking up. 

One kid fell out of his seat.  Several were doubled over.  Even the quiet ones were laughing their butts off. 

And with this group, I'm the kind of teacher that says, "Hey!  What did I miss?  What's so funny?!" versus "Silence, everyone!" (or something like that which promotes an appropriate, controlled, and well-behaved environment).

After I was able to get the attention of one student (who sits next to my desk), I finally learned what was so funny.

One boy across the room had quietly whispered an "example" of a figure of speech to another boy, who always takes any opportunity to gain attention, and thus blurted out the "example":

There is a poster.
Of a squirrel.
With a caption stating,
"It's all fun and games
until somebody loses a nut."

(insert dramatic pause to allow for your reaction)

Mmm-hm.  Yup.  That's what I'm workin' with.

Although, you know, I have to be honest. 

My initial response was to laugh.  (come on, it is kinda funny...but sorry if that's not up your sense-of-humor-alley)

My second-initial (and simultaneous) response was to recall that I am the adult in the room and should act accordingly.

My third-initial (and simultaneous) response was to press my lips together to keep any semblance of a smile or laughter from escaping.

Then, I tried to give the "stink-eye" to the two boys across the room, but then I had to look away because the "originator" of this "example" was sheepishly looking at me, unsure of whether or not I would laugh or "wrath", but then looking at the sheepish expression on his face was just as funny that I wanted to crack up at that, too, but I knew that if I did the kids would mistake it for me laughing at the "example" which I originally thought was actually funny but had to supress my laughter cuz I'm the adult in the room).....(remember?)!


So.  I turned back to my computer without saying anything for a moment.  At that point, everyone had quieted down as they, too, were curious as to what my response would be (you could feel the nervousness settling over everyone now). 

As the adult in the room, I gathered my composure and with my most mature-sounding voice, I said, "Let's move on." 

Yeah, I know. 
I mean, I had no choice. 
I had to come down on 'em really hard. 
After all, I was the adult. 
And I had to make sure that I maintained an appropriate, controlled, well-behaved environment.


Monday, May 23

Basic Counting

{Cardigan - Ralph Lauren from Macy's ('10), Tee - Loft, Skirt - Gap ('11), Shoes - Nine West ('10?)}

So, this is a quickie (post, that is).  Hope your day went well, but I feel the need to unwind with some exercise.  Here's my day in a (hopefully, somewhat entertaining) nutshell nursery rhyme:

One, two...
...buckle my shoe kept fallin' outta my shoes. (great deal. last pair. one size too big.  you know me...)

Three, four...
....shut the door rushed outta the door.

Five, six...
...pick up sticks Awards Day success.

Seven, eight...
...lay them straight left at 4:15, didn't stay late!

Nine, ten...
...big fat hen wake up tomorrow and do it again. (minus the Awards Day part)

All right, I'm working with little creative juice here...

I would keep going, but I just realized that I'm counting in the wrong direction!!  I should be going backwards from in five more days 'til summer freeeeeeeeedoooommmm!!! (count me in on that!)

Thursday, May 19



If you know me, personally or through previous posts such as this and this, then you know that I can't pass up a good deal.  Meh, call me crazy.  But anyway...

See this dress?

Well, one day about a month or so ago, I ran into it.  It was on a sales rack. 
For $10.
Did you hear me?

So, I think it would be safe to say that just about any woman (who wasn't afraid of a bit of a print), would eagerly try this on.  So I did. 
Tsk tsk tsk.

You know, I wonder about the Gap sometimes.   The cut/fit of some of their items truly perplexes me.  On the hanger, this dress was hot.  On the model, this dress is hot.  When I tried this on, it was hot...but it was just the outside temperatures, that is. 

On me, this dress was (as my students would say) an Epic Fail.  Actually, there was no fit.  I tried on the smallest size and every part of the dress just hung or sagged.  Even the reviews on Gap's website for this dress were not favorable.

But did that stop me?


Staying true to my I-Really-Just-Can't-Pass-It-Up-Cuz-It's-Only-(insert number here)-Dollar Disorder, I bought the darn dress.  And that's because I had plans for this (not at all) little number.

You see, while in the fitting room, I had (at least, what I felt was) a creative moment.  I decided that I could actually get two items for the price of one!  Below, is the first item:

See?! An infinity scarf!!!  (I'm giggling right now!)

I cut the dress in half, and made zero adjustments to the top portion.  Okay, so it's a little uneven.  I thought that I could just tuck the sleeve parts in/under, but throughout the day, they kept peeking out, as you can see in all three pics.  It may look a little crazy (one person asked if it was a part of my dress and a student asked me, "What is it?"!...I'm glad I have a sense of humor).  Anyway, I love it.  {From the three pics, I couldn't decide which "look" to go with this morning, but I ended up going with the third b/c the cardigan was long enough to cover my boo-tay.} 

As for the second piece, I'm going to have to wait a little while longer to debut mom is converting it into a skirt!  I was so proud of myself when I came up with this idea....I felt like I could actually be a credible "creativ-onista" (mmmm-hmm, that's what I said)!

Buuuutttt...there is still one thing that just doesn't sit well with me.

Two days after purchasing the dress, Gap had an extra 40% off on sale items...!!!  (And you know me...)
But unfortuately, I was so caught up in percentage signs that I forgot that I could have brought the dress back for a price adjustment...and it was still in my car!!!  I'm still mad about that, actually.  Call me cheap.  Call me crazy.  But I could have saved an extra four dollars!

That's one gallon of gas, which that, my friends, is crazy.

Tuesday, May 17

The Camera Adds lbs and Other Things

{the pieces: Denim Jacket - Gap (from waywayway back in the day), Dress - Loft,  Belt (that I can't seem to get away from) - Gap, Shoes - Steve Madden}

I don't know what's going on with my camera.  I mean, it is the finest of digital cameras...from 2004.
I like how multifaceted it is.  The colors of my carpet and accent wall above the fireplace apparently have three different shades.  Even my skin tone is doing some tricks that I wasn't aware of. 

Hey!  Is it cloudy in your house?  No?  Huh.  It seems like it is in mine...  That's just too bad for me 'cuz buying a new camera has moved to the bottom of the list that is on the bottom of the stack of lists. So, it is what it is.

Anyway, about this dressydress.  I've had it for a couple of months, and although I've played around with styling it a few times before, I've never felt like this dress had the greatest fit on me.  (However, the color and ridiculously cheap price have been enough to assuage any displeasure.)  I had zero intentions of wearing it today, but after being exasperated with the lack of whatever I was needing in order to put together a decent outfit today, I just decided to throw it on under this jacket and go. 

Now that I see this dress on me in the pics, I'm realizing that I was right about the weirdness of the fit. 

Oh, wait!  Did you know that I was expecting?

Neither did I.

But according to the weirdly high placement and puffiness of this dress's waistline, I am.  Or at least, I look like I am...especially in pic #2.

Oh, well.  I still like this darn dress, so if you find that these pics are unflattering in any's the camera's fault!  ;)

See ya!

Monday, May 16


So, apparently, last week I was M.I.A.
{the pieces: top - Dillard's (old), skirt - Macy's ('08), belt - Gap ('11)}

The experience of it all was a blur. (Has it really been a week since my last post?)

I can recall a few things though:
  • a 40-minute bumpy ride on a non-ac'd school bus...dozens of kids being loud...something about a field trip, I think?
  • meetings during my conference period...that lasted the entire period...
  • the clock reading 6:30 p.m. as I'm locking my classroom door...a couple of times...
  • rude kids with substitute...
  • poor substitute...
  • committee to work on writing curriculum for next year...
Ok.  My brain hurts right now.  That's all I can recall from last week.

Anyway, my apologies for being M.I.A.
And I don't mean "Missing In Action".

I mean: Mind Insanely Absent

I really don't think I'm over it, so if I sound to start don't I like sense make any...just remember:  M.I.A.

Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, May 9

Give Me Libertine or Give Me...(a) Dress!


First of all, NO!!!  I did not wear this dress to school today!  (Umm...I like my job and want to keep it!)

But I did wear this on Saturday night to a great, casual backyard crawfish boil. (sidenote:  although I am married to a down-to-the-roots Louisiana man, I do not partake in the crawfish peeling/sucking...yesyesyes, this is such a travesty...IknowIknow.)
Anyway, after owning this dress for the past couple of months, this is the first time I've worn it.  Here are the pros and cons of this Libertine for Target piece:

  • STRIPES!!!  Need I say more?
  • ridiculously cute
  • great color combo
  • can be flattering
  • cute puffy sleeves
  • very versatile...this may be worn as a tunic or a tee with pants, leggings, shorts...a beach cover-up...and other creative ways that I have yet to discover
  • don't sit down recklessly!
  • double-think those video dance moves!
  • dropped that earring? careful when you bend down!
  • big sneeze coming on?...don't lean over too far!
  • keep fist-pumping to a minimum
  • wanna wear higher heels?...pick the right style or you might risk looking like a, er, lady of the night (ahem) 
Ok.  That's it.  Looks like the score is 6-6.  So, the fact that I think this dress is versatile, adorable and "sessy" (that's my way of saying "sexy", not "sassy") is enough for a tie-breaker!  This dress is a keeper!

Once again, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day (whether your the mother or the mothered)!  I hope you enjoyed my special post about my special little nut!


Sunday, May 8

Mommy vs. Mom

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, teachers, counselors, guardians, or anyone else who takes on maternal role to impact the life of someone else!

Four years of being a mother has presented me with the most fulfilling years of my life. There have been ups, downs, and turn-arounds, but ultimately, P simply makes life better.

Four years brings about a lot of changes for a little person. One minute, they're all tiny, cute, and buttoned-up in some kind of themed romper. The next minute, they're just romping around non-stop.

A couple of weeks ago, I sat and thought about how much P has changed since I first met him. Granted, he is still as active now as he was in the womb (especially at night), but so much about him is different.

And while he has been going through numerous changes of maturing, learning, discovering, and just living, I've realized that so have I. In the beginning, I was "Mommy". And now, I've become "Mom".


See for yourself:

First, it was:
"!" ...when he would take it upon himself to climb on a tall chair, but would get stuck trying to get down.
(I would smile and think it was cute.)
Now, it's:
"Mom! Watch this!" ... as he's flying off the back of the couch, arms and legs flailing, with his "Superboy" cape on.
(I hold my breath and reach my arms out from afar.)


First, it was:
"Mommy, I scared!"...while burying his head into some part of my body whenever we came across a dog of any size, shape, or breed.
(I held him close to protect him.)
Now, it's:
"See, Mom, he's nice. You can pet him!" ...while patting the head of his aunt's leashed up Rottweiler... that's the same height as he is.
(I smile nervously while trying to quickly and calmly coax him away from the dog.)

First it was:
"Mommy, gimme phone! I wanna tawk!" ...whenever I was engaged in a conversation on the telephone... with anyone.
(I found it entertaining.)
Now, it's:
"No. I can't talk right now, Mom. I busy," ...whenever his grandmas, aunts, or uncles call for him.
( I find it a little embarrassing.)

First, it was:
"Mommy, see?"...while waving clean and very wet hands in the air after washing them.
(I would smile proudly at his fondness for cleanliness.)
Now, it's:
"Wook, Mom, wook!" ...when he's creating a tsunami in the bathtub for the sake of his Power Ranger action figures and the plethora of other toys.
(I shake my head disapprovingly at the mess he's creating....oh, and he's getting better with his L's)

First, it was:
"Mommy, I hungry!" ...when he was ready to eat whatever I would serve him.
(I would willingly oblige.)
Now, it's:
"Moooom, don't forget the ketchup and my toy!" ...while wagging his index finger at me at the drive-thru to get his chicken nugget Happy Meal.
(I ask myself "Who does this kid think he is?")

First, it was:
"Mommy!Mommy!Mommy!" ...when he simply needed attention.
(I would laugh and play with him.)
Now, it's:
"No, thanks, Mom!" ...whenever I ask him for a hug and a kiss.
(I frown, a little heartbroken.)

First, it was:
"Mommyyyy...dooooone!" ... when he first began using the potty and signaled to me that he was finished.
(I was glad to even get to this point.)
Now, it's:
"Mom, let me do it!" ... when we're in a public restroom, and I try to help out in order to prevent him from touching anything.
(I'm a bit germaphobic, so this is probably the single most difficult thing that I've had to face...and there have been many difficult things.)
(I'm still wondering how to get past this point.)

And speaking of using the restroom...
First it was:
"Eww, Mommy, that's nasty!" ...whenever he did #2. (I had to laugh.)
Now, it's:
"Look at that one, Mom! That wooks wike a hot dog! (...or a fish...or a boat...or grapes...or just "it's hiding") ...whenever he now does #2.
(I still laugh.)

So, now do you understand my perplexity?
How did we get to this point?
How did I go from being the "Mommy" that he was totally dependent upon to the "Mom" whom he hardly needs help from?

I know, I know.

It's a part of his growing up.

And mine, too.


In honor of the little boy who made me a mommy mom, here's my little dedication to him:


Thursday, May 5

Love is in the Air

So the showering of Teacher Appreciation continues...

Cardigan - Gap, Tee - INC/Macy's, Halter Dress - Gap, Shoes - Michael Kors "Amber" Wedge Sandal/Macy's

First, our Student Council treated us to a wonderful breakfast.
Secondly, one of my students in my first period class arrived bearing gifts.  Do ya see that adorable cuff bracelet full of bling that has found a new home on my wrist?  Yep.  That, along with an adorable pair of pink and blue earrings, was from her and her twin brother (who is a "member" of my infamous fourth period class). 
The rest of the day was sprinkled with gift cards, gift certificates, and coupons to local vendors!  What a day!

But seriously, it's really not about the treats and the gifts.  It is the simplicity in the recognizing the blood, sweat, and tears that educators put forth in our attempts to help to produce educated citizens who will go on and contribute positively to the world we live in.  I am in no way attempting to overshadow any other profession out there.  However, there are many folks (I'm sure not any of you) who think that educators merely sit on our rears, collect a paycheck for ten months, and then also get paid to "vacation" for two months.  To those people, I dare them to last one week in my shoes. 

I think they would change their minds.

And not because I walk around my classroom in three-and-a-half-inch heels.

But because it's tough out in there.

For teacher appreciation week, I think any teacher would say that he/she would merely appreciate

more respect,

more motivated students,

more involved parents,

even better compensation.

Oh!  And maybe a donut or two every morning.  :)

Thanks for "listening" to my PSA!

Wednesday, May 4

It's beginning to look a lot like...
the pieces: Tunic - Banana Republic, Pants - Express Side Zip Editor, Shoes - Vince Camuto "Neven"

21 days left to the moment where every teacher in our building stands along the bus ramp and wave at the kids as the buses drive off for the last time for this school year.  Oh, such a bittersweet moment. ;)

Although, this year has not been without it challenges, I've thoroughly enjoyed the group of students that I've had.  And I think they've kinda enjoyed me, too.  Hence, as this is teacher appreciation week, I (unexpectedly) received the following two items (one from an individual student, the other from one class). 


It's nice to feel as though their is some significance to the many hours that have been spent with these kiddos.  As a matter of fact, in the mail today, I received an invitation to the graduation/party of a student whom I taught during my first year as a teacher! 

Time sure does fly, which definitely makes me appreciate my own kiddo even more!  By the way, stay tuned for a special Mother's Day post inspired by P (aka the Nut...aka the Boss)!


{outfit afterthoughts: lovelovelove this top, but always wanted a button-down and not really a tunic...the pockets in the front and the tunic-style make it a little difficult to wear and add a few extra bulges here and there...but i really like the (unseen) ruffle detail around the collar, the sleeves, and the shade of blue!}

Monday, May 2

Quick Post

I've just sat down to reflect and share a good story from today.
But the boss is calling me as we speak (...or as I type).
He's found his old knee pads in the depths of one of his toy bins, and now he's telling me that it's time to go outside and ride his bike. 
"For real, mom.  Let's go.....pleeeeeease!"

I just tried to ward him off for a couple of minutes by telling him to go and ask his step-brother to get his bike out of the garage. 
"I can do it, mom.  I'm a big boy," he's telling me.

Maybe tomorrow I'll have something juicy.
But I'll also still have a boss.
So, actually, we'll just have to see what he feels like tomorrow.

By the way, this week is Teacher Appreciation Week!

Don't forget to show some love to all the educators out there who work tirelessly to earn the two months of vacation that are almost upon us (and that is so close that I can smell those couple of extra hours of sleep)!

Seriously, gotta go!  P is pulling my hand away from the computer!  He wasn't able to get the bike out by himself, so now I have to do it. 

Why?  Because...

"You're a big girl, Mom.  You can do it."  (Yes, this is what he just told me!  Kids, I tell ya!)