Saturday, April 30

Ten Things I Love

I don't do weekend posts very often, but I started putting this together for the purpose of completing my Ten Things I Love list, but since I took P to a backyard birthday party, I figured why not try to look cute and then add my outfit to this l'il ol' bloggy-blog?  ;)

 Hat - Mossimo, Target   Orange Tank - Gap   White Tank - Old  
Skirt - Gap (minus 6 inches from its original length, as seen here)
BCBG "Uba" Sandals

The birthday party was fun and very laid back.  So much so, that I even decided to partake in a little Miller Lite sipping...although I'm not a big drinker, much less a beer drinker.  A funny thing that happened was when my friend's 5-year old daughter walked up to our table and made an inquiry about my choice of beverage. 

She asked me, "Why are you drinking root beer?"

The adults at the table had to stifle our laughs at the sheer cuteness of her innocence.  While grabbing the bottle and strategically placing my hand over the entire label, I responded with,

"Ummm...'cause I like root beer?"

Cute, huh?

Anyway, a week or so ago, my fellow style blogger Tiffany from Breakfast with Tiffany tagged me for a post about Ten Things I Love.  Please check out her list, and while you're there, check out her entire blog and her cutey-cute wardrobe.  (Oh, and be sure to be on the lookout for some drool-worthy sandals and a killer pair of turquoise heels when you get there!) 
I vowed to complete my Ten Things by that weekend, but it escaped off of my list of things to do...until now!  So, here goes:

I love...

1. My husband.  After nearly ten years together, not only does he get me, but he accepts the me that he gets.

2. My kid.  I can't express in words my feelings for that little nut.

3. My (extended) family.  With all the good and the bad, we are a unit and we have each other's backs.

4. My shoes.  My shoe count is disgustingly in the triple digits.  And although many of them have not seen the light of day in a veryveryvery long time,  I still have deep feelings for each pair.  Really.  Sometimes I'll just stand in the closet and admire the shape, heel, pattern, or color of a pair of shoes.  Creepy?  Maybe. 
Just being me?  Yes.

5. Walking up to one of my favorite stores and seeing a sign in the window that reads something along the lines of: "Extra 50% (or 40%...or even 30%) off Sale Items".  I'm getting an adrenaline rush just typing out the words!

6. ...getting a really expensive item for reallyreallyreally cheap!  Like, dirt cheap.  Shamelessly, dirt cheap. (this would have something to do with item #5, of course)

7. Gap men's belt.  I've worn it pretty much everyday this week.

8. ...Target.  Enough said.

9. ...the smell of wet clothes coming out of the washing machine.  That's my definition of "fresh".  Don't judge.  ;)

10. And for my last item... this is something that I would love to have:
      A Range Rover.

And so, to commemorate some of the items on this list, here is a little collage-y:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Upon the urging of my stepson/photographer, I have changed locations for my pics. I'm not ready to venture out and do the outdoor photos just yet, so I went with it.  Instead of the foyer, we have now moved to the family room.  I'm a little unsure about it, but, oh well.

 Loft Roll-Sleeve Drapey Shirt, Gap Jeans, Gap Men's Belt, Steve Madden Serrious Sandals

Every year we get an incentive from our district to purchase supplies and products for our classrooms.  Usually this is via a gift card to a large retail chain office-supply store, but this year, we are using an online vendor.  The deadline to place the order is Saturday, and we've been getting emails all week reminding us of this impending deadline. 
I did attempt a couple of times to peruse through the site while at school, but there was so much to consider and so (veryveryvery) little time.  So, call it procrastinating if you want to, but because I like to take my time to savor my (free) shopping experience and attempt to wisely spend nearly every penny from the fifty dollars as possible, I decided to dedicate part of my Friday evening to doing this. 
Oh, but there was just one problem.
You see, there was an instruction sheet that walked us through the process from logging on to the site to placing the order.  And each person got a pre-set (of sorts) username and password. 
Easy enough.  Except, mine wouldn't work.  Apparently, my user and/or password did not exist.
I repeatedly attempted to log in, and figuring that there was an error with my pre-set username/password, I tried every other variation that I could think of...until I recieved that "Too many attempts...Your account has been locked..." message. 
 Refusing to be defeated, I figured a way around this mini hurdle by finding the name of my school through the site and registering as a user under that account. 
(Okay, sweat.  Back to the mission!)
So, I spent three hours strategically figuring out what I want/need for my classroom while trying to spend every penny of the dollar limit without going over (if you even try to charge an overage to your personal credit card, the incentive will not apply).  Pleased as punch with my selections (oh, yeah!), I mosied right along to the checkout. 
(Free stuff here I come!)
Okay, so on the checkout screen, I saw my school's info. 
Mailing address automatically on the invoice.
(o-k...almost there...)
Now, a Purchase Order number.
(Eeeerrrkkkk! Hit the brakes!)
Purchase Order number??  Well, according to the instruction sheet, there's supposed to be a drop-down box with a personal purcase order number...but I didn't have one!  And I knew why.  Since I didn't log in using the pre-set username and password, my existence was once again denied by the site.
("Don't cry, Kish," I told myself. "Don't cry.")
So, now, with the deadline hovering...  and no one able to help me... I've just lost out on fifty doggone bucks of free stuff that I could really use for my classroom.
And do you wanna know what my total was? 


Wanna cry with me?

Thursday, April 28


 So...not much to chat about, but I'd like to send out a "Congrats" to my close college friend, Bisi...Congratulations on your new baby girl and welcome to mommy-hood!!!

Tonight is the NFL Draft, and although I am not a football fan, I live with one.  He is an endless pit of football facts.  Sometimes I feel like I live with a SportsCenter Analyst.  Just minus the national coverage. 
Anyway, I think I'll surprise him by ordering pizza, hanging out on the couch and watching the draft with him so he can tell me everything about every draftee, every team, every team manager, every head coach...and every everything else.
It's gonna be a long night.
I think I'm gonna need a few magazines to get me through!

Happy Thursday!
{Post update: I've ordered the pizza.  I'm on the couch.  M has been talking football non-stop (didn't I tell you?), and P, who is on my back, sees that I have a french braid and asks me,
"Mom, what are these?  Steps?" 
 I tell him that it's a french braid, and then he asks,
"How did you get them?" 
I had to laugh. This was too cute not to share!}

 the pieces:
Tee - Gap (2010)
Jeans - Gap Boyfriend (2010)
Belt - Gap (Winter '10 Clearance)
Shoes - Jessica Simpson "Glorie" Wedge Sandal (Dillard's, Summer '10)

Tuesday, April 26

Day 25 minus 1

Day 1 of state assessments down. 
One more day to go.
And then 24 days until the end of the year!
Yep, I'm still counting!


the pieces:
Cardigan - Martin+Osa (a couple of weeks ago from TJ Maxx)
Tee - Gap
Scarf - Express (from waaaaay back in the day. like 2002)
Jeans - Gap (2010)
Shoes - Guess (a few months ago from Ross)
{outfit afterthoughts: i love this cardigan and am so glad that i ran into it at TJ Maxx a couple of weeks ago! i haven't quite figured out a lot of variations for it, but i do have a special rendez-vous set up for it w/a navy and white summer dress...i'll keep you posted on their date!  today, however, this cardi decided to succumb itself to be worn with casual jeans and flat sandals that aren't pictured}

Monday, April 25

25 and Counting

The number 25 represents...

...a silver wedding anniversary...
...the number of cents in a dollar...
...the date that Christmas falls on...
...the age when most auto insurance premiums drop...


...the number of days left 'til the end of the school year!!

This, too, calls for a celebration!

But first, we have to get through a few more hurdles:

State assessments this week (which also means that we get to wear jeans!).
Remediation for state assessments.
The sixth grade field trip.
Then the sixth grade awards ceremony.

It's going to be a lot.
And being the sixth grade team leader adds just a wee bit more onto my plate.
But ya know what's going to help me get through it all???

That magic number 25!!!!!!
(well, at least it'll get me through tomorrow, 'cause after that, we'll have 24 more days...guess I better start looking up what that number represents...)

 Have a great week to y'all!

the pieces:
Cardigan - Gap
Dress - from Marshall's (c. 2006)
White tank - Marshall's? (old)
Sea foam Tank - The Limited (old)
Shoes - Nine West (Ross, clearance $15)
Belt - Gap (men's)
{outfit afterthoughts:  this was not what i had put together last night...i had a cute top the same color as the outer layer tank, but it was too big...after about five large safety pins and way too many attempts at rigging the top over this dress, I gave up and went with this at the last minute...i hardly wear this dress b/c, although it has an empire waist, it's a little roomy which makes me look either bulky under a cardi, like above, or...el prego...which i'm not}

Sunday, April 24

Beware of Dog

Thursday afternoon, we left for an overnight trip to Louisiana to visit M's family.  I wanted a casual outfit that would endure the 3-4 hour drive there but still be cute (read: unwrinkled) by the time that we arrived.  This was what I came up with.  I bought these shorts a while back from Forever 21 and totally forgot about them.  I tried several pairs of shoes to get different "feels", but since I would mainly be walking on dirt and/or gravel, I resoved to go with the thong sandals.

Speaking of dirt and's a little story about a visit we made to see M's father in Louisiana about a year ago:

M's father lives in an area that I would describe 

Back woods?

First of all, the turn to get onto the "road" that he lives on is one that may be easily missed (but just once or twice, depending on how observant the driver and passenger are as they are talking on the phone with said father, wondering where in the heck the "road" to turn onto is).  Secondly, there are ditches on either side of the "road".  And then there is the actual woods-y area on one side beyond the ditch.  The "road" is about the width of our SUV.  Which means that if by chance we were to catch a glimpse of another vehicle coming in the opposite direction, one vehicle would basically have to temporarily park in the ditch to let the other by.  Get the picture?

Anyway, on this visit, it was early evening.  P was three years old and clingy.  He was sitting on my lap at a dining room chair, and we were facing the front door (which was about six steps away).  The door was open, but through the screen, I saw a tail wagging past.  I figured it would be a great opportunity to get P to unwind if he were able to go on the porch and play with the doggy that had come to pay a visit.

By the time I convinced P to walk to the door with me, the doggy was already gone.  I stepped out onto the porch and looked around, but there was no doggy.  I even did the "pphuup-pphuup-pphuup" noise to get it's attention.  But there was no doggy.

With P still clinging, I went inside and told M about the dog that we just missed. 

And then M told his dad about the dog that we just missed...

(By the way, if there is one thing about me that you should know,

It is that I am very much a city girl.

M and his family are very much country-folk ((I don't say this in any way offensively)),

And there are some things that they are used to that I, on the other hand, am totally naive to.


Potentially providing my child as a meal to a wild animal.

So, back to the story:)

...After M told his dad about the doggy, my father-in-law went out onto the porch himself.

And then he looked around outside.

And then he came back inside.

And then he said that it wasn't a dog after all whose tail was wagging by the front door.

It was a coyote.

(Please feel free to find humor in this story.  After I had overcome the shock, I sure did.  I texted my brother and two of my sisters right afterwards to share the story of how I almost let my 3-year old child play with a  dog wild coyote.)

        Brown Wedges?          Black Wedges?          Black Sandals?

the pieces:
Tee - Gap
Shorts - Forever 21
Belt - Forever 21
Brown Wedges - Steve Madden Faunta Wedge
Black Wedges - Coach Maryanne Wedge
Black Sandals - Ralph Lauren
{outfit afterthought: it turned out to be comfy, but i can't wait to try different tops/looks with these shorts; what really would have completed the outfit is P's pair of Willy Wonka-esque glasses in the background corner...oh, yeeeaaah!}

Wednesday, April 20

Sixty Seconds in Heaven

Aaaahhhh, Friday! Since we have NO SCHOOL for the rest of the week, today's my "Friday"!!!

Since it was our last day before a four-day weekend, I used the "possiblity-of-having-a-free-day-outside" as a carrot for my little wabbits.  Unfortunately, only two classes got the opportunity, though.  Which leads me to my little story for today!

I haven't mentioned anything about my sixth period class before, so here's a teeny-tiny, mini rundown of them: 
30 students.         
6 girls.           
22 boys. 

Did you hear me?

22.  Boys.

While you're probably saying to yourself, "Ohmygoodness, poor you!" and thinking that this is probably my off-the-wall class, surprisingly, this is a really good least, now they are (we will not mention the mayhem that reigned during the first semester).  They've been a good group all semester, so they were one of the two classes that earned outside time.  In exchange for twenty glorious minutes out in the sun, the only recourse was that no one could step off of the curb that runs along the teacher parking lot entranceway.  Actually, my exact words were:  "If even one goosebump on the point of someone's elbow crosses over the curb, we're coming back inside."  Everyone understood and agreed.

Have you ever seen a really rambunctious, hyperactive, jumpy-jumpy dog that's been locked in a house all day?  And when the front door of the house opens and that dog catches sight of the world outside, it takes off full-speed, pummels past its owner, and runsrunsrunsrunsruns like there's no tomorrow?

Yeah.  That's what it was like watching my sixth period kiddos when they hit the outside world.  There was screaming.  Arms flailing.  Bodies just moving at warp speed all over the place.  The five young ladies (one was absent) remained near me with their books, ready to settle down on the sidewalk to do some reading.  A few boys veered off in another direction to hang.  And the majority of the rest of the class (guess what gender?) decided to have speed races to see who was the fastest.  When I tell you that I would have put money on what was going to happen next, well... I would have put money on what was going to happen next.

On round two of the race (which was headed back in my direction), one young man was so exuberant that when he reached the "finish line", guess what he did?  Yep.  He ran off the curb into the parking lot.  Now, the look on his face when he won was of pure jubilation and that made me smile to know that his expression was a reflection of the youthful fun that they were all having.  But I had to stick to my guns.  So, I stood up. Pointed towards the doors.  And just like that, their freedom was over.  All. Four. Minutes of it.

(Okay, so it was really funny at the time.  Come on, four minutes!!!)

Anyway, my seventh period class was the second group to earn some freedom.  Now, I don't know if it was something that was served in the cafeteria food today or what, but when this group hit the outside, it was like watching an instant replay of sixth period (just not as many boys).  Like their predecessors, they screamed and flailed, too.  They even did the speed-racing thing, too.  They were having the time of their lives, and they, too, had one person run off the curb.  (sigh)  So.  I stood up. Pointed towards the doors. And just like that, there freedom was over.  Too.

At least, this group lasted for ten minutes.


the pieces:
Slouchy tee - Gap
Skirt - Gap
Belt - Gap (last year)
Sandals - Ralph Lauren (Dillard's Summer '10 Clearance)
{outfit afterthoughts: i had no expectation to wear this skirt again anytime soon, but what i was trying wasn't working...i wanted to be comfy for "Friday" without wearing jeans, so at the last minute, i begrudgingly threw these pieces together and ended up liking it...almost feels beachy...and if you know anything about the closest beach to Houston, that's actually not saying a whole lot!..about the "beachy" part that is!}

Tuesday, April 19

I'm wondering if there's a niche for a traveling troupe of teachers who perform parodies of hip-hop/rap/pop songs to encourage students to do well on state assessment exams? 

Today, I had so much fun with my grade-level PLC (ahem, that is special lingo for "professional learning community") as we made a "pop video" to Ke$ha's Tick-Tock!  Last week, after I shared a motivational freestyle rap song that one of the local radio stations did a couple of years ago, one of my colleagues had a great idea to have a rap competition between our sixth graders.  AND, as their fabulous reading/language arts (rela) teachers,  we decided to get in on it to help motivate help give the kids a good, hard laugh before their assessments next week. 

And so, the RELA Rappers and "Tick-Tock for TAKS" was born. 

It was so fun to record this (I was the director/videographer...which I'm thinking could be my new profession)!  The six "Ke$ha's" in the video donned jerseys from our football team, bling, sunglasses, and, as one other teacher put it, other "fabulous accoutrements"!  They rapped about test preparation, test-taking strategies, and key terms. There was even a cameo appearance by Justin Bieber!!!

Okay, it was only a poster. 

And just to clarify that we don't have Bieber fever, the re-mixed lyrics that accompanied the shot of his poster were "...eliminate distractors...".  Trust me, it's funnier when you actually see it. 

Anyway, this was such a great idea, I can see us doing this for years to come (although our state assessment exam will be going through some changes next year).  If you're reading this, thanks, Sandra, for the idea and for re-mixing the lyrics!

Tick-tock...Don't stop...

the pieces:
Cardigan - Express (c. 2005)
Tee - Gap
Pinstriped Trousers - Gap Outlet
Shoes - Vince Camuto "Neven"
Cute Kid w/Singing Green Frog Puppet - M & Me!
{outfit afterthoughts: i actually wore this on monday...M really liked it, he kept saying that i looked cute...i do like the colors...think i may need a necklace that makes more of a statement...i wanted to throw in a hot pink belt, but decided against it (this time!)...come to think of it, I have a pair of pink shoes with other colors in it that could work with this, hmm..i dunno}

Thursday, April 14

It IS Thursday!

Since I'm no longer living a day ahead and it really is Thursday, the Special on today's menu is another "MOMent".  I posted a couple of MOMents a week or so ago, and I'm feelin' like this could be the start of a regular posting "topic" for me..... 

Anyway, this MOMent occured last night.  I was in a peaceful repose and having wonderful dreams of Thursday (which is really only exciting because it's the closest weekday to Friday), when I felt a small four-year old body crawling over me and moaning.  As with most moms (sleepy or not), I went into full multi-task mode:
  • try to hold onto a few more moment of sleep by keeping eyes closed (check),
  • straddle the line between reality and dream-ality (check, check),
  • ask toddler what is wrong (check), 
  • then help hoist toddler up on the bed along with his pillow and two blankets and curl into a fetal position because toddler has laid himself horizontally across your side of the bed (check, check, check, and ...check).

It was his finger.  He had hurt it at the sitter earlier that day (very small scrape) and had a band-aid on it.  For some reason, it was still the cause of his discomfort.  He moaned.  He groaned.  He tossed.  And turned.  And constantly whimpered, "Moooom, my finger!" while shoving it into my hand. Still in mommy-multi-task-mode, I rubbed.  I held.  I massaged.  I even squeezed his little index finger.  Each thing seemed to work (even the squeezing), but it would only be a few moments before he would be moaning again.   After fifteen minutes of this, I gave up and crossed "enjoy peaceful sleep and dreams" off of my To-Do list.  I sat up, and by the light of my Blackberry (a multi-taskers go-to, no doubt!), I inspected his finger.  Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, so I decided to just take the doggone Band-aid off. 

In less than a minute, the heavens parted, angels sang...and P began snoring.  He was knocked out! And all it took was the removal of the stupid Band-aid...and me being fully awake at that point (I believe I failed to mention that "at that point" was after 2 a.m.).  I desperately tried to get back to my peaceful sleep, but now I was the one tossing and turning (try doing that while remaining in a fetal!).  

After another fifteen minutes elapsed, I decided that it was high time for Mr. P to go back to his own bed.  He was snoozing and snoring soundly, so I scooped him up, cradled him in my arms, and laid him gently down on his bed.  I tucked him in surrounded by all of his favorite blankets (Cars, a Christmas Penguin, and two homemade ones from my mom) and began to walk away, glad to be over with this episode. 

And then came the MOMent:

As I was walking away, I heard him say,

"Thanks, mom." 

And then he was snoring again.

Ahh, my heart melted.

Happy Thursday-Cuz-It's-One-Day-Closer-to-Friday everyone!

the pieces:
Tee - Gap (Winter, 2010)
Cargos - Gap (Winter, 2010)
Sandals - Steve Madden
{outfit afterthoughts:  didn't really care what my outfit looked like today...just wanted to be comfortable in some kind of flat shoe...i like purple and green together...i actually tucked these sleeves under b/c the "flower petal" look of it is kind of droopy and overexaggerated...i attempted to do one of those side was a little messy, but i went with it anyway}

Wednesday, April 13

Was it just me, or did today feel like Thursday?  I mean, I looked at my calendar several times throughout today, and I was looking at the word "Wednesday"...but for some reason it wasn't registering.   My thoughts for today's post were totally Thursday-centric (Don't really know what that means, though.  I just made it up.).  So, imagine the disappointment when it finally dawned on me about a half-hour ago that today is not what I thought it was?!  Ack!




I need to digest this bit of reality.

Catch you guys on Thursday! 

(But if by chance I don't catch ya, hope you have a "real good" real Thursday!  And just to be honest, I'm really not that disappointed about my disillusionment.  I just don't have anything else interesting to talk about!)  =)


the pieces:
Dress - New York & Co via Ross (purchased on Clearance about a month ago....for $8.49!)
Scarf - Kohl's (sometime within the past year for less than $4!)
Shoes - Ralph Lauren (Dillard's, Summer '10)
Belt - Old Navy (4-5 years ago?)

Tuesday, April 12

How to Mend a (6th Grader's) Broken Heart

Do you remember your first love and your first heartbreak?

Now, do you remember my fourth period class that I mentioned a couple of posts back?  (If not, please feel free to read about them here!)  True to form, they're coming in from lunch today, and since I was standing in the middle of the room (instead of my customary seated-at-my-desk-while-scarfing-down-the-last-of-my-lunch position), they began to swarm instead of line up at my desk.  Through the crowd that was beginning to form, I felt a pair of arms reaching around my waist.  I turned my head and saw that her eyes were red.  She's the kind of girl who has a permanent smile on her face.  She smiles when she talks.  And sure enough, as she looked up at me and asked, "Can I have a hug?", she was smiling.  And crying.  She squeezed me around my waist and tucked her head into my chest.  I rushed her outside into the hallway and asked what happened. 

"Simon* broke up with me for an eighth-grader!"  She was sobbing now.

(A little bit of background info on these two kiddos:  I am not at all an advocate of kids "dating" in the sixth grade, but with these two, you could see that whatever it was that they had, it was a little different.  And what I mean by different is honest and innocent.  She is a sweet, shy, and sensitive girl who has a serious talent for writing.  Simon, whom I also teach in my first period class, is a respectful, witty, very likeable, and smart kid.  Everyday before she goes to lunch, she comes to give me a hug.  And everyday, Simon waits outside of my door to walk with her to lunch.  Most sixth grade "relationships" last for a couple of weeks, but these two had been "dating" for about six months.)

So, anyway, this was not what I was expecting to be the problem.  I tried to console her as much as I could as she cried on me.  Even though she's always with a smile, I knew that I had to make her laugh.  I told her that I knew she was hurting...she should let herself cry to get it all out...tomorrow will be a new day...and by the time she gets to high school, there'll be so many more options that she'll be like, "Simon, who?"  (she giggled at that one).  It didn't take long for the tears to dry up, but I wanted her to have a good laugh to lift her spirits.  It wasn't until after class, though, that I pulled her to the side and said:

"You know, tomorrow morning when I see Simon, I'm gonna give him the stink eye."

That worked.

Not only did she smile and laugh, but she made me promise.  Twice! (sigh) 

*name has been changed to protect the stink-eyed

Soo....about this maxi!
First off: This is NOT what I wore to school today.
Secondly, I l-o-v-e this dress. I feel like the island-born girl that I am but never got to be.   I got it online from The Limited for about $22!  Sadly, though, in the three years that I've had it, I've only worn it once.
Thanks to Everybody, Everywear's April feature of the maxi, I have a reason to pull it out from the back of the closet!


Maxi | Everybody, Everywear

By the way, if you're interested in going from wild and exotic to mundane and dull, please keep scrolling down to view my real OOTD.


Uh-huh, told ya.  Dull and mundane.  Don't say I didn't warn you.  ;)

Monday, April 11

Mani(a)c Monday

What do you get when you...

Recieve a 7:15 am phone call from your husband stating that he's sitting in the SUV on the other side of town and he has bad news.  The keys to the car that you use to drive to work are in said SUV...
...Locate the (broken) spare car key that used to work, but now won't go all the way into the ignition...
...Make a last minute phone call to friend to catch a ride to school just as she's leaving out of her driveway to take her kids to school (Thanks, Tina!)...
...Realize that along with no car keys, you also have no key to lock the front door (and can't go through the garage)...
...While en route to school, realize that you left your school bag with today's plans at home.  Oh, and your wallet, too...
...Arrive late to school...
...Run to front office and back (in a hot building) to borrow keys (that were left in school bag, which was left at home, along with today's plans) to unlock classroom...
...Try to put together last minute plans for today...
...Then realize that you had a PTC, so run around (in a hot building) trying to find the location of it. Oh yeah, it's actually scheduled for Thurs...
...Have ten minutes before the first bell and still need last minute plans for today...
...Pull a lesson together.  Get your groove back.  Then during sixth period, you finally realize that you hadn't pee'd (sp?) all day...???

You Get a Manic Monday.
Or a Maniac Monday.


the pieces:
Blouse - BCBG (purchased by my sister from TJ Maxx; taken by me from my sister)
Pants - Express Editor (2008)
Shoes - Vince Camuto Neven