Wednesday, April 13

Was it just me, or did today feel like Thursday?  I mean, I looked at my calendar several times throughout today, and I was looking at the word "Wednesday"...but for some reason it wasn't registering.   My thoughts for today's post were totally Thursday-centric (Don't really know what that means, though.  I just made it up.).  So, imagine the disappointment when it finally dawned on me about a half-hour ago that today is not what I thought it was?!  Ack!




I need to digest this bit of reality.

Catch you guys on Thursday! 

(But if by chance I don't catch ya, hope you have a "real good" real Thursday!  And just to be honest, I'm really not that disappointed about my disillusionment.  I just don't have anything else interesting to talk about!)  =)


the pieces:
Dress - New York & Co via Ross (purchased on Clearance about a month ago....for $8.49!)
Scarf - Kohl's (sometime within the past year for less than $4!)
Shoes - Ralph Lauren (Dillard's, Summer '10)
Belt - Old Navy (4-5 years ago?)


  1. Beautiful blue on you. and i am loving this trend of inserting scarf in the belt. xo

    I have posted some outfits myself.

  2. Funny, I kept thinking it was Tuesday! ;)
    That blue is flattering on you.