Thursday, September 27

Love Dogs? Wear Dalmation.

Top - Calvin Klein
Pants - Loft
Shoes - Nine West

When I first saw these pants, they called out to me. 

But when I saw the $70 price tag, my credit card called me back. 

I cannot bring myself to spend $70 on a pair of really cute pants.

But I can spend $35 on them after they've gone on sale!

Sigh.  I love these Dalmation print pants. 

Coincidentally, I love dogs, too.

Tuesday, September 25

In a Blaze(r) of Orange

Blazer - Target
Tank - ?
Jeans - Express
Shoes - Circa Joan & David (DSW)
Coming through in a blaze!
Actually, in an blazer!  And a vibrant orange one at that!
Here's what happened:
After staying away from Target for a while, I went in for the sole purpose of doing some grocery shopping.
And I did make my way to the grocery section...just via the women's clothing section.
And that's where this blazer, in all of its orange-ness, practically jumped off of the rack and into my basket.
It was a perfect fit, and it was on sale.  
So what if I was only supposed to be grocery shopping?
Technically, you could say that I all I did was just add orange(s) to the grocery list.  ;)

Tuesday, September 4

Welcome Back

Striped Sweater - French Connection
Blue Collared Top - BCBG
Navy/Red Skirt - Gap
Shoes - Ralph Lauren

Welcome back...
Where your dreams were your ticket out.

Welcome back...
To that same old place that you laughed about...

I played this song last week on the first day back to school as my new sixth graders entered my classroom.

And so, I figured, how apropos to "play" it right now as I find my way back to Blogger!

Sadly, it's been so long that I actually forgot my login...and then I stumbled around trying to remember how to upload a photo.  yeesh!

Anyway, I hope everyone has been doing well!  Although it may be a little late for some, welcome back to school for all you teachers out there...and welcome back to "freedom" for all you moms!  ;)