Monday, January 31

A Warm Winter's Day

Ever heard the joke about the weather in Texas?

   ...if you wait around for fifteen minutes, it'll change. 
    Well, the weather hasn't been that tempermental lately, but we have been spoiled with fairly nice weather over the past few days.  But all of that will end...tomorrow.  I guess I really shouldn't complain as some of my new blogging friends are currently enduring snowstorms and what not (funny, though, just the semblance of a snow flurry here in Houston would excite the likes of children and adults).  Snow, much less freezing cold temperatures, are a rarity in Houston, but for the next few days we will be facing temps in the 20s and 30s....whooooo....
    I was deluded into thinking that spring really was around the corner, so I couldn't help but to pull out a fun pattern and bright color mix this morning.  In support of the "Go Red for Women" campaign against heart disease and stroke, we are able to wear jeans to work this week.  I'm not sure if the outfit as a whole was successful, but it put me in a light-hearted mood this morning.  I do have summer plans for this top, though, that involve short shorts (!) and tall wedges...(sigh).  I can't wait for the warm weather! 

     Well, while I'm hunkerin' down here in the south...I hope all of you facing the "real" cold weather stay warm and safe!

the pieces:
  • Sweater - Jeanne Pierre, purchased on clearance ($10) from T.J. Maxx
  • Blouse - Petticoat Alley, purchased on clearance ($10) from T. J. Maxx
  • Jeans - Gap Low Rise Straight Leg
  • Boots - Bandolino
  • Orange Beaded Necklace - Express
  • Double-chain Necklace - The Limited

Friday, January 28

Anyone Need Garlic?

Out of sight...

     ...out of mind.  It's funny how it's easy for me to sometimes forget about the items that I have in my closet, even if they're sitting right in front of me.  This sweater has been folded on an eye-level shelf for who knows how long, yet it wasn't until last night while I snuggled under the covers and surfed the "blogger-net" that I was reminded of it.  I came across Coastal Chicster's blog, saw her outfit from 1/21/11, and fell in love with it.  Rather than getting out of bed, I scanned the closet annals of my mind and thought about this sweater as the starter piece and put the rest of the outfit together (the blue top has almost gone to the giveaway pile several times, and I love pockets on skirts and dresses!) with a pair of brown boots.  In the end, I didn't do the boots, but I liked the combo of the navy tights with the black peep-toe slingbacks.
     Although I felt rejuvenated with my "new" outfit, it was met with mixed reviews:

     First: "Black and navy?"

     Next: "Did you mean to wear that color of tights?"

     Later: "Hmmm....I think I would have worn a brown skirt instead...but it's okay. " (This came from a 7th period student who stood in front of me, leaning to one side, with her hand cupped around her chin and a pensive expression on her face).

     And then there was a "stranger danger" experience in the grocery store.  The first time he walked past me, he looked at me in such a way that I had to reach back and smooth my skirt just to make sure that it wasn't hiked up.  After the third time he walked by, he approached me and used the line, "Do you know where I can find crushed garlic?" as a lame attempt of a pick-up. Seriously? The worst part was when he (after walking away and coming back again) asked if I was married.  When I confirmed, he had the nerve to say, "Me, too." 
     After he walked away (for the last time, thankfully), I checked the contents of my purse just to make sure that his hand wasn''t quicker than my eye.  And then I added this to my list of reasons why I Hate Grocery Shopping. 

    I'm thinking it's time for bed.


the pieces:
  • Sweater - DKNY (purchased from Macy's many moons ago)
  • Blouse - BCBG (old purchase from Marshall's)
  • Skirt - Express (Summer '10)
  • Navy Blue Tights - Apt. 9 (purchased from Kohl's, Winter '10)
  • Shoes - Jessica Simpson (recent purchase from TJ Maxx...only $20!)
  • Necklace (recent purchase from TJ Maxx)

Tuesday, January 25

Is Your Sweater Upside Down?

Is there a color to symbolize hypocrisy?

     Yesterday, I stated that when it comes to jewelry and accessories, I'm pretty much a minimalist.

     Today I put together an outfit where I hang three different necklaces around my neck at one time. 

     Go figure.  

     Maybe I need to check my online dictionary for the definition of "minimalism".      

     I'm also thinking that I need to check (or double check) my mirror.  Just last night, husbandM decided to humor himself with the observation that I have 1) a short torso, 2) thick thighs, but 3) long legs for such a short person.  And then he proceeds to ask me how tall I if my height of five feet, three inches had changed in the last ten years!  Hmmmm....if only we'd had an outdoor dog....

     Getting dressed this morning, I was attracted to these green military pants that I got for a GREAT deal of $10 from the Gap.  When I picked them up off of the rack, I had already mentally purchased them simply because they were my size and had an extra 40% off the sale price.  Had I taken my head out of the clouds, I would have realized that the waist was a little too big, almost as if they had been stretched out.  But "Final Sale"'s final.  So, this blouse (previously worn here) came in handy to create a billowy effect away from the bulky waistline created by the pants.  To top off the blouse (and keep warm), I contemplated several sweaters that would contrast with the green...yellow? stripes? blue?  I finally decided to go with this purple one because the cut-away in the front allowed for a nice overall shape that all three pieces created.  As far as shoes go, I slipped into some really cute ballet flats, but haunting words from last night robbed me of the pleasure of being closer to the I added some (apparently much needed) height with wedges, and strutted out the door. Who has short legs now?

           This pic makes me think that I won't be wearing this outfit again...

   ...or maybe just without the sweater.     

the pieces:


  • Purple Sweater - Willi Smith (purchased from TJ Maxx, c. '09)
  • Blouse - Gap
  • Military Cargo Pants - Gap (Fall/Winter '10)
  • Shoes - Volatile (purchased from DSW, Summer/Fall '09)
  • Short Mixed Chain necklace - purchased from TJ Maxx
  • Oval Pendant necklace - (don't remember)
  • Long Beaded necklace - The Limited (Summer '10)
  • Earrings - (don't remember)

Monday, January 24

Cheery With a Chance of Stripes

The sun did not come out and play today...

     ...and yet these stripes and print definitely made me feel cheery!  This long-sleeved tee was on the verge of going onto my "night clothes" (i.e. pajamas) shelf in the closet since I've only worn it about a handful of times, but never successfully.  The most creative I've been with this has been pairing it with a white tank underneath and a pair of jeans.  (That was boring just typing it...) 

     Putting the tee together with the scarf actually occured last night, and not during my usual morning "ritual".  Here's how it went down:  The scarf had been eyeing me from the top of my closet for a while now, so I finally decided to give him a chance as my starter piece.  I scanned my closet several times not wanting to wear a solid color top (as I have worn with this scarf before), so I kept scanning until I realized that the blue in the tee was very close to the blue in the was like an "aha" moment...  Knowing that I was still a novice at mixing patterns, it was best to make a final decision after trying them on.  Once I did, I was sold.  The blues complemented each other and the ikat  print (that's the best description I have for it) contrasted with the stripes in an interesting way (in my opinion). 
    Because there was enough going on with just those two pieces together, I went for a solid neutral (which black is) on the bottom.  After trying several pairs, I decided on these trousers because the look of the wide legs seemed to "mimic" the length of the stripes.  Okay, totally sounds like I'm making this stuff up, and I know I don't teach math and all, but really, can't an outfit have symmetry and balance?  (Laugh if you must!) Anyway, I went with the brown belt because I felt that it created another contrast against the black (and acted as another "stripe" of sorts) and coordinated with the brown tones in my bracelet.  I'm pretty much a minimalist when it comes to accessories/jewelry, so my trusty silver hoops (which have been a signature look for me since the seventh grade and I don't know if I should consider that to be good or bad) and silver bangles finished off the look.
    So that's it! I don't have any interesting stories from school today, but I do have a cute one invloving P from over the weekend:

    Since Friday, P was begging me to make him some macaroni and cheese (after he saw a box of it on the counter).  Because husbandM was going to pick up something on his way home, I tried to distract P from the mac n' cheese, which worked upon arrival of the chicken nuggets.

    Saturday morning, his brain was back on the "mac".  Whild husbandM was at the grocery store, I laid in bed reading a magazine,waiting until he returned to fix breakfast.  P was watching cartoons in the living room, but kept coming back and forth asking for mac n cheese.  Again, I tried to distract him until husbandM returned.  (1. I wasn't going to make that for breakfast, and  2. It was the boxed size, so he wasn't going to eat it all by himself which would mean that I would end up having to trash the rest).  P kept insisting but finally resorted to turn his attention back to cartoons.  After a while, he climbed into the bed with me, and the brief conversation that ensued went like this:

P: "Mom?"

Me: "Yes?"

P: "Knock, knock?"

Me: "Who's there?"

P: "Macaroni and cheese."

I laughed out loud,
took the hint,
and went into the kitchen to fix his mac n cheese.

Sitting here, typing, and wearing stripes and "ikat"...I'm still laughing! 
Yes, it's been a "cheery" day.

the pieces:


  • Scarf -  The Limited (Winter '09)
  • Tee - Gap
  • Trousers - INC (about four years old)
  • Belt - Forever21 (about four years old)
  • Booties - Steve Madden (purchased from Dillard's for $14!, Fall '09)

Friday, January 21

Tall, Grey, and Awesome

They're here!

     Last week, I found a great deal online at  I wasn't looking to really buy anything, but while surfing through the Clearance selection, I came across these boots.  Marc by Marc Jacobs.  Retailing between $499 and $649.  In my Shopping Bag. 

     I've been waiting eagerly all week, and after a fairly facile Friday, I arrived home to the Big Brown Box.  Inside was the sleek black box.  And inside of that....(sigh)...

    Today, I really didn't have any intention of taking an outfit pic, as it was nothing spectacular:  jeans, boots, school spirit tee, and a sweater jacket.  But after trying on my new loves, I couldn't resist.  So, with a nip (of a few snaps on my sweater) and a tuck (of my tourquoise school spirit tee), I decided to take some pics to capture the memory of The Day We Met.


Did I mention that I got them for only $99?!!!  (squeal!)

Have a great weekend all!
(P.S. I know that I don't have the latest and greatest
of cameras, so my apologies for the variety of shades of grey in the boot.)

  • Sweater Jacket - Banana Republic (Fall/Winter '10)
  • Jeans - Gap Low Rise Straight Leg
  • Boots - Marc by Marc Jacobs (purchased on

Thursday, January 20

Don't Judge a Book by Its Color

Can too many colors spoil an outfit?

     Sooo...the forecast for today was a thirty percent chance of rain, as well as the appearance of a cold front.  My first thought for today's outfit: Rain Boots!!!  I had previously worn these rain boots with black tights and this black dress (with an oatmeal colored sweater and wide black belt).  I liked the pieces together (especially being able to take a summer dress and transition it into winter) and decided to wear both again today.  The blue/yellow plaid scarf that was mentioned in yesterday's post was still on my brain, so I pulled that out, too.  At this point, the colors that I had put together thus far were:  black. brown. blue. yellow.
     Creating a contrast between colors is something that I've been experimenting with lately, so I continued on my coloring streak by deciding to add a red belt.  The first red belt that I tried was dark, too wide, and did not accentuate my waistline very well with the dress.  When I dug this red Express belt out of my belt box, I immediately fell in love with the combination of blue, yellow, and (patent) red...primary colors that you would find in your standard Crayola box, right?  The last step was to find the top that I would wear underneath the dress.  I started with white...but it was too harsh of a contrast.  Then I tried a long-sleeved eggplant-colored tee...I liked it, but was unsure.  I tried a grey one...but no go.  There was, however, something about the eggplant color (or in P's terms: purple) that I liked and toyed around with until I forced myself to make a decision.  I went with it.  I went all the way to school with it...
     ...And apparently I was the only one who could envision my..."creative"?...color palette.  The responses that I received ranged from:  "Mrs. Channette, that doesn't go together," to "I'm not sure I can do this, " to "Can you explain your outfit to me?" (I love that one, Mrs. L.)  My final color tally was:  black. brown. blue. yellow. red. and eggplant (aka dark purple).  

     I can't say that I regret putting this together, but if nothing good comes from it, at least I can use this outfit to help P practice his colors.

the pieces:



  • Dress - Pink Rose (purchased from Ross, Summer '09)
  • Scarf - Gap (Winter, '09)
  • Belt - Express
  • Boots - Banana Republic (Fall '10)
  • Long-Sleeved Tee - Gap (Winter '10 for only $9!)
  • Bracelet (gift from a friend, made in Brazil)
  • Watch - Anne Klein (my first purchase on my Macy's card in 1999!)



Wednesday, January 19

When the Bow-ing Gets Tough

"Mom, what's this?"

    This was the first of two questions on the "pop quiz" that four-year old P gave to me after I arrived home this afternoon.  He was pointing at my blouse, so, thinking that the answer to his question was fairly easy, I said, "They're polka dots."  Apparently, I was wrong. Head lowered, eyebrows raised, index finger wagging, he reprimanded me:  "Nooooo. Thass a circle, mom.  A circle." 
Oops.  My bad.
     I've always had a slight aversion to polka dots (but not so much with circles).  I don't know why, but I've always felt as though other people could pull them off...just not me.  Around the time I turned thirty (two years ago), I began developing a new attitude about my style.  I wanted to step out of my little box and try things that I normally wouldn't.  (The Michael Kors shoes on one of the previous posts was another result of this attitude.)  So while surfing, I came across this Tommy Hilfiger polka number (on sale!) and decided to try it out.  Although I bought it two years ago, I've only worn it the same number of times. 
     My mood this morning was mellow (very befitting for polka dots and a big blue bow, right?), and I started with the pants.  I wanted to do a yellow/blue plaid scarf, but sans the white shirt or yellow cardigan that I would typically wear with it.  Without finding success, I scrapped the idea of the scarf and decided to just try the polka dots on and see what happened.  It was too cold to wear as is, so some kind of sweater/jacket was definitely needed.  My thoughts landed on the four-pocket cardigan (although you really can't see all the pockets) that I scored for really cheap ($19) at the Gap but had never worn.  Thus, everything else fell into place...except the belt.  I've always imagined wearing this top with a yellow belt, but husbandM advised me not to, and I actually listened!  (So I went with a yellow bracelet instead).
Back to my pop quiz: 
I obviously failed the first question miserably, so I was lucky that there was the second.  After learning the difference between a polka dot and a circle (ha!), the next question that P posed to me was, "Mom, what cowor (color) is this?"  Since he was touching my bow, I knew I couldn't get that one wrong.  "Blue!" I said.  His response was enough to not only reaffirm my decision to wear this top, but it also confirmed my knowledge of basic colors:

"Good job, Mom!" 

the pieces:




  • Top- Tommy Hilfiger (from Macy's, Winter '09)
  • Sweater - Gap four pocket cardigan (Winter '10)  They still have it!
  • Pants - The Limited Drew pant (Winter '08)
  • Pumps - gifted from a friend
  • Grey belt - no brand name, from TJ Maxx
  • Yellow bracelet - The Limited?
  • Silver bangles - Jessica Simpson jewelry from Macy's
  • White bangle - ?
  • Silver Leaf Earrings - ?
  • Yellow belt - Via Spiga

One last look....should I have worn the yellow belt?


Tuesday, January 18

Rocks & Scissors

Students shouldn't insult their teachers.

     I'm one of those teachers who will quickly switch gears on her students in order to keep 'em interested...I call these "commercial breaks".  So with my third period class today, I just couldn't help myself.  I was introducing a method to analyze characters from a story, and, as an example, used the method on myself.  Part of my description included the word "athletic", to which one young man snickered and said, "Since when have you been 'athletic'?" 

I admit it.  My jaw fell open slightly, and I think I may have gasped a little.

Although Charles** was speaking about me, he was slyly directing his smart aleck-ness out into the "atmosphere", but loudly enough so that everyone heard.  Well, we all know that "no question is a stupid question", and as it is my duty to make sure that all my students are clear on all the information that they receive from me, I got Charles' attention, reiterated his query, then asked him to "meet me" at a nearby desk so that I could provide him with an answer. 
     I took off my red sweater and gingerly laid it across the back of my chair.  Wearing 5" heels, tights, and a skirt, I got down on my knees, slightly shifted the sleeve on my blouse so that the muscle in my bicep would peek out at him, and then I proceeded to challenge young Charles to an arm-wrestling match.  Of course, the kids went wild and quickly closed in on us.  But it didn't last long, though.  Charles put up a good fight... but rock beats out scissors all the time!!

  When I got dressed this morning, please know that arm-wrestling was not on my mind.  I wanted to wear a skirt, but I didn't want to do anything boring. The Michael Kors "booties" are one of my most favorite pair of shoes (and, no, they are honestly not uncomfortable) and since I've never worn them with tights (which are brown), I thought the combination of the two would add a bit of tough feminity and coordinate well with the skirt and sweater.   I really liked the orange and red together (both are apparent in the print on the skirt), and I think I'll try to do the combo again with another outfit.  In the meantime, I'll be workin' on my "guns".

**Name has been changed to protect the privacy of the innocent and defeated

the pieces:


  • Long Cardigan - Kensie Girl (Macy's, Fall/Winter '09)
  • Blouse - Gap (Winter '10...$10!!!)
  • Skirt - Kohl's (Summer/Fall '10...for $4!!)
  • Braided Belt - Gap (Summer '10...$5!!!)
  • Shoes - Michael Michael Kors (Dillard's, Winter '08...$25!!!)
  • Bracelet - Specially Made by Rita (my mom)
  • Ring - gifted from my mom
On another note, after getting home this afternoon, I had to run to the grocery store and do a couple of errands.  I didn't want to change outfits completely nor did I want to traipse around in my heels and skirt.  So, I took half of today's outfit and mixed it with half of yesterday's outfit.  Here's the "remix":