Friday, January 21

Tall, Grey, and Awesome

They're here!

     Last week, I found a great deal online at  I wasn't looking to really buy anything, but while surfing through the Clearance selection, I came across these boots.  Marc by Marc Jacobs.  Retailing between $499 and $649.  In my Shopping Bag. 

     I've been waiting eagerly all week, and after a fairly facile Friday, I arrived home to the Big Brown Box.  Inside was the sleek black box.  And inside of that....(sigh)...

    Today, I really didn't have any intention of taking an outfit pic, as it was nothing spectacular:  jeans, boots, school spirit tee, and a sweater jacket.  But after trying on my new loves, I couldn't resist.  So, with a nip (of a few snaps on my sweater) and a tuck (of my tourquoise school spirit tee), I decided to take some pics to capture the memory of The Day We Met.


Did I mention that I got them for only $99?!!!  (squeal!)

Have a great weekend all!
(P.S. I know that I don't have the latest and greatest
of cameras, so my apologies for the variety of shades of grey in the boot.)

  • Sweater Jacket - Banana Republic (Fall/Winter '10)
  • Jeans - Gap Low Rise Straight Leg
  • Boots - Marc by Marc Jacobs (purchased on


  1. They are beautiful and WHAT A DEAL!!! Congrats on your new addition :)

  2. You are Houston's Carrie Bradshaw.