Saturday, November 5

Comfy Cozy

Sweater - Gap
Scarf - Target
Pants - Gap
Black knee-high socks - Macy's
Brown Anlke Lace-up Booties- F21

For one of the coldest days of the season so far:
Comfy sweater.
Cozy scarf.
Cheap booties with warm, thick socks. ($6 summer deal from F21)
Bring on the "cold" weather, Houston...
...that is, until it changes back to summer-like temperatures.

(In actuality, I wore this on Thursday.  And sure enough, as of today, the temps have gone back up again.)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 2

Leaving a Little to the Imagination

Navy/Grey Cardigan - Gap
Grey/White Gingham Button-down - Target
Red Tank - Loft
Green Cargos - Gap
Shoes - DSW

M'kay.  I know the pic is a little "off-looking", but there was a lot of extra, er, stuff going on in the background that just wasn't necessary to include on a blog. 

I know, in the past, that I've shared things about my life on here, but I'm not into airing my dirty laundry.


Good night!  =)