Wednesday, November 2

Leaving a Little to the Imagination

Navy/Grey Cardigan - Gap
Grey/White Gingham Button-down - Target
Red Tank - Loft
Green Cargos - Gap
Shoes - DSW

M'kay.  I know the pic is a little "off-looking", but there was a lot of extra, er, stuff going on in the background that just wasn't necessary to include on a blog. 

I know, in the past, that I've shared things about my life on here, but I'm not into airing my dirty laundry.


Good night!  =)


  1. My dirty laundry is always in a pic or 2. Good fix. :)

    Nice layering. Love the pop of color.

  2. Hahahaha!! You crack me up, m'dear! Here's a question for ya. Do you really wear those heels all day when you teach? Or do you change into flats when you're in the classroom? Hmm??? Be honest! ;) Because my feet and back desperately want me to trade in the heels for flats! lol