Thursday, June 7

Sparkle Sparkle, Dot Dot

Top - Gap
Shorts - LC Lauren Conrad (Kohl's)
Shoes - Zara

It's been four days of my summer vacation, and I've already begun to languish in the mundane routine of not having to get dressed (up) everyday.

So, today, I tried my best to be cute enough for my husband's birthday lunch at PF Chang's, cool enough for the hot weather, and relaxed enough to not have to shock my system into being stressed out to "get dressed".

The third goal didn't work out so well. Lol!

I had decided that I wanted to wear jeans, a white tee, and the animal print Halston scarf that I bought from a consignment shop yesterday, but after ten frustrating minutes of trying to find "the right" white tee, I came across these shorts and changed my game plan. 

I bought these navy/white polka dot shorts back in the Fall, and although I'm a little very particular when it comes to shorts b/c of my "drumsticks" (larger thighs, tiny ankles), with a clearance markdown to four bucks, I couldn't pass these up.  SN: This happens a lot. 

After deciding on the shorts, I surprised myself by reaching for this sparkly top... yet, again.  After owning it for nearly a year and wearing it only once in the first six months of owning it, this is the third time in one month that I've worn it.  (And, yes, it has been washed!)   SN: Lately, this seems to be happening quite often.

Finally, after going through at least a dozen pair of shoes, I settled on these Zara sandals.  Actually, I let my husband choose from several options, and I shocked the hell out of him and myself by wearing the pair that he picked.  SN: This has been happening way too much!  What's really going on?!!

On another note, earlier in the week, I was watching tv and pondering over a good novel or two to read for the summer.  Almost simultaneously, there was a news special about the hype surrounding a trilogy of novels that, I guess, were recently published.  I decided to step out of my "comfort zone" of what I normally read (teenage nonfiction...I teach sixth graders, remember...) and try something new.  Totally new.  So, I bought the first of the novels today:  Fifty Shades of Grey.
Have you heard of it?

Not sure what I'm getting in to, but wish me luck...


  1. I love the shorts so much, and I do think it is difficult to find the right white tee. I wish I could find the perfect white tee and then buy 10, so I don't have to think about it too! Haha! I just started seeing on Facebook a fe of my friends have started reading these books, and I had never heard of them, so let me know if you love it. I hear that you will read the 3 books in a week, they are so good! I have a new blog post, so swing by and check it out when you get a chance! xo


  2. This is a lovely outfit. I love the fun mix of colors and prints. I've had my eye out for fun printed shorts for the summer. I love your pair! And they look great paired with the bright sandal. So glad that I stumbled across your blog. Can't wait to read more!


  3. I love it!!!!


  4. I'm in love with your shorts! One more week to go for me!

  5. ooh this is such a nice outfit..and i love love the heels!!

  6. Cute look! Those polka dot shorts loom so fab on you. And hubby did really well wit the shoe selection.

  7. lovely look!! nice pairing of the colors....very cute!

  8. Lol @ drumstick legs! Kish, want to trade for my chicken legs? You look hot in shorts, keep on rocking them!

  9. I've heard it's an interesting read. Your impromptu outfit turned out great, and I love the shorts. :)

  10. great look! those shorts look great on you--and for only $4!!
    you have a lovely blog!
    would you like to follow each other?

  11. Looking good girl! I rarely wear shorts for the same reasons...Thunder Thighs!!! You look great and the polka dot shorts are really cute. I was parolled from school today lol so I'm ready to bust out the cooler clothes.

  12. Haha, it's VERY different from teen novels. lol I'm finishing up the third book. It's deliciously risque. But I'm not all that impressed with the plot. It seems to be all over the place. I honestly don't get why everyone's talking about it, as a great literary masterpiece, other than that it's shocking because of all the graphic sex. lol

    I think your legs look fantastic!! You kind of can't go wrong with sparkles and dots! =)

  13. you look cute in the shades of blue. i always find it harder to dress casual, but you did a nice job here!

    i head about that book series and do want to read it (although i have NOT clue what they are about). i just started my daughter's hunger games books.