Thursday, May 31

Red (But Not Apple Red) Pants

Tank - Marshall's
Navy Cardigan - Loft
Red Cords - Gap
Shoes - Jessica Simpson (Dillards)
Earlier this week, I shared my woes about wearing a blazer in blazing hot weather.
Today, I decided to again test my sanity by wearing a pair of red cords.
Yeah, I live on the edge like that.  Surprisingly, though, it wasn't that bad. 

On another note, was it wrong of me to be jealous of my five-year old son this morning?  His last day of school was yesterday, and at 6:20 this morning, when I normally wake him up, he was still sound asleep.  I turned the TV on to Nick Jr.and watched "Go, Diego, Go" anyway.  (Why break old habits?)

Speaking of habits, do any of you teachers out there receive apples from students?  (okay, that's more like a tradition than a habit, but I needed a segway...)  Or do any of you parents give an apple to your kid's teacher(s)?

Well, today, I had a group of young ladies decide to give me a fruit as an end of year gift. But it wasn't an apple.  They had decided during lunch on the previous day that apples are too typical.  So instead, they decided to give me.....

a coconut!!!

How original was that?  I have to admit, though, I've never opened a coconut, so (according to one of the girls) I should refer to Google in order to find out how to crack it open.  It's cool, though.  I can't wait to try it.

However, if I don't like it, I received a gift from another group of girls today that will be sure to please:


In case you didn't know, chocolate is a sure-fire way to a teacher's heart (and her a**...but on most days, who cares?!).

Has any other teacher (or anyone else) ever recieved a non-traditional fruit or gift from a student (or from someone)?

Wednesday, May 30

Jeans and a Half-Tuck

Navy Glittery Top - Gap
Navy/White Animal Print Scarf - Loft
Jeans- Old Navy
Sandals - Ann Marino (DSW)

So, these jeans.
I've had them for several years and hardly get any use out of them.
I love the length and the overall fit.  I love that Ican wear something fitted over it and not have to worry about lumps and bumps (because of the flat front).  And I love that they are unlike most of my other jeans.

The problem, however, is that because of the combination of the rise, flat front, and placement of the pockets, I am left with little choice but to wear a top either partially or totally untucked.
Otherwise, I will look like a block.  Or a brick. 

So, whenever I'm wearing something that doesn't accentuate my waistline, I find that (although seemingly counterintuitive) doing a semi-tuck actually does help to create some definition of my waistline. 

Maybe it doesn't really work, but it makes sense (and looks better) to me.

I mean, which would you choose?

Slimming silhouette or boxy brick?

Thought so.

Tuesday, May 29

Blazin' Hot

Blazer - Forever 21
Dress as a Tee - Libertine for Target
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - MIA (DSW)

Well, we're down to the stretch.  Just a few more days and summer freedom will be ours!!!!

But dang!  I shouldn't be so excited because it was so hot this weekend that I know the summer temps are going to be unbearable!  Even at 7:30 this morning, it was hot!  But let's just disregard the fact that I was wearing jeans and a blazer.

We've had a "Jeans Week" fundraiser for the last two weeks, and I'm trying not to completely slip into summer mode by wearing jeans and slipper sandals.  So, to avoid that, I took this cute, summer mini-dress and tucked it into my jeans (not a new invention)... and gave this white blazer another try.  Although I knew that it was going to be hot, I was adamant about wearing this blazer again.  (I did give up on the leopard heels, though.)

When my husband saw me this morning, he asked, "What's going on at school today?"

I replied with a sarcastic, "School is going on at school today."

Rather than laughing with me, he laughed at me and remarked, "Okay, then.  But it's hot as hell outside."

Don't you hate it when your man makes a good, common-sense point about your outfit that makes you feel ridiculous?

However, not allowing him to win this battle of common-sense dressing, I retorted,

"Well, then...I'll fit right in."  ;)

And although it REALLY WAS hot as hell in my white-hot blazer...I refused to let him see me sweat!  Literally and figuratively!

Saturday, May 26

Flowers on a Dress; A Gift from Fed-Ex

Tunic worn as a Dress- Alfani (Macy's)
Shoes - Zara
Clutch - Hobo International (TJ Maxx)

Went to a friend's birthday celebration today at The Cheesecake Factory...
Good friends...
Good food...
Good fun...

...and even gooder better was that, although today wasn't my birthday, when I returned home, there was a gift for me from the Fed-Ex guy...

Zara Basic Sandal #2


Thursday, May 24


Blouse - Forever 21
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - Steve Madden Luxe (DSW)

A couple of years ago, I gutted my our closet to rid it of the standard builder's shelves and rods, and I personally (i.e. by myself!!) installed a modular closet system.

And let me just tell you... it was life-changing!

It made a HUGE difference because, not only was I able to multiply the space across the length of my our closet, but I was also able to make better use of over twelve inches of space vertically!  (I now have to use a step-stool to reach anything from the top shelf.)

Everything, for the most part, has a place.  For example, I keep my larger belts hanging on the back of the closet door and the smaller ones rolled in baskets placed in one section of the shelf system.  For my sashes and material belts, I do, however, store them in a large, wicker hat-basket (since I don't use them that often), but because the basket is too large for the shelves, I put it away in a special place.

Well, last night when I pulled this top out of the depths of my closet, the purple sash that came with it was not attached.  I naturally went to my hat-basket to retrieve it, but I couldn't find the basket anywhere!  When I say that I tore my closet up looking for that doggone basket of sashes...I had to tell my husband to take caution upon entering or else he was going to hurt himself!  Anyway, I went to bed without success, but I was determined (that may be an understatement) that I would find the basket and the purple sash in the morning.

So.... this morning, I began my search again.  I took fifteen precious "morning minutes" to look for that danged sash, yet it was to no avail.  I was really getting pissed off, and just as I was crossing the threshold of defeat, I gave an exasperated exhale with my hands on my hips and my eyes rolled up to the ceiling.

And the top of the highest shelf of my life-changing closet modular system...there was the d**n wicker hat-basket containing the purple sash.


Tuesday, May 22

That Blue Shirt Again

Shirt - Calvin Klein (TJ Maxx)
Jeans - Gap
Belt - Gap
Shoes - Elle (Kohl's)

Is there an item of clothing that you just love so much that you unexpectedly find yourself wearing it more than once, even in between washes?

Even one of my co-workers commented today on the number of times that I've worn this button-down.

I don't think I've ever worn any item this many times (four?  five? six?) in a matter of a couple of months as I have with this shirt.

And this probably won't be the last time that you see it this week.   =)

Thursday, May 17

Zara Basic, Animal (Print) Lover

Jacket - Express
Tank - Gap
Skirt - Talbots Outlet
Shoes - Zara Basic Sandals

Lately, I have been seeing these shoes in their variety of colors on many blogs.

And guess what?

I got them for Mother's Day!

All I had to do was drop several hints to my husband about what I wanted (and get online, add to the cart, and process the order), and I was surprised with a package containing these shoes on Sunday.  I was too in the world did he know?!

The only problem is that now, I really want the red/fuscia pair.

Hmm.  Father's Day is coming up.....

Wednesday, May 16

Coral Me Crazy

Striped Tank - Loft
Coral Cardigan - from my sister
Cobalt Blue pants - Loft
Shoes - Nine West

I really can't think of anything to write.


I guess it's becuase the last couple of weeks of school are usually the toughest.

You're either trying to hold onto your sanity or you go nuts.

Nuts for me, please.

Monday, May 14

Blue Shirt. Black Skirt. Big Hair.

Linen Shirt - Calvin Klein (TJ Maxx)
Skirt - Express
Cheetah Pumps - Circa Joan and David (DSW)

It was my second attempt to do pin curls last night.

So, today I got:

"Mrs. C...what'd you do to your hair?"

"What's wrong with  your hair?"

"Did you have a rough Mother's Day, Mrs. C?"

"Something's different about you today.  I can't figure it out.  You're just...different."

And the best one....

"You look older, Mrs. C."


Older, huh?

Well, maybe it's because I was looking at 80's high school pics of my sisters yesterday...

and this is a retro look.

Or maybe it's because I was looking at 80's high school pics of my sisters yesterday...

...and laughing my a** off...

and this is just karma.

Friday, May 11

Stripe One, Two, & Three

Navy/White Contrasting Striped Scarf - Target
Navy/White Striped Dress - F21
Sandals - who knows.

1.  This was NOT what I wore to school today.  (I would like to remain employed, thankyouverymuch.)  Instead, I wore this out and about last weekend.  I was really lucky when I found this last scarf at Target.  I love navy blue.  I love stripes.  And two have two contrasting combinations of navy/white stripes in one item is...sigh.  But why stop at two?  So, I added the scarf onto this striped dress and called it a day.  I wish I had cuter flats or sandals though.

2.  I did wear this dress today (underneath a cardigan).  Today was special because my son's PK class had a Mother's Day Tea Party.  He gave me a tissue-paper corsage, held my chair out for me to sit, sang songs, and served me breakfast.  I'm definitely a lucky mom.

3.  Since I didn't take pics of today's look, I wanted to do a post anyway so that I could link up with Tara's Teachers Have Class and Style link up.  Go. Check. Her. Out.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 10

Yellow Flowers on a Dress

Dress - INC
Jacket - Gap
Shoes - Jessica Simpson (Dillards)

After nearly five years of owning this dress, I am wearing it beyond the walls of my closet!

I fell in love with it not long after I had my son.  It's nearly impossible to see, but the yellow flowers stand out against thin black stripes.  Plus it has a criss-cross halter back, which makes it perfect for summer.  The only problem is that, because the empire waist is set so high, the skirt flares out practically from right underneath my chest...which is not a good look when you're no longer pregnant but you still look like you are.

Anyway, belts...cardigans...belts and cardigans...nothing ever seemed to be able to combat the faux-pregnancy look.  I can't recall if I've tried this denim jacket with it before, but when I put the two together this morning, it seemed to work...


Wednesday, May 9

Sparkly Navy Top & Coral Color Block

Sparkle Navy Top - Gap
Beige Pants - Express
Grey/Coral shoes - Madden Girl (Ross)

Yesterday was girly.

Today was low-key.

There really isn't anything special about this outfit other than the sparkliness of the top (which I'm sure is hard to see), the little slit in the back, and the little bit of coral color-blocking at the bottom of my shoe.

Even several of my students made comments such as,

"Mrs. C...I'm disappointed.  Why are you so casual today?"  (Yes, she actually shook her head and said that she was disappointed in me.)


"What happened to your Rainbow-Brite colors?"

Gosh.  I can't get my students to pay attention to parts of speech, synthesis essays, and expository analyses (can you believe it?!!)...but they can pay attention to the colors that I wear.

Maybe I should be an art teacher instead?

Tuesday, May 8

Pink + Blue

I felt like being whirly-twirly-girly today.

Unfortunately, you don't get to see the whirly and the twirly. 

But you do get the girl(y).

Thursday, May 3

Round Trip

Cardigan - from my sister
Top - Norma Kamali (Goodwill)
Pants - Gap
Shoes - Ralph Lauren (DSW)

In one of my last posts, I mentioned that I was going to be taking a trip to Chicago for a reading convention.  Well, yesterday afternoon, I returned with a new outlook on teaching and on the city of Chicago.

Here is what I saw/did:

  • met the author (Christopher Paul Curtis) of the novel that my students are going to begin reading next week (The Watsons go to Birmingham - 1963)...he also took a picture with me and signed a poster dedicated to my students
  • saw some of the great architecture of the city while on a boat tour
  • took a few crazy cab rides
  • heard and met some incredibly motivating teachers/speakers/authors
  • walked by "Booker T" (a WWE wrestler) on the plane and at the airport
  • ate authentic Chicago-style pizza from the award-winning restaurant Lou Malnati's
  • shopped for the first time at H&M
  • received a lot of free stuff!
I had a great time...but I'm glad to be home!