Wednesday, May 30

Jeans and a Half-Tuck

Navy Glittery Top - Gap
Navy/White Animal Print Scarf - Loft
Jeans- Old Navy
Sandals - Ann Marino (DSW)

So, these jeans.
I've had them for several years and hardly get any use out of them.
I love the length and the overall fit.  I love that Ican wear something fitted over it and not have to worry about lumps and bumps (because of the flat front).  And I love that they are unlike most of my other jeans.

The problem, however, is that because of the combination of the rise, flat front, and placement of the pockets, I am left with little choice but to wear a top either partially or totally untucked.
Otherwise, I will look like a block.  Or a brick. 

So, whenever I'm wearing something that doesn't accentuate my waistline, I find that (although seemingly counterintuitive) doing a semi-tuck actually does help to create some definition of my waistline. 

Maybe it doesn't really work, but it makes sense (and looks better) to me.

I mean, which would you choose?

Slimming silhouette or boxy brick?

Thought so.


  1. I love your jeans, and I have a pair that I feel the same way about! I also agree about the half tuck. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to half tuck! xx


  2. I LOVE these jeans on you... I would LOVE to own a pair but I'm afraid of how they would make my shape l@@K! YIKESSSSS... lol

  3. I'm with you on the tuck. I have a pair of wide legs that I adore, but find it difficult to find tops that pair with it without thinking I look like one massive tent. I think even with the shirt untucked, you still wouldn't look like a brick. I love these trouser jeans and you look fantastic!