Wednesday, May 9

Sparkly Navy Top & Coral Color Block

Sparkle Navy Top - Gap
Beige Pants - Express
Grey/Coral shoes - Madden Girl (Ross)

Yesterday was girly.

Today was low-key.

There really isn't anything special about this outfit other than the sparkliness of the top (which I'm sure is hard to see), the little slit in the back, and the little bit of coral color-blocking at the bottom of my shoe.

Even several of my students made comments such as,

"Mrs. C...I'm disappointed.  Why are you so casual today?"  (Yes, she actually shook her head and said that she was disappointed in me.)


"What happened to your Rainbow-Brite colors?"

Gosh.  I can't get my students to pay attention to parts of speech, synthesis essays, and expository analyses (can you believe it?!!)...but they can pay attention to the colors that I wear.

Maybe I should be an art teacher instead?


  1. Well, at least you know they are paying attention...I like to think my bright clothes keep my students focused on me lol...the sparkly top is too cute!

  2. I love the top! And the little notch in the back is such an interesting detail. Maybe to get your kids to pay attention you could start wearing your lessons - remember puff paint shirts from the early 90s? I'm just sayin'.

  3. Haha! Whenever I wear something muted to work my coworkers become concerned that I may be sick. And LOL to Taylor for the puffy paint idea.


  4. It's amazing the things they pay attention to. I like the casual look!

  5. Love this outfit! You are so pretty, great blog!


  6. Kids are FUNNY! I love the is looks and the shoes look FAB!

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