Thursday, May 24


Blouse - Forever 21
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - Steve Madden Luxe (DSW)

A couple of years ago, I gutted my our closet to rid it of the standard builder's shelves and rods, and I personally (i.e. by myself!!) installed a modular closet system.

And let me just tell you... it was life-changing!

It made a HUGE difference because, not only was I able to multiply the space across the length of my our closet, but I was also able to make better use of over twelve inches of space vertically!  (I now have to use a step-stool to reach anything from the top shelf.)

Everything, for the most part, has a place.  For example, I keep my larger belts hanging on the back of the closet door and the smaller ones rolled in baskets placed in one section of the shelf system.  For my sashes and material belts, I do, however, store them in a large, wicker hat-basket (since I don't use them that often), but because the basket is too large for the shelves, I put it away in a special place.

Well, last night when I pulled this top out of the depths of my closet, the purple sash that came with it was not attached.  I naturally went to my hat-basket to retrieve it, but I couldn't find the basket anywhere!  When I say that I tore my closet up looking for that doggone basket of sashes...I had to tell my husband to take caution upon entering or else he was going to hurt himself!  Anyway, I went to bed without success, but I was determined (that may be an understatement) that I would find the basket and the purple sash in the morning.

So.... this morning, I began my search again.  I took fifteen precious "morning minutes" to look for that danged sash, yet it was to no avail.  I was really getting pissed off, and just as I was crossing the threshold of defeat, I gave an exasperated exhale with my hands on my hips and my eyes rolled up to the ceiling.

And the top of the highest shelf of my life-changing closet modular system...there was the d**n wicker hat-basket containing the purple sash.



  1. lol. Oh, Kish, you make me laugh so hard. I've done this before and it's seriously pissed me off, but it makes me laugh to know it happens to others too.

    I'm so glad you found the sash because it and the blouse are just gorgeous. And I love the paired with jeans. You look amazing!

  2. Well, I love the sash with the blouse! I am actually wearing a similar outfit today! NO sash though. YOu should post a pic of your modular closet to those of us obsessed with organization! xx


  3. Kish, those jeans look fantastic on you!!!

  4. Amazing look, LOVE it! The blouse is SO pretty. Looks great with the sash.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I love the ruffles of the blouse against the sleek bun of your hair! Super chic!