Thursday, May 17

Zara Basic, Animal (Print) Lover

Jacket - Express
Tank - Gap
Skirt - Talbots Outlet
Shoes - Zara Basic Sandals

Lately, I have been seeing these shoes in their variety of colors on many blogs.

And guess what?

I got them for Mother's Day!

All I had to do was drop several hints to my husband about what I wanted (and get online, add to the cart, and process the order), and I was surprised with a package containing these shoes on Sunday.  I was too in the world did he know?!

The only problem is that now, I really want the red/fuscia pair.

Hmm.  Father's Day is coming up.....


  1. I adore those shoes and I am so jealous that you got them (but definitely not ready to "earn" them through Mother's Day yet! ha!)
    You look fabulous as always!

  2. You look really polished and cute today! How high is the heel on those sandals?

  3. Girl you are a trip! Lol @ the get online add to cart, etc. Seriously though, I have been stalking these shoes on the Zara website for real! I want the fascia pair too!

  4. What? I was just on the website about 15 minutes ago looking for those shoes. Now I have to go back. :)

    The Suburb Experiment

    P.S. I am jealous of your tiny waist. Seriously.

  5. Love those shoes..I really wanted them but didn't find them very comfy, so I'll just have to watch you rock them!

  6. Those shoes are great. I want a pair of color-blocked shoes this year very badly. In fact, I just ordered some from ModCloth. I hope they are as cute as yours.

    Have a great weekend, Kish!

  7. looking good! glad you got those shoes. they are so comfy!!

  8. Head to toe, love this outfit beyond words. And I'm super envious of your ability to not only get shoes at Zara (they don't come in my giant size) but to use your keen powers of persuasion on the hubs!

  9. I am soo in love with these shoes and so sad that I can't find them in my size! you look FABULOUS!!


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