Tuesday, June 21

Tagged...In a Good Way

Yesterday, my post was about tags.  Today, this post is in response to a tag...just without the embarrassment attached to it!

So, I've really come to enjoy the social aspect of blogging, and it feels as though I've been able to connect to people of similar personalities, styles, and even lifestyles that I would normally not really have the opportunity to do so otherwise.  With that being said, Tiffany (from Breakfast With Tiffany...in case the link I've attached to her name isn't showing up on the post) is one of the bloggers whom I would consider a BBB (best blogger buddy).  Whenever we have exchanges, I feel like I'm talking to someone that I "know". 

A couple of weeks ago, she tagged me to do a post.  I'm a little late on doing this b/c it was during the last week of school, and I think that I was pretty much operating in a semi-comatose state.  Anyway, thanks, Tiffany, for tagging me...and here goes:

If you did another blog, what would it be about?

Hmmm....I love home decor shows, magazines, websites, etc., so I would do a blog about that.  When we were having our house built five years ago, I had a binder with plans, ideas, inspirations, etc.  on what I wanted to do with the house.  Sadly, hardly any of that has come to fruition....(maybe it had to do with us finding out two months after we closed that one of our rooms would have to become a nursery....???)  So, anyway, had I known about blogging back then, maybe I would have transferred all of my ideas from my little binder to a little bloggy.

If you could change your name, what would it be?

Eesh!  When I was younger, I hated my name (Kischma, is the "real version"...like
"Wish -muh"...yeah, the "c" throws folks off a lot).  My brothers and sisters all have regular, five or six-letter names, and I always thought that I was the one who was disliked cuz I ended up with a name no one has ever heard of (plus, my sister before me used to tell me that my family found me in the sewer and adopted me...mm-hmm, she tortured me in other ways, too, but that's not the question at hand).

Anyway, when you're five, six, seven years old and your teachers NEVER pronounce your name correctly (and one of them just ends up calling you "Kiss"), it's kinda hard not to wish you had a different one.  My name was originally going to be "Candy", so I used to always wish that that was on my birth certificate.  Buuuut now in retrospect, it is (as Tiffany mentioned about her own name in her responses)..."stripper-ish".  Now that I'm older, I'm good with Kish.  Let's just not talk about my middle name....

If you could be born again, would you like to be a man or a woman?
A woman. 
Without a doubt. 
Besides, I'm a pretty ballsy chick anyway!  ;)

If you could realize one wish, what would it be?

Ay-yi-yi....that's tough.  I guess it would be financial security for my family and for my son once he is older.

If you had a power, which one would you like to have?

Hmmm...I would have the power of mind reading.  So that when I'm standing in front of a class and teaching, I can tell what's really going through the mind of my kids...or with my own kid at home when he's playing by himself and is deep in thought...or when my husband is zoned out in front of a doggone video game.

If you had to buy a lot of perfumes from one specific brand, which one would it be?
I'm not a big perfume person, like Tiffany.  However, one that I have right now that I love, but hardly wear, is Gucci Flora.  I also like the new Issaye Miyaki fragrances for women and men.

If you had won a holiday, which place would you like to go to?

I was born on St. Thomas, in the Virgin Islands.  Out of my whole family, I was the only one who didn't get to grow up there (we came to Texas when I was two years old), so I missed out on the first-hand exposure to my Carribbean roots.  What's even worse is that I haven't been back since, so that's where I would choose to go.

That's all folks!  Hope you learned something new!


  1. I lol-ed at the part where your sister told you that you were found and adopted... me and my brother have this picture of us at the mall with a monkey (I have no idea why) and we used to make our younger brother so upset by telling him that it was him, before we shaved him.

  2. This was fun, I love reading more about my favorites! In one of the shows I used to do at Disney, my character's name was a doll named Candy Cane. Now it'll make me think of you! :)

  3. My sister used to tell me that I was adopted and our little brother was an alien (she had this whole story about our sister Jessica who was traded for Shane, our brother, because the aliens didn't want him anymore). She was mean to us!!

    It was nice reading more about you!! Hope you are enjoying your Summer break!

  4. It's so funny because just the other day I was telling Nate that I had a few bloggie besties and you were one of them! =)

    Ha, my older brother used to speculate that he was adopted and I always said... I bet you are! lol

  5. Loved learning more about you and I have to say I share the sibling torture...My older sister constantly told me I was adopted because I had curly blond hair while the rest of my family had brown hair! And I agree, by starting a blog I have met so many people I would not have met that I feel like I have known forever.

  6. I love these surveys! I'd choose mind reading powers too :)

  7. Ok...How funny is it that the one thing we all have in common is that we were either the culprit or the victim of sibling torture?!? We (the victims, that is) should all unite and get back at our sibs!!! Lol!

  8. love q&a posts! thanks for sharing :)

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  9. This is too cute! I loved your answers

    Live Life in Style

  10. It was fun reading your answers to the questions and I hope you're having an amazing summer break so far! I used to be the torturer. . . sorry on behalf of all cruel older sisters. Hee hee!


  11. Can I borrow the superpower for my students, travel with you to the Virgin Island and please have a money tree planted where I can access it? :)