Friday, June 17

Black Friday Find - Designer Boots

Here's another installment of a great deal that I've gotten.  Sorry that it's not something recent that you guys can jump on, as I actually did a post on this item earlier this year.  (I tried to insert a link to my post from Jan. 21st, but for some reason the link is working.)

It was late night on a weekday.
I was laying in bed, talking to M, and perusing internet sites.
I hadn't been to the DSW site in a while, so I checked it out,
Clicked on the "Clearance" link
And then
My eyesight began to get foggy.
There was a loud ringing in my ears.
My fingers felt numb.
A bit of drool uncontrollably escaped from between my lips and
The air  was becoming too thick to breath in.
Basically, I lost control of all of my senses.

Over a pair of designer boots.

Ever heard of Marc Jacobs?
(oops. sorry. loss of senses again.)

Truthfully, it wasn't just the boots that had gotten me so excited that I couldn't sleep that night.

It was the price of the boots.

See, at that time, I Googled the boots and found them selling elsewhere on the internet upwards of $500.  I even saw them priced for over $600 on a couple of sites.

But that night.

Just for me.

These babies were marked waaaaay down.

What: Marc Jacobs Grey Suede Boots
When: January, 2011
Original Price: over $500
Final $ Paid: $108.19 (after taxes, no S&H)
Total Saved: hundreds!

(sorry. 'nother moment.)

So, I know that this isn't a pair of $2 trousers, but can you blame me?

I mean, I like a good deal, but I also like quality stuff, which is oftentimes associated with overpriced name brands (but not always necessarily the case).

I certainly wouldn't consider myself a label whore though.

But a discount whore? 


Anyway, as much as I had been wanting a pair of grey tall boots (since I saw a pair of Cole Haan boots that were also over $400 a year before), I am thinking of (professionally) dying this pair black.  DSW actually did have black leather boots at the time in this style, but I was all woozy over these grey ones that I didn't consider buying both pairs.  Regardless, I want to dye these black to also have a contrast with the wood sole/heel (which the black leather ones did not have). 

What do y'all think I should do?  Grey?  or Black?
Thanks for your input and have a great weekend!

Happy Daddy's Day to the husby's, bf's, bro's, unc's, etc.


  1. Holy cow, lady! That's an amazing deal!

    Personally I'd like them better in black for the contrast with the heel like you said. However, I've also been coveting some tall gray boots so I love them for being gray too!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. i like the grey. you don't see that everyday...

  3. Oh wow!!! They are gorgeous! You'd probably get a lot more wear out of them if they were black, but you'll get a lot more looks from them being grey. =) I'd stick with grey!! Then you can be all... Oh yeah, check out my Marc Jacobs boots! Every time you see a girl giving you the double take as you walk by. ;)

  4. What an amazing deal!!! I think you should stick with grey because it is different...and I am sure you can score some discount black boots in the future :)

  5. BEST. BUY. EVER!!! I love those boots! I say stay with the gray! Just as neutral but more of a pop! I need to check out DSW more often!

    P.S. Thanks for commenting on my blog! It is nice to "meet" you!

    Xo, Mandy

  6. still a great deal from $500 to $100 even if they aren't $2.00. Where are you in Texas? I live in Houston Texas, and I would love to eventually organize a Houston blogger meet-up.

    Live Life in Style

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