Monday, June 27

Color Block Party!

When I was a sophomore in high school, my mom took a friend and me to a school function.  While in the car, my friend and I were all hyped up listening to music. 

My friend yelled out, "Party over here!"

I yelled out, "Party over there!"

And my mom...who is not quite..."hip"...looked around nervously and asked, "Where's the party?"


The only reason I'm sharing that is because after I typed out the title of this post, the word "party" triggered that memory.  I'll never forget that moment.  My mom was serious, by the way.

Anywayward, my sister told me the other day that she was getting bored of my blog b/c I wasn't posting any pics (this was the sister who tortured me by the way...surprised?).  So, to keep her from drumming up some way to scare me to death (just kidding), I'm going to comply.

Pay no mind to the differences in skin tone.
It's the same chick in all three pics. ;)

This was worn during the last month or two of the school year.
I never posted it, though. I had a hard time working with this top....which, by the way
I scored at Loft a few months back for less than $5!!!
(The shorts are from The Limited, the shoes are old Nine West, and the little red thing by my left foot
is a piece of a twizzler that P threw at me...whose kid is that anyway?!)

My second time wearing this top was this past Friday.
I hung out all day with my little homey, P. (OK, I'll claim him.)
We were going to take him to see Cars 2 that evening, but, duh, it was opening
night, and we didn't get tickets in advance. Can you say, "SOLD OUT"?
I stayed with the white bottom combination (linen shorts from Loft), but tried to throw another color in the "party" with the turquoise.  On the fence about this one.

Here's another color-blocked top. I actually wore this today! (I haven't said that in a while!)
The top is from Gap (from several months ago) and the jeggings are from Loft (also a few months ago).  I realized, after seeing myself in this outfit with flat sandals,
that it is oh-so-necessary for me to wear heels (thank you, Steve Madden).
Or else, I look like a block.
And not a color-block.
Just a rectangular block.

And I don't party with squares.


  1. I'm hot for that yellow and white top. I love yellow and it looks super on you. And yes, I do enjoy the pics.

  2. I think the first top would look great tucked in to something with a higher rise! But it's very summerish with the linen.
    And funny, I'm pretty sure that my outfit posts are the only ones my sister DOESN'T read :D

  3. First of all, nice one there at the end...about the squares :)

    Second, I LOVE the first and third outfits (and those Steve Madden shoes!!)

    You do chic extremely well. Or is that sophisticated? Either way...

  4. OHHHHHHHHHH...and I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE the new layout! Did you pay to have this done?? I haven't gone that far yet, but am considering it (my husband begs to differ).

  5. Judy - You're so sweet...thank you!

    CC - Thanks for the suggestion (and keep 'em coming!). I have actually thought the same thing about tucking the first top into a high-rise pant, but I'm just afraid to see what that would look like on my short-waisted self!

    Erin - You are too kind.

  6. Loving all looks but the top in the second one is def. my favorite!! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog...I purchased the bow Steve Madden Flip Flops from the Steve Madden store. I purchased them sometime in May, they may have them on the website too. Hope you find them!


  7. Love all 3 looks! And yes, thank you Mr Steve Madden for making many, many wedges and heels that are currently in my closet which make me 5'11" or taller.

  8. "And I don't party with squares."

    BAhahahaha! Love it!

    You look adorable in all three of these outfits!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  9. Hahaha "party with squares" You crack me up!

    Ok, I'm loving the teal tank under that Loft shirt in the second look. And in that last outfit, girl, you look amazing!!

  10. ok, give me both of those tops! please ;)

  11. Roni - Thanks...for the compliment and the lead on those cute sandals!

    Taylor - Yes! The wedges that you wore today were cuuuuute! Funny, though, I commented on Roni's blog about her S. Madden FLATS! Ha!

    Melissa & Tiffany - I knew y'all would get that! ;)

    SC - I would love to see how you would style these tops! Any tips?

  12. I love that last outfit!! That one is my faveorite color block look...the color of the shirt is fabulous on you!

  13. You are gorgeous. I am way in love with this color-blocked top. This is the kind of color blocking that I would do. It is easy and not overpowering, but you can still follow the trend.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. Wow. You ended that post perfectly. I snorted green tea out my nose. (TMI, I know - but that's how funny it was!) I like all 3 but I think #2 is my favorite.


  15. HA! I do remember how we would yell this phrase out everywhere. The good ole days. The title of this post was catchy. I expected to read about you having an actual color blocking party. Idea maybe and you can showcase all the looks here on the blog.
    The top is cute. Good job showing the versatility of it. The last photos is my absolute favorite. Nothing like a comfy pair of jean or jeggings fit well :)

  16. Love the outfit! I've the same top from Loft and I love how you wore it with white shorts, looks great. I might copy :)

  17. Emmy & Bonnie - Thank ya, ladies! ;)

    Jenn - LOL!!! There's nothing better than green tea to flush out your system...and your nasal passages!

    Kerissa - Ah, yes...the good ole' days...but these days are good, too! ;) I like the idea of doing a "real" color-block "party" on the blog. I'm going to ruminate on that! Thanks!

    Lilly - Thanks! But please let me know when you do wear this top any other way...I'd like to get some more ideas myself.

  18. Hahaha oh moms, you gotta love them. Do you ever wonder if/when we become parents, we'll lose touch with pop culture too?? Kind of scary to image, I'd say :)

    Loveee your color blocking looks! The second is my fav.

  19. Hiya Swap Buddy! I love these outfits...especially the last one - that top is super cute! Colour blocking is something I think I still need to learn to do well.
    Love your blog - super pretty!

  20. Cute looks. I love color blocking. Super cute! You have a new follower.

  21. Loving the way you styled the tops in all three outfits! I love every detail of each look actually!