About MM&S

About Me (and this blog) in less than 20 items:

1.  I like to shop. 

2.  Okay.  I like love to shop a lot.

3.  I also have a family, mortgage, and those liiiiiittle things called bills

4.  Therefore, I also have a limited budget.

5.  Oh, but I loooooove a good sale.

6.  Sometimes, I think that I have a homing device for great deals, as I seem to show up at a store just at the "right" time.

7.  I get an adrenaline rush when I find good promotions, specifically those that begin with the words "Take an extra" and end with "off clearance items".

(sigh)  Let's not go there.

8.  Anyway, I'm also a 6th grade Reading and Language Arts teacher.

9.  But I don't dress "like one". 

10. Meaning, I don't fit into the stereotype that a teacher should dress comfortably dowdily.

11. I think I was one of the first (if not the first) teachers on my campus to wear heels that were three inches or higher.

12. I admit it.  I've worn heels as high as five inches before (while teaching).

13. I also admit that I can be a little...uh, crazy, sometimes...maybe? 

14. (You know what?  On second thought, let's go with "non-traditional" as a better description!)

15.  So, anyway, this blog is my attempt to share and receive inspiration for my style.  As a teacher.  And a wifey.  And a mommy.

16. And to also share some of the funny/interesting stuff that I witness/experience day in and day out.  As a teacher.  A wifey.  And a mommy.

17. These are me.

18. And I just try to be myself.

19. With a little bit of style.

And that's less than 20.
(See?  I was honest.  I guess I could add "honest" to my list, but then that would be item #20, and then that would make me a liar. So, never mind then..) 

Lol!  ;)

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you re-visit more than once and leave a little bit of you...or yourself...or your style.  Feel free to email me at memyselfandstyle@gmail.com