Thursday, October 4

BAM! Blue Shoes

Orange Top - Ann Taylor
Green Pants - Gap
Cobalt Blue Shoes - Rock & Republic (Kohl's)
I stalked these shoes at Kohl's for several weeks...maybe nearly two months. And then they went on sale. And I had a coupon! 

Even through the horrible graininess of this photo, I love the pop of color that can still be seen with these shoes. I just love this shoe! Not only is the color gorgeous, but so is its shape. The toe is rounded with a slight point...kind of dainty-like. But when you view the shoe from its profile, then it's like BAM!
Sorry to gush over a pair of shoes, but they are just so beautiful.  They are from the collection that Rock and Republic is doing for Kohl's.  Good job, Kohl's.  You can rock my republic anytime.

Tuesday, October 2

Lucky Sack of...Potatoes (Dress)

Blazer - Target
Dress - Loft
Shoes - BCBG (DSW)

Normally, I would walk away from shift dresses because they are just too "potato sack-y" on me.  You shape whatsoever and totally unflattering (especially from a side view).

With this dress, though, it was just my luck that it was on sale (with an additional percentage off), otherwise, I probably wouldn't have tried it on. Plus, it was the only one left, and it happened to be a wearable size.

So, since I just so happened to be going into the dressing room with several other items, I figured, why not try it on???

Well, what a surprise it was to me that this dress actually looked okay on me (even from the side)! I was so skeptical about shift dresses that I tried to convince myself that this didn't look good.  I really wasn't sure about buying it and decided to make a decision as I made my way to the register with the other items I was purchasing.

Luckily, though, after the additional markdown, the price was actually less than I thought it would be:  $17!  Okay, so, at that point, there really wasn't any need to continue second-guessing myself.

Can we say....SOLD!!???

AND, as if I couldn't get any luckier, once I got home, I realized that this blazer was the perfect topping for my new sack of potatoes!