Thursday, October 4

BAM! Blue Shoes

Orange Top - Ann Taylor
Green Pants - Gap
Cobalt Blue Shoes - Rock & Republic (Kohl's)
I stalked these shoes at Kohl's for several weeks...maybe nearly two months. And then they went on sale. And I had a coupon! 

Even through the horrible graininess of this photo, I love the pop of color that can still be seen with these shoes. I just love this shoe! Not only is the color gorgeous, but so is its shape. The toe is rounded with a slight point...kind of dainty-like. But when you view the shoe from its profile, then it's like BAM!
Sorry to gush over a pair of shoes, but they are just so beautiful.  They are from the collection that Rock and Republic is doing for Kohl's.  Good job, Kohl's.  You can rock my republic anytime.


  1. No apologies necessary, they are beautiful!!

  2. So cute, now I have "Blue Suede Shoes" in my head :) Heather

  3. Love the style of the trousers :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

  4. Love your trousers. I have a pair like that from Banana Republic. I now have a new way to wear them.

    You always look so cute.

  5. I have been MIA from your blog and missing out on all these great outfit posts! I love the heels!

  6. Miss your blog!! Let me know if you start blogging again.

  7. i really like this outfit its so casual yet the shoes really spice it up

  8. Absolutely lovely. You look very pretty. The orange sweater is great on you. Thanks for visiting my last post. Have a great day babe.