Tuesday, October 2

Lucky Sack of...Potatoes (Dress)

Blazer - Target
Dress - Loft
Shoes - BCBG (DSW)

Normally, I would walk away from shift dresses because they are just too "potato sack-y" on me.  You know...no shape whatsoever and totally unflattering (especially from a side view).

With this dress, though, it was just my luck that it was on sale (with an additional percentage off), otherwise, I probably wouldn't have tried it on. Plus, it was the only one left, and it happened to be a wearable size.

So, since I just so happened to be going into the dressing room with several other items, I figured, why not try it on???

Well, what a surprise it was to me that this dress actually looked okay on me (even from the side)! I was so skeptical about shift dresses that I tried to convince myself that this didn't look good.  I really wasn't sure about buying it and decided to make a decision as I made my way to the register with the other items I was purchasing.

Luckily, though, after the additional markdown, the price was actually less than I thought it would be:  $17!  Okay, so, at that point, there really wasn't any need to continue second-guessing myself.

Can we say....SOLD!!???

AND, as if I couldn't get any luckier, once I got home, I realized that this blazer was the perfect topping for my new sack of potatoes!


  1. I do the same.... walk fast.... away from the shift dresses. lol!

    I love the way you paired it with the cute bright blazer! <3 it!

  2. The blazer is so perfect with that dress! I love the snakeskin print!

  3. This is a really great dress! Sometimes something you thought wouldn't look good on you ends up looking fab once you try it on. The red blazer is the perfect compliment!

  4. I LOVE it!!! You look amazing! And the blazer really is fabulous.