Thursday, March 31

More Moments

There are two words that most mothers like to hear:  Si. Lence.  And that's what I was going home to this afternoon.  I was excited to leave school today before five o'clock, but as I was driving into one end of our neighborhood, M was driving out of the other end with P in tow to a basketball game.  I was kind of sad that I missed them by moments, but excited to be going home to a silent house all to myself.  However, when I pulled into the driveway, I didn't want to be home alone.  (Weird moment #1)  So I reversed out of the driveway and decided to go grab a bite to eat.  But I didn't want to eat yet.  (Weird Moment #2)  So I went to Ross and a couple of other stores.  But I didn't want to shop.  (This wasn't just Weird Moment #3, it was a series of Shocking Moments.)  I decided to get my eyebrows threaded and learned that the lady that I had been going to was no longer there.  (Disappointing Moment)  I almost didn't want to get them done, but I decided to give the new lady a chance.  (Moment of Relief.) 

After running out of ways to stall, I finally went home.  Home was still empty.  And I was still sad.  After a while, I realized that as much as I appreciate the few moments of silence that I am rarely able to get, home is not the same without M. flirting with me and P. terrorizing the cat. (Moment of Truth) While waiting for them to come home, I laid across the bed pitifully watching t.v. and dozed off until I heard the alarm chimes of the front door being opened.  I sprang right up. (Moment of Anticipation)  It only took a couple of seconds for the splendidly sad bliss of unenjoyed silence to be broken by the sound of P's voice. 


It was simply The Moment that I had been waiting for.


And this was the face that I waited all day to see:
Silence is overrated anyway.  =)

the pieces:
Cardigan - Gap (also worn earlier this week)
Dress - Ross (Summer 2010)
Orange Tank - The Limited Seamless Tank
Sandals - Steve Madden, Macy's (Summer Clearance, 2010) 

Wednesday, March 30

Just Having a Moment

Have you ever had "that moment" when you realized that you were becoming just like...your mother?!  Not that it's a bad thing, but maybe when you were younger you used to laugh at something that she did and say to yourself something along the lines of, "That would never be me"...and now fast forward ten to twenty years later and you catch yourself doing/saying that exact same thing (and even in the exact same way!).  It's already happened to me before, but it's been awhile since I've had one of those MOMents.  Until today.

Third period.  I'm rifling through papers looking for the work of one student, while I'm laughing at a comment made by a student who is sitting two rows in front of my desk, while two other students are forming a line at my desk asking me different questions at the same time.  Now, my mom has six kids.  While I was growing up and there were five of us still at home, when she would call for one of us, she could not always grasp our individual names right off the top of her head.  What she would end up saying is something like: "Si-Sa-Ra-Ki-Ka!" (even funnier was when not all of the time did the syllables even match up to our names!!!)  So, my MOMent today occured when, while the circus was going on at my desk, I attempted to call out one student's name, and what came out was a mumbled-jumbled mess of, "Muh-mah-...uh, meh-mah-...uh, mm-urgh!" (That last one was actually a grunt of frustration.)  And then, as I shook my head, I laughed to myself because my immediate thought was that I was having a MOMent just like my mom used to have.


the pieces:
Denim Jacket - oh, so old (c.2000) from Gap
Rose Top - (it's hard to see, but it has a cool textured middle) Loft Woven Accent Tuxedo Tee (still here)
Pants - Gap (2010)
Wedges - Steve Madden "Fern" - DSW (2010) (still here, although I paid about $25 for them in-store)

Tuesday, March 29

Are You a Member?

Hey, strangers!

 Is everyone leading a fabulously busy life?  Yea!  Now we can all be a part of the same club:  F.A.B. (Fabulous And Busy). 

What about C.O.O (Club for the Overworked and Overstressed)?  Anyone else a member of that one? 

Personally, I have a platinum membership to an exclusive club for those mainly in the field of education.  It's called T.O.-S.A.V.E.-M.E.  (Thoughts Of Summer And Vacation Encompass My Everyday)
 Anyway, how has the weather been for everyone?  We've been having great weather...even when the temps are over eighty degrees, there is still the presence of a nice breeze which really makes it feel like Spring.  Is it sad when the only thing that one can think to talk about is the weather???  I guess that's why I'm a platinum member of  T.O.-S.A.V.E.-M.E.    Wanna join?

Anyway, there's a serious pile of papers that are calling my name.  I'm trying to ignore them, but they keep calling.  "Grade me....grade me...grade me...grade me..."  I think I'm going to have to give in.

Have a good evening, everyone!       

      During work...      Minus the Cardi      Minus the Wedges
                                   for after work...       for the weekend.

And since I had duties for the T.O.-S.A.V.E.-M.E. club last night, here's my outfit post for yesterday:

the pieces (first outfit):
Cardigan - Gap (2010)
Blouse - Gap (2010 Fall/Winter Clearance)
Silk Skirt - Loft (recent clearance)
Wedges - Michael Michael Kors
Sandals - Steve Madden

the pieces (second outfit):
Cardigan - TJ Maxx (2010)
Top - Banana Republic Factory (2009/2010)
Shorts - The Limited City Short (Winter, 2008)
Belt - old and forgotten
Pumps - Nine West (purchased from Ross, 2010)

Thursday, March 24

The Comeback Kid

     So glad it's Thursday.  My brain has been on empty for the past couple of days.  Teaching sixth graders can do that to you, ya know?  Yesterday, one of my kiddos asked me how to spell a word.  I don't remember what the word was (see comment about brain being empty), but, like always, I told him, "I don't know." (I say this to encourage them to use phonetics and a dictionary, neither of which they like to use, by the way.)  Well, this one didn't take my answer lying down and like most of my kids, he had a comeback. 
     "How can you be a teacher and you don't know how to spell (the word)?  Don't you have to take a test to be a teacher?" 
     My brain may have been empty, but I'm pretty quick with the comebacks myself.  So, I responded:
     "Well, yes, I took a test, but that word wasn't on it!"

Hope you have a l'il laugh and a great evening!  Onward and forward to Friday!


the pieces:
Cardigan - Gap (Winter 2010, Clearance $18)
Tank - The Limited (old)
Skirt - Gap (Winter 2010, Clearance $11)
Large Necklace - The Limited? Express? (several years ago)
Mixed Chain Necklace - Target (Recent Clearance, $8)
Belt - Gap (Fall Clearance, $4)
"Mocassin" Slingbacks - Anne Klein (Bought for myself several years ago but gifted to my sister, who, last summer, gifted them to my mom for a garage sale where my mom had them tagged for $3...still brand new!!!  I recognized them, snatched them right up and brought them home where they really belonged.)

Tuesday, March 22

A Broad Letter to My Shoulders


      Dear S,
                I really like you.  In fact, I'm quite attached to you.  I would feel as though I were betraying you if I asked you to change.  You are truly important to me.  If it weren't for you, I would not be able to stand up straight and hold my head high.  If it weren't for you, I would not be able to be there for other's to lean on for support.  If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been able to do all of those cheerleading stunts when I was in high school.  If it weren't for you, who would have helped me to shoulder the burdens that go along with being a mommy, wifey, and "Miss" (i.e. teacher)?  I need you S.
             But if you don't mind, may I please ask one teensy-weensy favor?  You see this dress that I wore today?  Well, I really like the outfit that I put together (I especially love the belt), but I would really love to wear this dress without the cardigan.  You know how people say that "the mirror has two faces"?  Well, I think my mirrors are just two-faced.  I tried to style the dress with some slight changes for a different look, and while I preened in front of the mirror, I kind of liked the altered look, too.
       But then I looked at the pictures and couldn't see anything but you.  As much as we've been through together, I think it's a little inconsiderate of you to force me to wear this dress again with a cardigan.  Spring is here.  Summer is around the corner.  And I want to wear spaghetti straps out in public da**it!!!  I mean, you seem to get along fairly well with my sleeveless tops, but I can't imagine what the pictures will say if I wore a halter or strapless top (I'm sure the mirrors would lie, though).  Can you help me with that please?  Can you just, I don't know, minimize your appearance if/when I try to wear those items?  But please don't take that personally.  You are still a huge part of my being. 
     Thank you, S.  I appreciate you allowing me to share my feelings with you.  After all, if the only thing that comes out of this is that from now on I have to continue to wear cardigans over spaghetti-strapped tops and dresses, well, so be it.  I'll live with that.  At least you and I will still have each other's shoulders to cry on.  Well, sort of.


Here are a few more pics where S and I were actually getting along:

the details:
Cardigan - Old Navy (2006?)
Silk Dress w/double drawstring waist - Gap (Summer 2010)
Belt - Forever21 (recent purchase for $5.99)
Shoes - Vince Camuto "Neven" (Dillard's 2011)

Monday, March 21

Breakin' It Down After a Break

Spring Break is over, but....

    ...the 10-week countdown to summer has begun!!!!  Wootwoot! Break it down! Shake ya booty! (insert whatever you do to "break it down" here)
Huh, how perfect is it that I was feeling like a Flamenco dancer after I put this outfit together this morning?  I mean, I felt like I could really do some serious booty-shakin' in this skirt!  But not at school, of course.  I mean, in my classroom, I have been known to break out into a dance once or twice or three or more times before.......but that's another story do Flamenco dancers even shake their butts anyway?  Ya know, even if they don't, they still know how to break it down!  And right now, that's all I'm feeling!

So that's about all I've got for today.
I hope that everyone...whether just now starting Spring Break, ending Spring Break, or wishing to have a Spring Break...well, I hope you get some kinda break this week!  


the details:
Blouse - Banana Republic Outlet (2011)
Skirt - The Limited (2008)
Belt - hmmm?
Slingbacks - Jessica Simpson from TJ Maxx ($20 on clearance!)
Oh! And notice that Owlie is making his outfit debut!

Thursday, March 17

Spring Break, Days 3 & 4

Although, I've been enjoying myself this is slowly/quickly coming to an end.

So to continue with a review of my week, here's what I did on Wednesday and Thursday (which is still today, but the perks of being on Spring Break is that I can actually do a post early in the day rather than after 9 or 10 o'clock at night!).

Wednesday:  Chicken, Chopping, and Chuck E. Cheese's

First, I had a great lunch with M and P at our favorite Italian restaurant Hasta la Pasta.  I enjoyed the usual dish that I get but this time instead of shrimp, I had chicken ('cuz the lunch special for $8 only offered the chicken versus paying the $17 for the dinner price to have do the math).  And, of course, we also devoured the Spinach and Artichoke dip for our appetizer.  And, of course-of course, P played around the table rather than eating his food that was on the table, and we ended up with his entire meal in a to-go box.  This usually happens most of the time, but on this day, in his defense, he only had one thing in mind: Chuck E. Cheese's. 

Before hitting up Chuck E. though, I stopped at Hobby Lobby to find some items for a mini-DIY project that I had in mind.  In perusing through blogs, I've seen peole wearing necklaces with really unique charms.  I really like them, but rather than paying X-amount of dollars from a store for each necklace, I stumbled upon these really cute charms that I decided would work just as well on necklaces that I already own.

Here they are:
    Isn't he cute? I named him Owlie.              And since I'm ridiculously direction-challenged,
          He was only $4.99.                                    I was drawn to this compass. Naturally.   

                                                                                    Ya think it'll help? 
                                                                      It's vintage-styled GPS! Haha! And only $3.99. 

'K, moving on.  After Hobby Lobby (and since I had a husband and a child who were both equally awaiting fun and games at Chuck E. Cheese's), I quickly (ahem) dipped into the Gap and Forever 21 at the mall and walked away with a belt, cardigan, and necklace.  By the way, in the sub-title for this day's events, I used the term "Chopping".  Now, I didn't really do any "chopping", but since I was trying to stick with the pattern of alliteration, I substituted the 'S' in "shopping" for the 'C'.  I was trying to be cute-sy, okay?  Don't judge. ;)

Next up: a visit to Chuck E.  In a nutshell, here's how the experience was:
  • $10 --------> 50 tokens
  • 50 tokens --------> numerous games of ski-ball, "rides" on a mini-power-generated bus with a mouse, and 130 tickets
  • 130 tickets --------> 6 pieces of candy
  • 6 pieces of candy --------> a happy four-year old
  • 90 minutes in a chaotic environment that is teeming with germs and smells like a poopy-diaper but brings pleasure to said four-year old --------> Priceless.   =)
We ended the night with yet another movie.  This one was titled In Her Skin.  It was good.  But what made it better was that it was a movie of the pay-per-view type!  Yea! (If you don't get this, see the previous post.)

Thursday: Hanging Up and Hanging Out

Back to my DIY DIM (do-it-myself) project...Lately, the cheesy-rigged-up-necklace-holder that I've had in my closet has been falling apart, so I decided to make a new-and-improved rigged-up-necklace-holder!  While at Hobby Lobby on Wednesday, I found a four-pack of cork board squares (that came with double-sided adhesive) and a big pack of clear thumb tacks.  So this morning while M and P were both still asleep (until I started hammering nails into the wall), I got to workin' and came up with this:

Before: (feel free to snicker)                         After: (maybe a little overwhelming, but better)

So, it wasn't quite what I had envisioned, but for now (and for less than $15), I can at least see each necklace individually (as well as my bracelets, which used to hang from the hanger ((go ahead and snicker again)) but I moved into a storage organizer that I found at TJ Maxx for $6.99)!  Up next: Earrings.   In the before pic, you can see a sad little strip of styrofoam leaning to the side (are you laughing again?).  I really like that I can hook my earrings to it without worrying about them falling (pre-lean) or rubbing up against each other, but it's not really pretty.  Does anyone have any nicer (but still inexpensive) suggestions on how to organize earrings?  I would appreciate any input!

Now, to the outfits.  Here's what I wore on Wednesday:
Do you like how all three poses are pretty much the same?  I never claimed to be a model!  Anyway, this dress is a little difficult to explain (as it was difficult to figure out how to put on the first time!).   I wish the pics were a little more clear, but the dress is a one-piece where the top portion is like a bib with a separate-but-attached tie-front vest.  There's a bit of elastic in the waist, which actually makes the dress kind of hard to wear.  It has a real loose fit, but that can backfire since it can kind of create a potato-sack effect.  However, the print is nice.  It consists of teeny-tiny navy and red flowers with green leaves.  The dress also came with a long-sleeved black mini-dress(?) attached underneath (that added to the difficulty of putting this thing on), but I cut that off and now wear it separately as a tunic/undershirt.  The dress is BCBG and I purchased it from the Max Azria Final Cut outlet store.  The  tank came from The Limited.  The sandals are Steve Madden (Macy's end of Summer clearance, 2010).  The necklace is some unknown brand from Dillard's.

And since I'm just hanging around the house, here's what I'm wearin' today:

Wait, you wanna see me in my pj's?

Didn't think so.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 16

Spring Break, Days 1 & 2

Hello, folks!

After a couple of days, I'm already beginning to feel semi-refreshed.  Tomorrow marks the halfway point for Spring Break week, but we're not going to dwell on that right now, 'k?  Instead, I'd like to share a little of what I've been up to over the past couple of days. (And I'm glad to say that schoolwork has NOT been one of those things!  Oopsie...Digressing again...sorry!)

Monday:  The Adjustment Bureau review

     So, late last night (and let me clarify that for us, going out "late" means anytime after 5p.m., in which case, on this night, it was after 8pm!!) husband (M), son (P), and I went to The Movie Tavern to enjoy dinner and a movie. Just so ya know, we have not been to the movies in....over a year?  And that was once, a year ago.  Although M would rather frequent the movie theater more often, I would prefer to stay at home and order a couple of movies on pay-per-view for the price of ONE movie ticket.  Plus, I have "germaphobic tendencies" which makes it difficult for me to feel totally comfortable sitting in a theater. (Hmmm... I'll save those little details for another time...I don't want to lose any of you as followers just yet!)  Plus, how about if I go to the movies to try to snuggle up with my honey, I would prefer to NOT see any of my students doing the same thing!
     Anyhoo...there wasn't anything that I was dying to see, but we settled on The Adjustment Bureau.  I'm not a huge Matt Damon fan, but after a few minutes into this movie, I was falling for his character.  The gist of the movie was the conflict between fate and free will.  Which one really exists?  Can/do they coexist together?    I'm not into mushy-mushy love stories that have fairy-tale details/endings, and although this was more of a love story, I truly appreciated the deviation from the "normal" romantic relationship that existed between Matt Damon's and Emily Blunt's characters.  It seemed very real.  Very authentic. There were flaws and real human emotions that I think a lot of folks could relate to.  It reminded me of the1998 Gwyneth Paltrow movie Sliding Doors. (lovelovelove that movie!)  Although that was a romantic comedy, that movie actually left me feeling more introspective about fate, etc. than did The Adjustment Bureau.  In the end, though, The Adjustment Bureau was worth the $7.50 (per ticket)...but I'm not sure about the $25 for the dinner that we had.
     And about the "outfit"...what can I say?  I wouldn't really call this an outfit.  I was actually lounging in this all day.  I left the house once to run an errand and wore rain boots (yes, it was raining) instead of these moto boots.  And I didn't realize that the tee was that short.  So, yeah.  You take the good with the bad, right?  Ugh.  And this is veeerrry bad.

Tuesday: "Transformer: Zoo-day"

     So, here's another movie review.  This one was called "Transformer: Zoo-day".  This, however, was a movie that I co-starred in, and it was more of a reality shoot rather than a big-budgeted/produced/directed/edited blockbuster.  The star of this movie was my son, P.  Pre-kid, it had been at least ten years since I had been to the zoo.  Post-kid, I've been to the zoo three, maybe four the past four years.  I would really be okay with a ten-year gap between visits, but the pleasure of visiting now really comes from seeing the little kid enjoy the animals.  Too bad that didn't happen today. 
There were sooooo many people at the zoo today, that we had a great viewing audience.  These were the scene titles from the first half hour of our reality-based movie, "Transformer: Zoo-day":

Minute 1, in line for the tickets:  The Attitude
Minute 15, a the petting zoo:  The Pout and The Arm-Crossing
Minute 25, at the playground:  The Scream
Minute 26: at the playground:  The Meltdown

After a big bag of popcorn courtesy of his grandmother, the "movie" did end with P transforming back to his fun-loving and talkative self.  But don't hold your breath for the sequel anytime soon.

     So, about the outfit!  I found this hat at Target and I spent nearly an hour vacillating on whether I should purchase it or not.  I love hats, but unfortunately, I've always felt as though I have neither a "hat head" nor a "hat face".  However, it was either free will or fate (ha ha!) that kept drawing me back to this fedora (four times I went back to try it on!), so I went for it.  I have definitely decided that from now on, if I find a hat that I'm interested in, I should take it home and try it with a few outfits and hairstyles.  'Cause now, I'm in love with this fedora and I'm keepin' it (obviously, since I wore it to the zoo today)!!!!!  I was going for a cool-mommy look for the zoo, so I went with the shorts and cardi (the temps were in the low 70's) and allowed the fedora to complete my statement.  I really like this outfit and will definitely wear it (or some version of it) again for a different venue with wedges and a chunky necklace! I can't wait!  I'm thinking that this may be my go-to accessory for the Spring and Summer!   What do y'all think of  "femme fedora", and what's your experience wearing hats?

           By the way, World: meet my Tree Trunks.  Tree Trunks: meet the World.
the details ("outfit" 1):
Cardigan - Gap
Tee - Kohl's
Tights - Michael Kors, Macy's
Boots - DV by Dolce Vita, Macy's

the details (outfit 2):
Fedora - Mossimo, Target (recent purchase)
Cardi - Gap
Tee - INC, Macy's
Shorts - Banana Republic (Summer 2010)
Green Belt - Ellen Tracy (extremely old)
Giraffe print Sandals (they bonded with the giraffes at the zoo) - Steve Madden, Macy's (Summer 2010)

Thursday, March 10

Open House, Closed House

Today was a long day.

     Mentally, everyone is ready for the break next week.  (The days seem sooooo long just before a break.) And so, for myself as well as other teachers and admins, knowing that we would have to remain at school today for an additional two hours (make that four hours if you chose not to leave for fear that you won't get a parking spot upon return), made for an even longer day.  But, I'm ecstatic to say that Open House for me was successful.  I was on an adrenaline rush and enjoyed chatting with parents and students.  Now that Open House is "closed", I'll end tonight with a story:
      I met one young man's mom for the first time and discussed the problem that I have with her son not being able to focus on his work.  He will work for a couple of minutes but then his attention would turn to someone or something else unrelated to the task at hand.  This goes on constantly throughout the class period, and I just can't get him to focus for a lengthy period of time.  Now that I've moved his seat directly in front of my desk, it still hasn't made much of a difference.  After I explained all of this, the mom looks to her son and says, "Do you understand what Mrs. C is saying?  Do you have anything to say?"  You could see it on his face that he was really being pensive.  He then nods his head and says to me, "Now I really wish I would have gotten on the computer to print out some coupons for shoes for you."

I couldn't make this stuff up even if I tried!

Mrs. C is now "closed" for the day.  Nighty-night.

(p.s. I wonder what it'll be like when it's my turn to be the parent at Open House for this guy...?)
the pieces:
Necklace - Forever21
Sweater - August Silk, purchased from TJ Maxx
Navy Dress - Banana Republic outlet (2009)
Belt - New York & Company (Winter 2010)
Navy Tights - Apt. 9, Kohl's
Shoes - Michael Michael Kors Pressley Pump

Wednesday, March 9

Classroom Cut-Up

How well do your students know you?

     My students (sixth graders) are very keen on fashion.  Although I have so many little ladies who have a blossoming style of their own, the boys are also aware of not only what they wear, but what I also wear.  It amazes me sometimes when my kids come up with observations or comments about if they know me beyond just being their teacher!  Today, we went out to the grassy area in the front of the school to film Greek Myth performances.  One young man warned me, "Be careful, Mrs. C.  Watch your heels in the mud."  I had to laugh because that exact thought was actually going through my mind. And (this is so cute!)yesterday, one young lady raised her hand and said, "Mrs. C, I have something for you."  Naturally, I perked up and asked what it was.  She came up to my podium with what looked like scraps of paper in her hand.  She told me that she found some shoes in some magazines that she thought I would like and cut them out and brought them for me!  I was so flabbergasted and then amazed at how right on she was with most of her picks!  I told her that I would create a collage on construction paper and hang them up on my wall. 
Those are my kiddos!
Happy Wednesday to everyone!


the pieces:
Ruffled Trim Cardigan - Express (2008 or 2009)
Scribble Top - Banana Republic outlet (recently)
Navy Pants - The Limited Drew pant
Glazed Python Print pumps - Michael Michael Kors "Pressley" (found here)