Tuesday, March 29

Are You a Member?

Hey, strangers!

 Is everyone leading a fabulously busy life?  Yea!  Now we can all be a part of the same club:  F.A.B. (Fabulous And Busy). 

What about C.O.O (Club for the Overworked and Overstressed)?  Anyone else a member of that one? 

Personally, I have a platinum membership to an exclusive club for those mainly in the field of education.  It's called T.O.-S.A.V.E.-M.E.  (Thoughts Of Summer And Vacation Encompass My Everyday)
 Anyway, how has the weather been for everyone?  We've been having great weather...even when the temps are over eighty degrees, there is still the presence of a nice breeze which really makes it feel like Spring.  Is it sad when the only thing that one can think to talk about is the weather???  I guess that's why I'm a platinum member of  T.O.-S.A.V.E.-M.E.    Wanna join?

Anyway, there's a serious pile of papers that are calling my name.  I'm trying to ignore them, but they keep calling.  "Grade me....grade me...grade me...grade me..."  I think I'm going to have to give in.

Have a good evening, everyone!       

      During work...      Minus the Cardi      Minus the Wedges
                                   for after work...       for the weekend.

And since I had duties for the T.O.-S.A.V.E.-M.E. club last night, here's my outfit post for yesterday:

the pieces (first outfit):
Cardigan - Gap (2010)
Blouse - Gap (2010 Fall/Winter Clearance)
Silk Skirt - Loft (recent clearance)
Wedges - Michael Michael Kors
Sandals - Steve Madden

the pieces (second outfit):
Cardigan - TJ Maxx (2010)
Top - Banana Republic Factory (2009/2010)
Shorts - The Limited City Short (Winter, 2008)
Belt - old and forgotten
Pumps - Nine West (purchased from Ross, 2010)


  1. Your so cute!! And I love all your clubs. I'm so definitely a member of FAB & COO. lol

  2. I am part of those clubs! But the important part is you look great:)