Thursday, March 10

Open House, Closed House

Today was a long day.

     Mentally, everyone is ready for the break next week.  (The days seem sooooo long just before a break.) And so, for myself as well as other teachers and admins, knowing that we would have to remain at school today for an additional two hours (make that four hours if you chose not to leave for fear that you won't get a parking spot upon return), made for an even longer day.  But, I'm ecstatic to say that Open House for me was successful.  I was on an adrenaline rush and enjoyed chatting with parents and students.  Now that Open House is "closed", I'll end tonight with a story:
      I met one young man's mom for the first time and discussed the problem that I have with her son not being able to focus on his work.  He will work for a couple of minutes but then his attention would turn to someone or something else unrelated to the task at hand.  This goes on constantly throughout the class period, and I just can't get him to focus for a lengthy period of time.  Now that I've moved his seat directly in front of my desk, it still hasn't made much of a difference.  After I explained all of this, the mom looks to her son and says, "Do you understand what Mrs. C is saying?  Do you have anything to say?"  You could see it on his face that he was really being pensive.  He then nods his head and says to me, "Now I really wish I would have gotten on the computer to print out some coupons for shoes for you."

I couldn't make this stuff up even if I tried!

Mrs. C is now "closed" for the day.  Nighty-night.

(p.s. I wonder what it'll be like when it's my turn to be the parent at Open House for this guy...?)
the pieces:
Necklace - Forever21
Sweater - August Silk, purchased from TJ Maxx
Navy Dress - Banana Republic outlet (2009)
Belt - New York & Company (Winter 2010)
Navy Tights - Apt. 9, Kohl's
Shoes - Michael Michael Kors Pressley Pump


  1. Your student stories just crack me up! From picking out magazine pictures to printout out coupons, they have definitely got you figured out! :) Have a great day!
    And I love that belt.

  2. Just found your blog on Peanut Butter Handprint ( I love your style! New follower!
    Moms Have Style, Too!

  3. The side pieces is an invaluable accessory and really brings out the outfit.

  4. hahaha! holy cow. yes, shoes-coupon-printing should be the new classwork.
    ummm, and also? your belt? i'm dying over here. DYING. it's fantabulous.