Thursday, March 24

The Comeback Kid

     So glad it's Thursday.  My brain has been on empty for the past couple of days.  Teaching sixth graders can do that to you, ya know?  Yesterday, one of my kiddos asked me how to spell a word.  I don't remember what the word was (see comment about brain being empty), but, like always, I told him, "I don't know." (I say this to encourage them to use phonetics and a dictionary, neither of which they like to use, by the way.)  Well, this one didn't take my answer lying down and like most of my kids, he had a comeback. 
     "How can you be a teacher and you don't know how to spell (the word)?  Don't you have to take a test to be a teacher?" 
     My brain may have been empty, but I'm pretty quick with the comebacks myself.  So, I responded:
     "Well, yes, I took a test, but that word wasn't on it!"

Hope you have a l'il laugh and a great evening!  Onward and forward to Friday!


the pieces:
Cardigan - Gap (Winter 2010, Clearance $18)
Tank - The Limited (old)
Skirt - Gap (Winter 2010, Clearance $11)
Large Necklace - The Limited? Express? (several years ago)
Mixed Chain Necklace - Target (Recent Clearance, $8)
Belt - Gap (Fall Clearance, $4)
"Mocassin" Slingbacks - Anne Klein (Bought for myself several years ago but gifted to my sister, who, last summer, gifted them to my mom for a garage sale where my mom had them tagged for $3...still brand new!!!  I recognized them, snatched them right up and brought them home where they really belonged.)


  1. I saw this skirt at Gap but passed b/c I wasn't sure about it. Ok, totally regretting that now b/c you look ADORABLE today!

  2. Your whole outfit is made up of some really great deals! And you have wayyy more patience than I do to be teaching 6th graders! lol

  3. hey just came by your blog today. I bought that skirt too! And I love it, so versatile =]

    you look great. Your post about a student saying sat-sri-aka is a punjabi hello. Punjabi is a native language in a province in India called Punjab. I am from there too originally.

    Anyway too much info. You look great, I am following you now. Please come check out my bloggy. Would love you to join =]

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