Wednesday, March 2

The Dawn of the New Greek Myth - A Classroom Tale

Where did the stars come from?  Where does the bumblebee come from?

     These questions, as well as many others, are currently being answered by my pre-AP kids with their developments for "The Dawn of the New Greek Myth" performances.  They are required to use classic elements in mythology to write their own original myths to explain things within the natural world.  These kids have been so creative, and I've laughed my butt off with some of the stories that they have come up with.  So, although the stories are still a work in progress, I'd like to share the premise for a couple of them with you for my post tonight.  Note:  There was a lot of creative leeway given.

     #1.  Centuries ago, there lived a singer named Justario Bieber.  He was adored by the goddesses but despised by the gods. The gods could not stand to hear Justario sing and decided to eliminate him. (I forgot how.) Anyway, as a result, the young goddesses shed tears from Mount Olympus, but their tears were frozen in the sky (I forgot why that was, too.).  As a result, we now have stars (of the celestial nature, not the celebrity nature)!
     #2.  Once there were two bullies who always wore black and yellow.  One had the last name Bumble; the other with the last name (that began with the letter?) B.  These bullies would always pick on nerds and decided to pick on two in particular one day.  After having their lunch money stolen, the two nerds turned into their true forms:  Geek Gods!  They punished the two bullies by shrinking them into small-sized black and yellow insects that would die if they ever bullied (i.e. stung) someone.  From there, we have what is now known as the bumblebee!

Aren't they cute?!

I hope that everyone had as entertaining of a Wednesday as I had!


(As far as the outfit goes...I liked the dull turquoise color of my earrings, but I wish I had a bold colored cuff bracelet or something to keep the simplicity, but still add another punch of color.  Oh well.  Maybe next time.)

the pieces:
Blouse - Banana Republic Outlet (2009)
Plaid Trousers - Esprit Outlet (2011)
Shoes - Nine West (2008?)


  1. My goodness, that pink is a wonderful color on you! I love it! Those shoes are also too and I agree about the cuff. Just a reason to go shopping. :)

    Those stories are fantastic! Your kids are so creative. What a fun assignment for them AND for you!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. Those shoes are super super cute!! You look great!

    And those stories cracked me up! I just love the things kids come up with. =)

  3. The fit looks wonderful on those pants!....and your wearing open toe shoes (I'm so jealous ;)!!!