Tuesday, August 23

What to Title This Post?

Cardigan - Talbots
Tee - Gap
Trousers - Banana Republic
Belt - Ann Klein (old)
Necklace  (of flowers)- from my mom's vanity

It's Day 2 of the new school year and, unfortunately, I don't have any classroom tales to share yet.


You consider:
 Me, in the middle of a tantalizing lesson, being startled by the sounds of a kid vomiting on the right side of his desk...then on the left side of his desk (as the girl next to him watched in sheer horror)...then on his notebook...then across my floor as he's walking to the trash can by the door... and then out of the door to the nurse's office...
...and then back again in my trash can before he could take five steps to the nurse's office.  It was a sight.  Kids were scrambling and gagging while I was on the phone trying to get a hold of the front office or a maintenance person, while making sure someone walked my sick kid all the way to the nurse's office, while getting the kids to settle down while trying not to focus too hard on or inhale too much of the vomit....

I'll just say that this was my first vomit episode, and it was an experience.

After the mayhem ceased, I was able to get the rest of the kids settled out in the hallway where we finished our lesson. 

No big deal.

Like I said, it's only Day 2.



  1. Oh my! How exciting! I still have a memory from kindergarten. We were in the circle practicing the alphabet people and a girl vomited everywhere! We were freaking out and the smell, and then the custodian sprinkled that weird cat litter stuff! It still haunts me to this day! I give you teachers TONS of credit!

    I love how you did the sriped top and leopard belt! So cute together. Your necklace is great too!


  2. I swear teachers are such special people! I don't know how you all do it. Hopefully you can get all the vomitting over on Day 2 and won't have to deal with it the rest of the year!!! Your outfit is SO cute!!! It seriously makes me ready for fall. I love chocolate brown & yellow together. You look fantastic!

  3. I love your super stylish outfit. You look very professional AND chic! Haute!


  4. Ahhhhhhh! I don't know how you held it together. I'm such a sympathy puker. I hear it, I see it, I smell it, I do it. :)

    Beautiful necklace from your mom. You look great on your second day of school.


  5. Nasty! I think I might have puked myself! Love your stripes and yellow cardi combo :)

  6. Ok, I have been following your blog for a while and just love the outfits you wear...so cute!! Love the vomit story...had a vomit experience too...had a student tell me she was sick sent her to the office...the office sent her back (this occurred back and forth several times)...until she threw up all over her desk....I called the office and let them know she was in fact sick (I really wanted to tell them to come inspect/clean the vomit up themselves)...ok long comment sorry...love your blog!