Friday, August 12

Have You Ever Committed a Crime?

A couple of days ago, I did a bad thing.

I walked into a store, saw something that I liked...

and I walked right out with it.

Crazy??? I know, I know!  But I did it!

And without any hesitation... or guilt.

Well, that's not totally true.  I did feel a little weird about it.

In my defense though, it was my first time!

I'm sure you've heard people say that doing it gives them such an adrenaline rush. 

And I agree.

So much so that...

I did it again two days later!!!

Aaaarrggghh!!  What is wrong with me?

I mean, maybe I'm just trying to assuage some of my guilt here, but I'm hoping that a few of you can understand.  Maybe you've even done it once or twice (or more) before, too? 

And I want to be up front with you so that you know the type of person whose blog you're reading.

I just hope that you don't think less of me.

I'm mean, I'm admitting to my crime here on my blog!






This is what I stole bought... for really cheap!

Skirt - Harold's (a Dallas-based clothing store that after 60+ years,
went out of business a few years ago) $6
Purse - Dooney & Burke East West Slouch mini in excellent condition $25
Both items from my local Goodwill.


  1. Dear Thief,

    I know the feeling of getting away with it.

    (good finds, love the skirt)

  2. Man, when I saw this I thought you were going to say you splurged on something crazy until I scrolled down! Those are some super good finds! That skirt is going to look great on you!


  3. LOVE. Especially if you wear them together! Can't wait to seeeeeeeeee!

  4. Yep, I'm guilty as well. Actually I'm going thrifing here in a bit & hopefully I can steal a few things while I'm there :)

  5. Haha!! I love a good "steal!" =) Soooo super cute!! Love them!

  6. You are in big trouble, missy. OK, I forgive you because those are some super great steals.

  7. Funny!! Well, it rarely happens for me but let me tell you, when it does there is definitely an adrenaline rush ;)

  8. Gigi - Thanks for the good hard laugh at your "Dear Thief"!!!!

    Heather - mmmmm....How I WISH I could splurge on something big....I'll keep you posted on when that happens in my dreams! Lol!

    Erin - Thanks...I just need to get that skirt dry cleaned first...p-yew!

    Tiffany and Tar - Thanks, ladies.

    Bree - Wow! Thanks for following...and welcome!

    Teal - teeheehee...Me + Shopping = Trouble (always!)

    Callandra - Yes! Well, whenever I see a good sale, I get an adrenaline rush...but this was just ridiculously good!

  9. Hilarious!!! Great purchases. I need to hit up my Goodwill ASAP!

  10. Very Funny... But I need to know what Goodwill you're going to b/c mine never has anything good.

  11. LOL! Yeah if you're lucky you can definitely find some "Steals" at the Thrift Store!!!

  12. KISH. That was your first time thrifting? 1) good job on your "steals" and 2) you'd never been before?! You need to come visit. We'll hit up all the thrift stores in town.

    Secondhand Stylist Thrifted - Three Ways

  13. Such a funny took me a while to realize what you meant by stealing, hee hee. Great finds! Can't wait to see them styled.

  14. Hahaha, girl I thought you were serious! You had me!!! Too cute, love your really, really cheap buys!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  15. LOL!!!!! This was a really cute post... had me going for a minute!!!! :))

    Nice STEAL by the way....