Monday, August 22

First Day of School

I'm standing on my toes in this picture.

I used to pride myself on being able to make it through the day while teaching in heels.

And I also used to teach five out of seven periods a day.

Now I teach six periods a day.

And my feet.


And it's only the first day.

Just shoet me now.


  1. Girl! WHo are you telling! For some reason I just can't seem to pull myself away from the heels even though my feet beg me to. Today was my first day back too and I wore my heels all day. I'll post the outfit tomorrow. I'm to pooped to do it now. Oh you looked great by the way!!! Hope you have a great year.

  2. You look so cute, Kish!! My feet can barely take a desk job in heels. I don't know what I'm going to do when I'm teaching!

  3. Cute first day outfit! Love the pop of color in the shirt against the black. I hear you about the heels! Love the way they look, hate the way my feet feel at the end of a long school day! Have a great year :)

  4. Cute outfit, good luck on your first day!

  5. awww
    just wear those gel inserts they supposedly work wonders! good luck on day 2

    Breezeybee Blog

  6. Love your first day outfit! Very professional, but still you. And I hear you on the heels! The things we do for fashion, lol :-)


  7. You look super cute for the first day of school.
    Hopefully your feet get used to wearing the heels more and you don't have to suffer through the whole year with your feet hurting. Ouch!

  8. I always have issues with my heels the first few weeks of school...I think you just have to get used to wearing them again after the summer! You look adorable!

  9. Hop you had a great first day! I love what the striped top does to the entire look!

  10. Stripes. Red, white and black. Sold. I especially love the layered cropped jacket! And your pun - I'm a sucker for puns. :)

  11. You look so good! I don't think I ever had a teacher as stylish as you when I went through school. It was a parade of holiday sweaters and gauchos. :)


  12. "Shoet me now"...You crack me up! Lol Adorable outfit and totally worth the pain I tell you ;)