Wednesday, August 24

Wednesday Night Recipe

Blouse  - Old Navy (old)
Skirt - Talbot's
Belt - Thrifted from Goodwill
Shoes - Lauren Ralph Lauren via Ross

 Here's a great recipe to use after a long day at work (or a long three days that definitely feel longer than three days):

1 bath of hot water.
2 soaked feet.
1 plate of spaghetti.
2 episodes of last night's What Not to Wear.
1 InStyle magazine.

Mix all the ingredients together.
Spread out on a soft bed.
Relax for several hours

(I know I will....)


  1. I'm pretty much enjoying the same recipe! Only, I was going to enjoy an episode of Big Brother and then my darn cable went out, so instead of tv, I'm catching on blog reading. =) I love to soak up these quiet moments when the hubs and Little Guy are at church and the Little Miss is sleeping. lol

    Something else I love is that outfit! You know how I am about bright colors. That outfit has so many gorgeous brights and I love it!!

  2. Pretty skirt! And great recipe!! I will definitely be following it in approximately 2 weeks when my school year starts!

  3. Definitely a great recipe! Your skirt is just fabulous! I love how you added the yellow wedges! Enjoy relaxing, you deserve it :-)


  4. Love the outfit! The colors look great together.

  5. I'm watching Sex and the City reruns and eating sweet potato cheese fries but otherwise, yeah. :) I like color combo in your outfit!


  6. I love the colors of your outfit. I would have never thought of pairing them but they work so well together. I must get more creative!!! Your recipe sounds wonderful. I could sure use a hot soak in the tub.

  7. Love What Not to favorite! I love the array of colors you have here, it all works so well!

  8. Yum, this recipe sounds delicious! Will definitely be whipping up some of that soon :-)

    That Talbots skirt is gorgeous and really comes to life with your pairings!

  9. Oh I can't wait to sit down and watch What Not to Wear this weekend when my baby girl is with her dad. That's how I get through those weekends.

    You, my dear, look utterly amazing in this! I love the red and yellow with that skirt! You're a genius, plain and simple. :)

  10. Lovely skirt and wedges. Last Friday I spent 2 hours soaking and relaxing with magazines. I really needed it after a rough beginning at work.