Tuesday, March 20


Linen Button-down - Calvin Klein (TJ Maxx)
Pants - The Limited
Belt - Forever 21
Shoes - from some store years ago

Yes...I do know how to spell correctly. (I mean, I am an English teacher...geez! But I guess I should just stick to my day job and quit trying to be cute and funny.)

Anyway, the point of the title "Doublue" was to express my love for this linen, blue button-down!  I love it so much so that I had to wear it again...two days after the first time that I wore it.  (see Sunday's post)

Unless it's, like, a pair of jeans on the weekend, rarely do I wear the same piece twice in a very short time span...not even two weeks after, much less two days!

But this time...

I don't give a shi(r)t.


  1. That is a great top. And so perfect paired with those pants. That I think I might need...

  2. i don't give a shi(r)t, lol that had me rolling!!! I like your shoes with this outfit

  3. Kish! You're back....Whoo Hoo! What's going on with your hair, it looks sooo great ;) I love those pants actally, such a great color!

  4. Hahaha!! I don't give a shirt. Love it! I'm now officially on the hunt for a pair of bright pants to pair my chambray shirt with. I love these together!

  5. Very cute. Chambray shirts are a must this season and the past and the one begore that, lolol. Umm hunny I repeat ALL the time. Try it. Nothing like stretching my wardrobe.