Wednesday, September 7

Just Short

Navy Blazer - Loft
Purple Striped Tee - Gap Outlet
Belt - Gap
Pants - Express (old)
Sandals - Steve Madden

Hey, y'all.
Long night, so short post with three points:

1.  I'm wearing pants that have a short hem and are hard to wear with just about any shoe.  (Flooding is not an intentional style option for me.)

2.  I look short, as my students like to point out.  Constantly.  (Never mind the fact that I am 5'3"...and many of them are taller than I am.)

3.  And I just spent a long time putting together an interesting, engaging, and active activity to help my kiddos write a short story.  Short attention spans they have, let me tell ya.

Anyway, that's the long and short of it all.

Have a great night!
I'll be catching up on my reading at the end of the week...can't wait!


  1. I'm 5-2, and it's the running joke about how short I am lol! You've got an inch on me...I love the color of your pants!

  2. Hey Kish! LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit! Your green pants are super cool and I love it paired with the stripes :)

  3. Kish!! I adore this outfit! The green pants with the chic stripes and blazer... I just love it!

  4. Great outfit, love the blue/purple/green combo, it's definitely a fresh look. I'm 5'1" so I know all about shortness and pants, its actually the purpose of my blog post today :D

  5. You look so cute!!! Love the green pants and the striped top. I just purchased my first pair of green jeans not too long ago...can't wait to wear them...

  6. I like the color a lot! But I know all about that awkward length. At least yours look good with flats.

    The Suburb Experiment

  7. Green pants! I have a pair (a bit more olive though) and I'm always looking for outfit ideas. Love this and will probably copy it.

    (And mine are just long enough for flats too - in spite of the fact they're "tall").

  8. Wow...the navy and stripe look great with the green pants. Love the combo!

  9. True story- I went on a date with a man and I told him I was 5'3". Which I SWEAR I was. He told me there was NO WAY, and that I was closer to 5'5". Having been 5'3" for all of my adult life I needed to see what the heck he was talking about. And hells bells if I'm not 5'5" after all. Love a mid-life growth spurt!

  10. Great outfit! I love the combo of navy and green, one of my favorites!

  11. Oh wow I adore this outfit! The colour of the pants are incredible and you accessorized so well! I'm only 5'3" too so I feel your pain! ;)

  12. Girl Im loving the green pants! What grade do you teach? I've got seniors!

  13. Love your outfit- that navy & green combo really works!!! You look fantastic :)

  14. Hey Kish, glad to be back catching up. We had a writing meeting today to discuss new components of FCAT 2.0 writing. Our school has much work to do as well. Love the green, black and white combo. You can never go wrong with a sharp blazer. You and Trice and I are fab teacher fashion bloggers :)

  15. Love the green pants!!! So super cute!

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  16. Nice outfit! Those pants are a great colour!

  17. love the green pants and stripes...but i have a few pairs of pants that are just the wrong length for any good shoe, too! frustrating!

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  18. you amazing!
    ur an inch taller than me.. so lol

    BreezeyBee Blog

  19. Absolutely love the color of your pants!! Aww I was just about to ask if these were still on sale at
    Shasie of Live Life in Style