Thursday, September 22

The Sweetest Thing

Cashmere Cardigan - Express (old)
Skirt - Talbots
Shoes - Nine West
Necklace - one of the many awesome items
 I won from Tiffany's giveaway!

Because I really can't think of anything else to write, I'll share with you a little story from about a week ago:

First, let me mention that one of the many selling features of our house, when we built it several years ago, was the fact that the master bath came with dual vanities.  I loved that I wouldn't have to share a sink (or counter space) with my husband.  Little did I know that four-plus years later, I would actually have to end up sharing my side of the vanity with another four-year old child!

Every morning, P uses my sink to brush his teeth.  And on this particular morning last week, I was already "mid-brush" when he decided to butt in.  So, not only did he and his little 30-something pound body take up all the space on my side of the vanity, but he changed the temperature of the water from very warm (ok, nearly hot) to very cold (the nerve of him!). 

I hate cold water. 
He hates hot water.

He got the vanity space.
I was forced to walk around while brushing my teeth. 

No big deal, right?  A mom should make those little sacrifices for her kid(s), shouldn't she?

Well, I guess I'm a bad mommy because, quite frankly, I didn't want to!  Seriously, this kid takes For.Ever. to brush his teeth! 

This is his process:
Step 1: Play around on step stool and pretend to teeter and totter on it.
Step 2: Play with toothbrush.  
Step 3: Pretend to not be able to pump toothpaste out of tube. 
Step 4: Put toothpaste onto toothbrush...then accidentally-on-purpose let paste drop off of brush into the sink. Then play with that until it goes down the drain.
Step 5: Repeat Step 3 and first part of Step 4.
Step 6: Take several minutes to brush teeth.
Step 7: Splash water all over the counter his face.

So, while he was going through this whole process, I was standing around with a mouth full of toothpaste and stuff, which, to me, gets kind of gross after a while.


I was close to really getting upset when, after completing Step 7, P surprised me by adding a Step 8 for the first time:

After he completed his ritual, he did the most amazingly simple and chivalrous act that made me swallow all of the bad thoughts that I was having of shoving him off of his stepstool (I'm just kidding!), and almost made me literally swallow the toothpaste gunk in my mouth (seriously!).

Before stepping off of his stool, my four-year old male child reached over the sink... and changed the faucet tap from cold back to hot.   Just for me.

Was that not the sweetest thing in the world or what?


  1. Awww what a sweetie!! I swear, sometimes they can read our minds and can tell we're thinking frustrating thoughts. And that's right when they do something super sweet. It's all part of their master plan to keep themselves Number 1 in our lives. =)

    Yay!! You're wearing the necklace! And with a fabulous outfit, to boot! That skirt is super cute!

  2. That's super sweet! Just when you want to strangle your children (just kidding) they go and do something so darn cute!

    I just adore this skirt! That is the bomb!


  3. I love the color palette of your outfit!
    And how sweet of P!

  4. LOL! Thats too funny! Love the outfit and the colors!

  5. Nice use of color!

  6. That's the funny thing about kids - they always do something heart-warming just as you're having fantasies of having your own apartment on the side where everything is where you put it and how you like it. :)

    You look gorgeous! I love the green on you but I don't think I've seen you in a color that doesn't flatter. Lucky!

    The Suburb Experiment

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  8. How cute lol! I love your striped skirt, so pretty!

  9. Great look on you! Love the colors! Kinda has a tropical feel...makes me want a drink with an umbrella in it! :)

    And thanks for all the comment <3, girl! You're the bestest!

    Style in General