Saturday, September 24

Hakuna Matata About Grading Papers

Dress - Thrifted via Goodwill
(w/Target Xhilaration label)
Belt - Thrifted via Goodwill
Shoes - Jessica Simpson (via Dillards)
Necklace - another goody from
Tiffany's summer giveaway
(and what is now my favorite piece of jewelry)
Clutch - Chinese Laundry, Thrifted via Goodwill
Handbag - Aldo (several years old)

So, I lied.

I didn't spend today slaving over a stack of ungraded papers as I stated that I would in last night's post.  (The successfully graded ones are in the foreground in the first pic....just so you know that I'm not a complete fibber.)

Instead, I went out on a double date.

And by "double", I mean that I had two dates.

Speaking of two's, I posted these pics just to show the two different handbag options that I had with this outfit.  The second was the one that I actually carried.  The first was the one that I wanted to carry, but with one of my dates being a four-year old, it just wasn't practical.

And so back to my double-date: 
We went to go and see The Lion King in 3D.  I mean, I can't tell you how long it has been since I've seen that movie, but it didn't really matter.  I still, literally, got chills and goose bumps during the opening scene (when all of the animals of the Serengeti are preparing for the presentation of the future king)... I cried when Mufasa was murdered (by his evil, lower-than-dirt brother, Scar)...I was able to recite many of the characters' lines...and I sang along to most of the soundtrack. (Yes, out loud...but not too loudly.  And, hey, I wasn't the only adult either!)  Sigh.  Anyway. 

Spending a beautiful Saturday...

watching one of the best movies ever...

with two handsome guys on my arms...

Screw grading papers!


  1. LOL....I love the Lion King...I've been trying to convince hubby to take me, but I don't think he is taking me seriously! Both bag options work great with the outfit, I love that they are both adding an extra pop of color!

  2. We love that movie! I cry every time I see it. Kayla did a lyrical dance to it and I even cried then to Circle of Life. What can I say, I am a sap for Disney movies!

    Such a cute dress and love both bags! Heather

  3. I bring my school bags every weekend to grade and every weekend it is an EPIC fail. I just enjoy spending time with my family and relaxing. usually grade on Sunday night for a couple of hours. The papers never end :(

  4. The clutch is cute, but the Aldo bag does look more practical!
    I've been thinking of taking my 4yo to see Lion King, but she just watched it with my sister when we were visiting earlier this year, so I don't know if it'd have as much impact on her...

  5. Lion King is one of my fav movies too. I'm just wondering what goodwill you shop at? I am new to thrifting and wanted to find a good place to shop.

  6. Good for you, sometimes family just takes priority over other things! Glad you had fun on your double date :)

    Your dress is FABULOUS- LOVE IT!!!

  7. Oh, we watch Lion King all. the. time! I bet my Little Guy would love seeing it in the theater!

    You, my dear, look gorgeous for your double date!! And I'm so excited you like the necklace!! =)

  8. I Love the Lion King!!! It's such a Great Movie. I remember singing the songs in high school in the middle of the courtyard and everybody would join in. You need to do what my cousin does to have his papers graded. He lured me & my friend over with food & had us "help" him grade papers. Took about 3 hours but the food was totally worth it.

  9. I second "screw grading papers." Lovely outfit!

  10. Definitely more important than grading papers any day!

  11. You look adorable! Love your outfit!

    Lindsey Turner

  12. I like both looks. Actually anytime You can create something new with thrifted pieces you are certainly a winner in the creative category, lolol. I'm always watching Disney movies too. Didn't see Lion King in 3D but we own the DVD.