Monday, October 3

Back to Basics

Top - The Limited (old)
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - Michael Kors (old)
Scarf - Target

Today, as I was leaving school, I thought to myself, "I miss my blog."  My one-week absence sure has felt a lot longer!  And I can't promise how much it will get better.  With losing one whole planning period this year, it is essentially impossible to get work work. (Go figure.)

So, I'm dropping in to say, "Hello" to all of you.

And Good Night!  Miss y'all!

(By the way, we have another Jeans Week at school, so I went basic with a white tee and jeans.  Oh, and then there's one of my favorite pair of shoes to top (or bottom?) it all off!)


  1. We miss you too! It makes it all the more special though when you do post! Sometimes life and work just happens. Either way you look hot in those awesome red shoes! Love your polka dot scarf too :)

  2. It HAS felt longer. You know if you ever get tired of those shoes. . . I think I know a lady. :) You make a simple tee and jeans look amazing, Kish!

    The Suburb Experiment

  3. I've missed you too - glad you were able to pop in and even more glad that you were wearing those shoes when you did. They are brilliant!

  4. Hello dear- Don't stress yourself, just pop in when you can. I for one will be here! Your outfit is cute. I love simple outfits spruced up with a great accessory. That scarf is adorable!!

  5. Love your style! Cosy blog also!

  6. Ironic, I was just thinking yesterday afternoon that I miss your pretty face! And then here you are. It was like ESP or something. =) That simple look is super cute with the scarf and awesome shoes!

  7. Today I realized that I am soooo behind in knowing what's happening with you here. My apologies! I totally understand about blogging when you can. Some teachers at my school don't have planning either. I don't know how you get it done (salutes you!). I'm working 4 days after school And today I'm just bone tired. I like This simple but well put together look. Now I regret not posting my white tee look.