Sunday, June 3

A Weekend of Pinks, Reds, & Greens

Friday's outfit

Saturday's outfit

Three members of my family graduated from high school this weekend!  Congratulations to my niece, Haley, and my nephews Devon and Eric!!!

To Haley's graduation, I wore a pink NY&Co dress that I found at TJ Maxx.  I have been vacillating for a long time as to whether I should return it or not because it came with a skinny matching belt that, when paired with the dress, created all kinds of wrong.  After trying several styles of my own belts with this dress, I was on the verge of tossing it back into its bag so that I could return it until my husband said that the dress looked fine without the belt.  (I don't know why, but he has a thing against belts....always wants to know why I have to belt everything....maybe it's just cuz he's a man...). 

Anyway, this time, he was actually right.  I paired the dress with a blue/teal/gold color-blocked shoe that I had passed up many times at Target because it wasn't really my style....
...But $8.98 is definitely my style, so I snatched those suckers up after I saw them on clearance!

Dressing for my nephews' graduation on Saturday presented itself with a whole new set of challenges.  First of all, it was ridiculously hot, and knowing that we would be standing outside in the heat, I knew that I would have to wear something that wouldn't cause me to wither away into a puddle because...
...melting in my clothes is not my idea of looking hot(pun intended)

My second obstacle was finding something to wear with the second pair of Zara sandal's that I got from the Fed-Ex guy last weekend.  I bought these shoes because I don't have a lot of red or fuschia in my closet.  Funny how the reality of that hit me when (surprise, surprise) I couldn't find anything red or fuscia in my closet!  (The dress that I wore in the link above matched perfectly with the shoes, but it was way too hot this weekend to wear that again.)

Again, I considered throwing the damn shoes back in their box and shipping them back to Zara in exchange for the blue/green ones that I could coordinate with more outfits (like this one!).  But rather than doing that, I decided to challenge myself to "match outside the box".  The seafoam green of this Loft ruffled top has nothing to do with the red/fuschia going on in the shoe, but I figured that separating them with the black Express skirt might just make it work.  I hiked the skirt up and belted it to add a little more, oh, should I say, flirtiness?  I liked the outfit at that point, but it was still missing something to draw at least one color from the shoe.  I decided to coordinate with accessories...again, a frustrating reality check!

I lucked up and found these hoop earrings with red dangly things that I haven't worn (or seen) in ages.  The bracelet is, like, the only red bracelet that I have (I think).  And the purse?  I had forgotten that I had it until I was rushing out of the door and realized that I couldn't take my big, black, everyday purse. 

So, in all, this Saturday outfit was a stretch for me, but I liked the way it turned out.

And now that all is said and done, I still find myself with another problem:

Now, I want need want need the blue/green Zara Basic Sandals!


  1. Both outfits are the pink dress because, well, it's pink...and I'm still dying over those shoes!

  2. Hi sweetie! THanks for all your fabulous comments earlier! I love em! So, I love this pink dress! It is so chic and has so many styling possibilities, and those Zara shoes are also everything! THey look amazing on you! Have a wonderful night!!! xx


  3. Hmmm I don't know you really need 3 pairs of the same shoes? I really love the style as well but I think you have to have a pair of cobalt or aqua shoes already in your closet?

  4. I'm experiencing some major shoe envy over here. I love the Target heels - can't believe they are from Target. Good find! And don't you dare take back that pink dress. If you don't want it, send it over here! ;)

  5. that pink dress looks great on you! I need those shoes too lol!! My sister and my mom graduated in May too :) Congrats to your niece and nephews!


  6. I love both looks but the PINK dress is my FAVE! Also, when you can't make up your mind on shoes buy them in every COLOR! LOL! *I know I'm soooo BAD* :-/

  7. No one would ever guessed that you'd stepped outside your comfort zone. You looked cool, calm and cute!
    Congratulations to your niece and nephews.

  8. i really love that pink dress!! and ur clutch!

  9. I love both looks, Kish! And that you got so much of it on sale totally rocks the casbah (or whatever that song says..)! =)

    p.s. I want those shoes!!

  10. Wow, you look so pretty in that pink dress! And I really love those Zara sandals!!
    I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!

    1. Wow kish you look absolutely stunning in that dress...yes your hubby is right, you don't need a belt that necklace is just the right accesorry. I love the lovely colors on your other outfit too. The zara shoes are beautiful...i like the color blocking. Great buys! And fabulous outfits for attending the graduations...congrats to them!

  11. You did a fab job "matching outside the box". I love the color combos and your dresses are too cute!

  12. You look beautiful in both outfits! <3
    Love the Zara sandals. :)

  13. fabulous color blocking with both looks. a shift dress is good on you! so cute.

  14. You have great style! I LOVE the first look. All of these looks are great Summer fashion inspiration.


  15. I love all the looks! You had on such cute shoes in each one!

  16. i like your skirt. and I hope you get your entries in for my Summer Fun Giveaway! : )

  17. i want those zara heels, too! they either don't make my size (5) or they are always sold out! love that simple pink dress.