Tuesday, June 12

2 Shades of White w/ 50 Shades of Gray

Salmon Pink Racerback Tank - Cynthia Rowley (TJ Maxx)
White Linen Shorts - Loft
Shoes - Elle (Kohl's)

I had a great lunch with some co-workers/friends yesterday.

Shades of white:
Scorching temps here in Hades Houston led me to wear this racerback tank and linen shorts.

And, although I was in the company of familiar faces, there was a new introduction made:
White Shorts, meet Soda. 
Soda, meet White Shorts.

What's even worse is that I didn't even notice this until much later, which meant that the salacious Mr. Soda had ample time to permanently taint my innocent White Shorts.  (The last statement is my attempt to humorously segue into the next part of this post...)

Shades of gray:
So, during our lunch, I shared my recent, erm, adventure? into the dark world of Christian Grey and whats-her-name-who-he-f**ks-all-over-the-place.

I won't share with you what happens (although I kinda just did), but I will say this about the 50 Shades trilogy:

1.  I purposely took breaks while reading these books.
2.  I found myself skipping over lines...then paragraphs...and even a few pages.
3.  It was a feat to even finish book two.
4.  I didn't even bother to read book three.
5.  I politely asked the customer service rep at Target if they allowed returns on books...then I quickly dumped books two and three onto the return desk when he confirmed.  (Book one's fate was saved because I loaned it to my sister.)

So, can you guess what my review of the series would be?
(Tiffany said it best in her comment to my previous post.)

Ok...'til next time...

p.s. Sorry if my use of asterisks was kind of "vulgar"...just telling it like it is.
p.s.s.  And if that is too vulgar, um... you may not want to read the book.


  1. LMBO @ "Hades"...that's how I just described the weather here in Florida, LOL. You look super cute and I love that top!

    Not really interested in reading "50 Shades of Gray"....too much hype and I'm sure to be disappointed.

  2. Aww, sorry about the shorts. You captured a great shot before the incident. I've heard so much about the 50 Shades book. I've yet to read them though. I guess I can skip then until they make it to the $.99 bin on Kindle.

    Houston..oh gezz, I've been there during the summer....oh no ma'am.

  3. Hahaha!! With that line, you could easily write a sequel to the 50 Shades series. =) It's a shame they're permanently tainted. They would be so cute all summer long!

  4. Nooooo... I just ordered the whole TRILOGY!!!!! HA!!!!!

    Well, at least you weas cute making your returns! :-)

  5. My friend and I joked that if we took a shot every time we read the words "oh my" or about one of their many "escapades" we would be, well, dead. lol I am now in the middle of a classic, Jane Eyre, because I kind of feel like I have to repent after reading that nonsense! I'm all for a fun read, but come on!

    Cute top and sorry about the shorts!

  6. I'm reading book one and if Ana says "holy sh*t" or "crap", I'm not sure what I'm going to do! I bought it as an E-book for my Kindle, so I can't even the pleasure of returning it!
    Why not dye your stained shorts? How about grey?

  7. Oh Kish...I love your Cynthia Rowley shirt! I just got a top from her recently from TJ Maxx too and I love it! Those shoes are great, and I love the white in them! I would wear them with so many different things in my closet as those are all my favorite colors in one shoe! LOL! Have a great night girl! xo


  8. lol. thanks for summing up the books. i think i'll pass. but you look cute as always :)

  9. I know this is my first comment and we're just meeting, but I love you (in a nonCSI/Criminal Minds way. Promise!). Seriously, you just said everything I think about 50 Shades. I promised my best friend I would read it because she loves it and I'm thinking maybe I should have just offered her my first born. It's that painful to read. Also that outfit is absolutely adorable. I die for those shoes.

  10. I read one excerpt online of the first book and went, "Um, no." And not because of the content. I was drawn to check it out BECAUSE of the content. But the writing...ew, the writing. In the small bit I read, I wanted to pull out my editing pen and red mark everything. Onto the outfit - I love those shorts and sorry that soda took them down! I might have to get a pair myself, though not in white because that would last 2 minutes before I got a pint-sized jelly-covered handprint on it.