Saturday, April 30


Upon the urging of my stepson/photographer, I have changed locations for my pics. I'm not ready to venture out and do the outdoor photos just yet, so I went with it.  Instead of the foyer, we have now moved to the family room.  I'm a little unsure about it, but, oh well.

 Loft Roll-Sleeve Drapey Shirt, Gap Jeans, Gap Men's Belt, Steve Madden Serrious Sandals

Every year we get an incentive from our district to purchase supplies and products for our classrooms.  Usually this is via a gift card to a large retail chain office-supply store, but this year, we are using an online vendor.  The deadline to place the order is Saturday, and we've been getting emails all week reminding us of this impending deadline. 
I did attempt a couple of times to peruse through the site while at school, but there was so much to consider and so (veryveryvery) little time.  So, call it procrastinating if you want to, but because I like to take my time to savor my (free) shopping experience and attempt to wisely spend nearly every penny from the fifty dollars as possible, I decided to dedicate part of my Friday evening to doing this. 
Oh, but there was just one problem.
You see, there was an instruction sheet that walked us through the process from logging on to the site to placing the order.  And each person got a pre-set (of sorts) username and password. 
Easy enough.  Except, mine wouldn't work.  Apparently, my user and/or password did not exist.
I repeatedly attempted to log in, and figuring that there was an error with my pre-set username/password, I tried every other variation that I could think of...until I recieved that "Too many attempts...Your account has been locked..." message. 
 Refusing to be defeated, I figured a way around this mini hurdle by finding the name of my school through the site and registering as a user under that account. 
(Okay, sweat.  Back to the mission!)
So, I spent three hours strategically figuring out what I want/need for my classroom while trying to spend every penny of the dollar limit without going over (if you even try to charge an overage to your personal credit card, the incentive will not apply).  Pleased as punch with my selections (oh, yeah!), I mosied right along to the checkout. 
(Free stuff here I come!)
Okay, so on the checkout screen, I saw my school's info. 
Mailing address automatically on the invoice.
(o-k...almost there...)
Now, a Purchase Order number.
(Eeeerrrkkkk! Hit the brakes!)
Purchase Order number??  Well, according to the instruction sheet, there's supposed to be a drop-down box with a personal purcase order number...but I didn't have one!  And I knew why.  Since I didn't log in using the pre-set username and password, my existence was once again denied by the site.
("Don't cry, Kish," I told myself. "Don't cry.")
So, now, with the deadline hovering...  and no one able to help me... I've just lost out on fifty doggone bucks of free stuff that I could really use for my classroom.
And do you wanna know what my total was? 


Wanna cry with me?


  1. Sometimes there's just no way to win. But you do look super doing it.

  2. Oh Kish, that's a bummer! School supplies can be very expensive and unfortunately, the $50 gifts aren't around too often. God willing you get some good parent donations next year. Did I tell you I am looooving this outfit? ;)

  3. Call me biased, but I like the new setting! ;)

    Terribly sorry about your lack of free stuff. That would break my little heart, too!

  4. I want the shirt you're wearing so bad. I know it would be a terrible color on me and yet seeing how cute you've styled it, I still illogically want it. :)