Thursday, April 28


 So...not much to chat about, but I'd like to send out a "Congrats" to my close college friend, Bisi...Congratulations on your new baby girl and welcome to mommy-hood!!!

Tonight is the NFL Draft, and although I am not a football fan, I live with one.  He is an endless pit of football facts.  Sometimes I feel like I live with a SportsCenter Analyst.  Just minus the national coverage. 
Anyway, I think I'll surprise him by ordering pizza, hanging out on the couch and watching the draft with him so he can tell me everything about every draftee, every team, every team manager, every head coach...and every everything else.
It's gonna be a long night.
I think I'm gonna need a few magazines to get me through!

Happy Thursday!
{Post update: I've ordered the pizza.  I'm on the couch.  M has been talking football non-stop (didn't I tell you?), and P, who is on my back, sees that I have a french braid and asks me,
"Mom, what are these?  Steps?" 
 I tell him that it's a french braid, and then he asks,
"How did you get them?" 
I had to laugh. This was too cute not to share!}

 the pieces:
Tee - Gap (2010)
Jeans - Gap Boyfriend (2010)
Belt - Gap (Winter '10 Clearance)
Shoes - Jessica Simpson "Glorie" Wedge Sandal (Dillard's, Summer '10)


  1. Great necklace! And fabulous wedges!! I love Jessica Simpson's shoes... although I have none. lol

    That's too cute about your guys! My husband is a Vikings fan and if they're on tv, that's all that's on tv. And I just love when my little man comes out with something totally off the wall. Watching toddlers become boys is too much fun! =)

  2. You're so sweet! I left and went to see Water for Elephants LOL
    I love questions about hairstyles from kids. Unadulterated curiosity!
    And, I also love the wedges!