Wednesday, April 20

Sixty Seconds in Heaven

Aaaahhhh, Friday! Since we have NO SCHOOL for the rest of the week, today's my "Friday"!!!

Since it was our last day before a four-day weekend, I used the "possiblity-of-having-a-free-day-outside" as a carrot for my little wabbits.  Unfortunately, only two classes got the opportunity, though.  Which leads me to my little story for today!

I haven't mentioned anything about my sixth period class before, so here's a teeny-tiny, mini rundown of them: 
30 students.         
6 girls.           
22 boys. 

Did you hear me?

22.  Boys.

While you're probably saying to yourself, "Ohmygoodness, poor you!" and thinking that this is probably my off-the-wall class, surprisingly, this is a really good least, now they are (we will not mention the mayhem that reigned during the first semester).  They've been a good group all semester, so they were one of the two classes that earned outside time.  In exchange for twenty glorious minutes out in the sun, the only recourse was that no one could step off of the curb that runs along the teacher parking lot entranceway.  Actually, my exact words were:  "If even one goosebump on the point of someone's elbow crosses over the curb, we're coming back inside."  Everyone understood and agreed.

Have you ever seen a really rambunctious, hyperactive, jumpy-jumpy dog that's been locked in a house all day?  And when the front door of the house opens and that dog catches sight of the world outside, it takes off full-speed, pummels past its owner, and runsrunsrunsrunsruns like there's no tomorrow?

Yeah.  That's what it was like watching my sixth period kiddos when they hit the outside world.  There was screaming.  Arms flailing.  Bodies just moving at warp speed all over the place.  The five young ladies (one was absent) remained near me with their books, ready to settle down on the sidewalk to do some reading.  A few boys veered off in another direction to hang.  And the majority of the rest of the class (guess what gender?) decided to have speed races to see who was the fastest.  When I tell you that I would have put money on what was going to happen next, well... I would have put money on what was going to happen next.

On round two of the race (which was headed back in my direction), one young man was so exuberant that when he reached the "finish line", guess what he did?  Yep.  He ran off the curb into the parking lot.  Now, the look on his face when he won was of pure jubilation and that made me smile to know that his expression was a reflection of the youthful fun that they were all having.  But I had to stick to my guns.  So, I stood up. Pointed towards the doors.  And just like that, their freedom was over.  All. Four. Minutes of it.

(Okay, so it was really funny at the time.  Come on, four minutes!!!)

Anyway, my seventh period class was the second group to earn some freedom.  Now, I don't know if it was something that was served in the cafeteria food today or what, but when this group hit the outside, it was like watching an instant replay of sixth period (just not as many boys).  Like their predecessors, they screamed and flailed, too.  They even did the speed-racing thing, too.  They were having the time of their lives, and they, too, had one person run off the curb.  (sigh)  So.  I stood up. Pointed towards the doors. And just like that, there freedom was over.  Too.

At least, this group lasted for ten minutes.


the pieces:
Slouchy tee - Gap
Skirt - Gap
Belt - Gap (last year)
Sandals - Ralph Lauren (Dillard's Summer '10 Clearance)
{outfit afterthoughts: i had no expectation to wear this skirt again anytime soon, but what i was trying wasn't working...i wanted to be comfy for "Friday" without wearing jeans, so at the last minute, i begrudgingly threw these pieces together and ended up liking it...almost feels beachy...and if you know anything about the closest beach to Houston, that's actually not saying a whole lot!..about the "beachy" part that is!}


  1. What fun you have! The kids must react to your upbeat attitude. I do.

  2. Thanks, Judy! I actually think it goes both ways between me and my kiddos!