Tuesday, April 19

I'm wondering if there's a niche for a traveling troupe of teachers who perform parodies of hip-hop/rap/pop songs to encourage students to do well on state assessment exams? 

Today, I had so much fun with my grade-level PLC (ahem, that is special lingo for "professional learning community") as we made a "pop video" to Ke$ha's Tick-Tock!  Last week, after I shared a motivational freestyle rap song that one of the local radio stations did a couple of years ago, one of my colleagues had a great idea to have a rap competition between our sixth graders.  AND, as their fabulous reading/language arts (rela) teachers,  we decided to get in on it to help motivate help give the kids a good, hard laugh before their assessments next week. 

And so, the RELA Rappers and "Tick-Tock for TAKS" was born. 

It was so fun to record this (I was the director/videographer...which I'm thinking could be my new profession)!  The six "Ke$ha's" in the video donned jerseys from our football team, bling, sunglasses, and, as one other teacher put it, other "fabulous accoutrements"!  They rapped about test preparation, test-taking strategies, and key terms. There was even a cameo appearance by Justin Bieber!!!

Okay, it was only a poster. 

And just to clarify that we don't have Bieber fever, the re-mixed lyrics that accompanied the shot of his poster were "...eliminate distractors...".  Trust me, it's funnier when you actually see it. 

Anyway, this was such a great idea, I can see us doing this for years to come (although our state assessment exam will be going through some changes next year).  If you're reading this, thanks, Sandra, for the idea and for re-mixing the lyrics!

Tick-tock...Don't stop...

the pieces:
Cardigan - Express (c. 2005)
Tee - Gap
Pinstriped Trousers - Gap Outlet
Shoes - Vince Camuto "Neven"
Cute Kid w/Singing Green Frog Puppet - M & Me!
{outfit afterthoughts: i actually wore this on monday...M really liked it, he kept saying that i looked cute...i do like the colors...think i may need a necklace that makes more of a statement...i wanted to throw in a hot pink belt, but decided against it (this time!)...come to think of it, I have a pair of pink shoes with other colors in it that could work with this, hmm..i dunno}


  1. I think this may be my all-time favorite outfit of yours (and I've loved many). First of all, the silhouette of the top and trousers is STUNNING for your figure. Second, I LOVE THE COLORS TOGETHER!!! Ok, enough drooling. Nice job.

  2. OH! And you have the (second) cutest photo-bomber ever :)

  3. I really love those colors!!! They're so bright and summery!

    Your story had me laughing out loud! So funny!

  4. Love the colors in this outfit!

    May I ask you how you do your hair? I want to get mine cut like yours and I am wondering if you rollerset/wrap it, or flat iron it, etc. Thanks.

  5. Top fave outfit I've seen on you Kish and your hair looks Amazing! I'm going to copy your color combo here, I love it!!