Monday, April 25

25 and Counting

The number 25 represents...

...a silver wedding anniversary...
...the number of cents in a dollar...
...the date that Christmas falls on...
...the age when most auto insurance premiums drop...


...the number of days left 'til the end of the school year!!

This, too, calls for a celebration!

But first, we have to get through a few more hurdles:

State assessments this week (which also means that we get to wear jeans!).
Remediation for state assessments.
The sixth grade field trip.
Then the sixth grade awards ceremony.

It's going to be a lot.
And being the sixth grade team leader adds just a wee bit more onto my plate.
But ya know what's going to help me get through it all???

That magic number 25!!!!!!
(well, at least it'll get me through tomorrow, 'cause after that, we'll have 24 more days...guess I better start looking up what that number represents...)

 Have a great week to y'all!

the pieces:
Cardigan - Gap
Dress - from Marshall's (c. 2006)
White tank - Marshall's? (old)
Sea foam Tank - The Limited (old)
Shoes - Nine West (Ross, clearance $15)
Belt - Gap (men's)
{outfit afterthoughts:  this was not what i had put together last night...i had a cute top the same color as the outer layer tank, but it was too big...after about five large safety pins and way too many attempts at rigging the top over this dress, I gave up and went with this at the last minute...i hardly wear this dress b/c, although it has an empire waist, it's a little roomy which makes me look either bulky under a cardi, like above, or...el prego...which i'm not}


  1. Hi! I'm not sure where I found your blog but I'm glad I did. I'm a 6th grade teacher, too (ELA). We have about 8 more weeks to go--let the countdown begin!!

  2. Sounds like the next couple of weeks you'll be super busy..but thankfuly, the last days of school usually fly by! Lovin' this outfit! Good luck to you and your kiddos, may they kick some bootie in their tasks tests!

  3. Beautiful dress Kish.......and those shoes are fabulous!!

  4. It's too bad you don't like the way that dress fits. It's a beautiful pattern! Woohoo!! All of my teacher friends are counting down the days. =)