Tuesday, April 26

Day 25 minus 1

Day 1 of state assessments down. 
One more day to go.
And then 24 days until the end of the year!
Yep, I'm still counting!


the pieces:
Cardigan - Martin+Osa (a couple of weeks ago from TJ Maxx)
Tee - Gap
Scarf - Express (from waaaaay back in the day. like 2002)
Jeans - Gap (2010)
Shoes - Guess (a few months ago from Ross)
{outfit afterthoughts: i love this cardigan and am so glad that i ran into it at TJ Maxx a couple of weeks ago! i haven't quite figured out a lot of variations for it, but i do have a special rendez-vous set up for it w/a navy and white summer dress...i'll keep you posted on their date!  today, however, this cardi decided to succumb itself to be worn with casual jeans and flat sandals that aren't pictured}

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