Tuesday, April 5

All I Wanna Do

During my first year teaching, just about everyday after school, I would drive home and go straight to sleep.  I wouldn't sleep throughout the night, but if I didn't have that nap right away, I wasn't going to make it.   Eventually, those daily after-school naps (ASN's) subsided.  As a matter fact, I haven't had any of  "those days" at all this year.

Oopsie.  Wait a minute.

What I should have said was that I haven't had any of "those days" at all this year with the exception of the past two days where my body has been taken over by the dire need to have an ASN. Both yesterday and today, during the last five to ten minutes of seventh period (the last class of the day), my gas tank literally ran out.  And I'm not kidding.  My entire body just slumped over and I think I even heard a few wheezes and a "kaput!".  What's even worse is that, for the first time ever, on both Monday and Tuesday mornings, I woke up needing an ASN!  I mean, really!  How sad is that? 

Does anyone remember that song from the 90's that goes:
"All I wanna do is zoom-zoom-zoom-zoom-and-a-boom-boom..."???

Well, I have a new version:
"All I wanna do is z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z......"

That's all for me. Now that I've had a 20-minute ASN, I can be concious... until it's really time for bed!


the pieces:
Plaid Tunic - Esprit Outlet (Winter '10 Clearance, $14)
Navy Leggings - Gap (Winter '09 Clearance, $9)
Shoes - Volatile, DSW (Summer '10 Clearance, $11...
and I almost bought them full-price a year previously for full price of nearly fifty dollars!)
Belt - Forever21 (very old and very worn)


  1. LOVE this outfit and love naps! An ASN sounds perfect! Hope tomorrow is easier on you!

  2. love your outfit! i have fallen in love w ur blog, i can relate in so many ways..lol love ur style! :)

  3. I LOVE your outfit! Super super cute! (And I love that every single piece was an awesome deal.) =)

  4. Any chance you're preggers? :)