Sunday, April 24

Beware of Dog

Thursday afternoon, we left for an overnight trip to Louisiana to visit M's family.  I wanted a casual outfit that would endure the 3-4 hour drive there but still be cute (read: unwrinkled) by the time that we arrived.  This was what I came up with.  I bought these shorts a while back from Forever 21 and totally forgot about them.  I tried several pairs of shoes to get different "feels", but since I would mainly be walking on dirt and/or gravel, I resoved to go with the thong sandals.

Speaking of dirt and's a little story about a visit we made to see M's father in Louisiana about a year ago:

M's father lives in an area that I would describe 

Back woods?

First of all, the turn to get onto the "road" that he lives on is one that may be easily missed (but just once or twice, depending on how observant the driver and passenger are as they are talking on the phone with said father, wondering where in the heck the "road" to turn onto is).  Secondly, there are ditches on either side of the "road".  And then there is the actual woods-y area on one side beyond the ditch.  The "road" is about the width of our SUV.  Which means that if by chance we were to catch a glimpse of another vehicle coming in the opposite direction, one vehicle would basically have to temporarily park in the ditch to let the other by.  Get the picture?

Anyway, on this visit, it was early evening.  P was three years old and clingy.  He was sitting on my lap at a dining room chair, and we were facing the front door (which was about six steps away).  The door was open, but through the screen, I saw a tail wagging past.  I figured it would be a great opportunity to get P to unwind if he were able to go on the porch and play with the doggy that had come to pay a visit.

By the time I convinced P to walk to the door with me, the doggy was already gone.  I stepped out onto the porch and looked around, but there was no doggy.  I even did the "pphuup-pphuup-pphuup" noise to get it's attention.  But there was no doggy.

With P still clinging, I went inside and told M about the dog that we just missed. 

And then M told his dad about the dog that we just missed...

(By the way, if there is one thing about me that you should know,

It is that I am very much a city girl.

M and his family are very much country-folk ((I don't say this in any way offensively)),

And there are some things that they are used to that I, on the other hand, am totally naive to.


Potentially providing my child as a meal to a wild animal.

So, back to the story:)

...After M told his dad about the doggy, my father-in-law went out onto the porch himself.

And then he looked around outside.

And then he came back inside.

And then he said that it wasn't a dog after all whose tail was wagging by the front door.

It was a coyote.

(Please feel free to find humor in this story.  After I had overcome the shock, I sure did.  I texted my brother and two of my sisters right afterwards to share the story of how I almost let my 3-year old child play with a  dog wild coyote.)

        Brown Wedges?          Black Wedges?          Black Sandals?

the pieces:
Tee - Gap
Shorts - Forever 21
Belt - Forever 21
Brown Wedges - Steve Madden Faunta Wedge
Black Wedges - Coach Maryanne Wedge
Black Sandals - Ralph Lauren
{outfit afterthought: it turned out to be comfy, but i can't wait to try different tops/looks with these shorts; what really would have completed the outfit is P's pair of Willy Wonka-esque glasses in the background corner...oh, yeeeaaah!}


  1. I vote brown wedges. Great colors in this and I LOVE that you're pulling off a skirt. I have the HARDEST time figuring out how to style skirts (as evidenced by my last few attempts). Nicely done!

  2. CUTE shorts! I love that outfit. I think I like the thong sandals the best ... makes the rest of the outfit really pop more!

    I'd say I'm reasonably outdoorsy, but my husband's family lives in a semi rural area (it's like ... rich rural, if you know what I mean, like huge ranch-style homes and stuff but still kind of undeveloped because people want to feel like they're getting away from it all, or whatever) and when I go stay with them some nights I can't sleep because of the coyotes howling--and it always TERRIFIES me! I've never seen one up close, though!

  3. Oh, you're better than me. I'd still be terrified! lol!