Friday, July 15

Black Friday Find: In The Name of Love

After yesterday's outfit rant, I decided to go very basic today.  A black tee and Gap skinny jeans.  I mean, that's like boiling water...can't muck that up, right?  {with the exception of the one special gal who told me that she know who you are! ;) }

I haven't done a Black Friday Find post in a while...this one is special to me (and recent).

Yesterday, my sister mentioned that she had gone to the Talbot's Outlet store, which reminded me of a skirt that I had fallen in love with during my first visit to Talbots (not the outlet) a couple of months ago.  I was so enamored by the skirt (love at first sight does exist), that I took it straight to the fitting room and fell in love even more with the fit.  We were made for each other.

And then I looked at the price tag.



That wasn't going to happen, so with my heart strings still attached, I returned the skirt to the rack and heartbrokenly left the store.  I even went home and told my husband about "The One That I Had to Let Get Away".  (He's not so much the jealous type, so he was okay with that.)

Anyway, after not having followed up with the skirt since our first chance encounter, I called around to find it, but because the skirt had been out for a while and was so popular, every store in my vicinity was out.  I wasn't going to give up this time, so I decided to call every store in the state of Texas (and beyond, if need be) until I found it.  I did a store locator search on the Talbots website and began at the top of the list in Austin. 

Sadly, my heart couldn't keep taking the rejection after the fourth store in Austin said that they didn't have the skirt (a couple of people laughed out loud when I told them the name of the skirt, as if I was crazy to even believe that it would still be available...kind of like the nerd asking out the jock).  So, I decided to contact customer know, kind of like a matchmaker.  And my matchmaker hooked me up with the numbers to three prospects, one in Arlington, TX...the second in Friendswood, TX...and the third in Santa Clara, CA. 

Friendswood came through for me.  With husband and son in tow, we took the hour drive to meet the new addition to our my family.  Even though M and I were having a great conversatioin along the way, I was mentally cheating on him.  My mind was totally consumed by the skirt.

There was a moment of fear/pissed-offness after we arrived at the Talbots in Friendswood.  The sales clerk had placed it on a hold rack, but it was no longer there.  I'm not the type of customer to ever be rude or get irate, but she was about to bring that out of me if she didn't find my skirt.  Luckily, after ten (very intense) minutes, my skirt was found and we were finally able to finalize our union with my purchase.

And so, I'd like to introduce you to the skirt that stole my heart:

The Daisy Lace Pencil Skirt

OH!  And the best part:

And the "bestest" best part were the words
that I love to hear:
Additional 40% off
Bringing the final price to
So, if you've recently had an encounter with an item that you were unable to take home with you, give it another try.  Love will always prevail.  (Lol!)


  1. Yah for getting the skirt! You were so determined to get that skirt, that you deserve it! It's gorgeous, no wonder you wanted it so bad.

    I LOVE your look today. I have an inner rocker chic, so this is something that I just love on you.

    And I am on the hunt for a mustard colored pencil skirt, so that is my new love at the moment. I just wish I could find one in my price range! Or actually find one at all :)

  2. LOVE the look! Super casual, comfy, and cute! Great look!


  3. Oh. My. Goodness!! Girl, that skirt is gorgeous! And at such a good price, you are one lucky, lucky girl. To have a great guy and that skirt, too. *sigh* I'm jealous. lol

    I love your laid back and casual look today! It's very "I don't have time to care and I can STILL look this good!"

  4. I am laughing at this post!! I'm so glad that you found the skirt of your dreams. I can already see the possibilities :).

  5. Awwww....I just love happy endings ;) I totally love this skirt too (it's on my cravings side bar) but just like you there's no way I would shell out the ridulous amounts that Talbot charges. Well done! (You know I'm already looking forward to seeing your outfits with it!) Btw, how cute is the outfit you have on?!! I love the side belt and can't wait to try it out myself ;)

  6. You're making me want to revisit my jeans and tee look, only with my belt like that and a long necklace. I love it - you look so chic!


  7. This is too ironic! Just finished sharing with hubby how i was able to wait for a sale of a dress that I was able to get it for over 70% off in less than two

  8. that lace skirt is so cute! Love your relaxed look!

    Thanks for your sweet comment!

  9. i'm liking that belt cocked to the side! and yes, you can never go wrong with a black tee and jeans :)

  10. Love the skirt and what a great is tough to wait it out but the end price is worth it sometimes :) I am glad you found your skirt!!

  11. This was one of the best love stories ever! Seriously though, that skirt is amazing and you were right to hunt it down. I can't wait to see how you style it!

    (Also, thank you for the comment and the compliment - I appreciate it!)

  12. Love, Love, Love the skirt but I absolutely adore the price. I know it was worth the drive. I recently drove that far for a great pair of shoes.

  13. great skirt story...stalking is good for the soul.

    I love a good jeans and tee look. And do I see a belt buckle peeking out on your hip?!? How clever! I may have to steal that idea...but it won't really be stealing since I told you about it ahead of least, that is what I will tell myself. ;)

    Style in General

  14. This simple and relaxed is what I'd like to wear every work day with heels. Nothing like a great pair of jeans with a black tea and some fun accessories. This was a win!
    As for the skirt. I want to be a home-wrecker and steal him away from you, lol. I can't wait to see how you style it. When that happens to me I usually hid what I want in the store 9awful I know) or just keep checking back. The last resort is to thrift and find something that works for the look I was going for. I'm actually hungry for a H&M skirt they keep advertising and may just start calling've created a monster.