Tuesday, July 19

Meet My Alter Egos

Hat - old Old Navy
Dress - Gap
Belt - old Old Navy
Shoes - Michael Kors, Macy's
Flower Pin - Talbots

My husband went to lunch today with  a newspaper  boy wearing his hat, a prom teen and her corsage, and a bridesmaid still in her (short) dress and sash.
Random, huh?


Well, apparently, I have three alter egos.  And they all just randomly met each other today.

But I promise, I'm not as crazy as I look.  I promise, I'm not as crazy as I look.

Oh, and the blue handbag in the background?

Don't worry.  I did not throw that into the mix, too.

My alter egos and I didn't think it would match.


  1. I think the dress is super on you. I'm not into hats but if I were, that style is cute too. You look terrific and your husband is a lucky guy.

  2. You look adorable! I love these type of hats. You look fantastic!

    Go check out my post from yesterday, you got a little award! :)

  3. Bahaha! I think you look adorable!! That hat looks so cute on you! I bought a hat recently and have yet to wear it... Cuz I'm scared of it. lol I look sorta like a boy in hats.

  4. Love all of your accessories here...I think you look adorable in the hat!

  5. I love everything about this. It's a perfectly fun combination and works so well together!

  6. haha I think the alter egos go together great. I LOVE this dress, so perfect for summer!


  7. You look too cute!!! Love the hat with this ensemble..it gives it a different look..I like!!!


  8. I don't think the dress reads bridesmaid at all; in fact, I love this combination. It totally works and if I looked half as good in a hat, I'd wear them constantly. You look gorgeous.

  9. Wow!!! I wasn't expecting this type of feedback on this outfit, but I seriously appreciate it! I don't feel AS crazy...only just a little! LOL!
    Thanks, ladies!

  10. Too cute! Love this outfit. I love the mixture of all the looks. Bet your husband didn't know he was going on a date with 3 girls in one

    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  11. I think you look absolutely perfect! I love the dress and the shoes and of course the flower pin!! I cannot pull off hats but you look great in that hat.

  12. I'm gong to need you to post these outfits and write about them like they were featured in Elle magazine. This is such a cute & cool summer look. I'm not a hat girl (head is too small) but you it gave you a young and fun vibe.