Saturday, July 23

Awards Day

I was out and about today running a couple of errands and then picking P up from my sister's (he's been gone for one whole week!!!). I tried something new with the scarf tied around my's different for me and I kind of liked it...but I'm not sure if I have the right "oomph" to pull it off the way I've seen others do it.

I actually didn't leave the house like this, though. I swapped this belt out for a skinny red one, tightened the cuff on the pants, added several bracelets and a watch.  And, of course, I changed into flat sandals.

Scarf - from a pair of pants from The Limited
Tee - Gap
Belt - Gap
Khakis - Gap
Shoes - Ross

So, earlier this week, the dynamic duo from H&K Style Journey and the wonder-mom from Breakfast With Tiffany both recognized me with a Best Blog Award.


First, I'd like to say thank you to The Academy H&K and Tiffany for bestowing such a prestigious award upon me. Secondly, I'd like to pass it on to several other bloggers (refer to my blog list for the links to these blogs if they do not work below)***:

1. Right back at y'all H&K...for their mother and daughter cuteness

2. Right back at Tiffany...for her covet-worthy dresses and sandals

3. Erin from Moms Have Style, Too! ...for her sense of humor on motherhood and her ability to look good in it (motherhood, that is) every. damn. day.

4. Callandra from Petite Early Morning Style...for her insane ability to put together magazine-worthy looks

5. A dIvAmOms Journey...for her calming insight on life and her ability to pull off just about any outfit

6. Ambular Logic...also for her insight on motherhood (and her two cute little ones!)

7. Economy of Style...for her classic looks at great prices

8. Style & Poise...for her great use of colors and patterns

9. Two Stylish Kays...for their insane chic-ness

10. Jenn from The Suburb Experiment (and also from Secondhand Stylist)....for her "I want that!" vintage pieces and shoes

11. Style in General... for her classic looks and ability to tie a belt in the best. knot. ever.

12. Not Just a Pretty Face ...for sharing her journey with the insane Insanity workout videos...and her pretty face ;)

13. Hot Southern Mess...for making me laugh EVERY time I read her blog

14. Fashion for Giants...for her classic and colorful looks

15. Em's Fashion Finds...for her great shoes and the best necklaces

16. Style Chic 360...for her diva-factor every time

All righty. Next, I'm supposed to give seven random facts about myself. Here goes:

1. I absolutely cannot eat anything at anytime with my hands, unless my hands have been thoroughly washed with soap and hot water.

2. I hate to hear other women pee-ing in the restroom.

3. I'm not a huge Coke fan, but I love to get a large-sized order of it from McDonalds.

4. I despise washing dishes. My philosophy in my household is: If you dirty it, you clean it. (Unless you're P.)

5. I'm addicted to a game that I have on my phone called Ka-Glom. Really addicted. Unhealthily addicted.

6. Brown rice. Sliced turkey hot dogs. And ketchup. Those are the three ingredients for my own special recipe that I created about ten years ago called "Rice Dog Pie." Mm.Mm. (When M & I were dating way back then, I offered to "cook" for him one night after a work out at the gym. When I put his bowl of Rice Dog Pie in front of him, he looked at it and said, "What the he...!" You may be thinking the same thing as well...and that's okay.)

7. I was in a college pageant. And I actually won.

And here's a bonus:

8. My son has the largest boogers in the world. And I was put on this Earth to pull them out.  Aaaaaand, I'm secretly obsessed with examining them afterwards. Gross, but definitely random.

Lastly, I need to answer the following questions:

Favorite song: 
I don't have ONE.

Favorite dessert: 
Chocolate cake with some kind of raspberry or chocolate something drizzled on top of it

What is pissing you off right now: 
Not a thing.  At the moment.

When you are upset you:
Stop talking and/or shut down.

Favorite pet:
Awww....that's easy.  My Pomeranian named Monty.  He was my first child.  But I had to put him to sleep back in 2005.  I still miss him.

Black or White?

Biggest Fear:

Best Feature: eyes?

Everyday Attitude:

What is perfection?
Neatly and symmetrically threaded eyebrows.  Perfection.

Guilty pleasure?
Coconut Tart (Pie).  It's a Caribbean dessert chock-full of calories and fat, but soooooooooo sweet and good that I can eat an entire 8" pie. Aaaaaalllll. Byyyyyy. Myyyyyyyy.  Self.

That's it!  If you are one of the sixteen bloggers to whom I passed this award along, please do what I did:  link back, pass it along to (15) others, tell seven random things about yourself, and then answer the last set of questions.  Can't wait to read your responses!

Have a great weekend!

(*** Can anyone help me with this problem that I'm having with the links?!? They show up on my draft, but once I do a preview or publish the post, the links disappear!)


  1. Awww! How nice! And fun!
    Totally with you on the chocolate-raspberry combination. Raspberry buttercream at Sees is... da bomb LOL

  2. I love this look on you! Congratulations on your award. I am now following.



  3. You look so cute! I really like the scarf tied around your head.

    Hilarious about the boogers! The things that us moms do for our children! And I don't know what it is about McDonald's Coke but it does taste better than anywhere else :)

  4. I really love this look!!! You pull it off so awesomely!

    Thanks for the award!! :) :)

  5. First, can I please tell you how perfect this outfit is? would be my summer uniform. I can't believe you changed a thing about it before you went out. Oh, and I love the scarf. It makes your eyes just POP (and you have some seriously GORGEOUS features there :)

    And second, THANK YOU for the suuuuuuuuuuper sweet blog award! You don't know how warm and fuzzy you've made me feel. I've never received a blogger award before! I knew there were multiple reasons I loved you...

  6. I love the look!! All chic and casual. And that headscarf looks so GOOD on you!!

    I do the same thing sometimes too. I take pictures of myself in something and it looks so cute and stylish... but then I'm too scared to actually wear it out in public. lol Small town Florida isn't quite ready for me to shake it up just yet! ;)

    And HA! I lol-ed at the boogers!

  7. Super cute outfit! The definition of casual chic!

    Style in General

  8. Caramelchica - See's, huh? I'll keep that in mind!

    Lynn - Thank you! I'm in awe of your blog!

    K - Yep...and I had a Coke later that day, too!

    Jenny - No prob!

    Erin - You know I "got you"!

    Tiffany - Um...who else better to shake up that little town than you! Unleash your fashion wrath!

    Designgirl - Thanks, dear!

  9. I love love love the outfit. I was thinking I wish I could pull off the scarf look but I don't think it'll fit me. So cute on you though. Hmmm... I think I may have to pass on the Rice Dog Pie. LOL.

    Thanks so much for the blogger award, of course it's a first. I'm glad my little life can entertain you.

  10. Hey Kish! Thanks for the shout out and award ;) Yay!! By the way, just wondering what font color you have set for your links. If it matches your background it's going to dissappear. I had that problem when I first started blogging. The link would show up initially, but once someone clicked on them they would be gone. So check font color for before and after they've been selected and see if that helps any. That's all I could think of that might be causing your problem, (I'm not exactly technically gifted - Lol) so I hope this helps ;)

  11. Yikes! I forgot to comment how cute you look in this picture and I can totally see the add-ons you did before you left.....Very nice!

  12. I think you wore the scarf well. More stripes and I love it. I like dark khakis and strips :)
    Can blogger give us threaded comments? Sheesh, lol. You are so deserving of the award. I always enjoy reading your commentary. And you think I'm calm. Well I've learned to be as I've grown in my walk of faith. I would have a melt down about everything but now I just let GOD carry the burdens He's stronger. Xo!

  13. Congrats girlie! You deserve it
    Shasie of Live Life in Style