Friday, July 15

Yes, Your Madras-ty

Although it's officially Friday, this here is still going to be my Thursday post, 'k?

This must be my summer of shorts because I honestly think that I've worn shorts more times this summer than I have collectively over the past...ten years, maybe?  As a result, I feel a little insecure like a novice when it comes to putting together an outfit around a pair of shorts. 

This afternoon, I took P to our local mall to meet up with one of my sisters and her daughters (ages 17 and 19 and whom P adores).  I almost always make it a point to wear flats when I'm venturing out with P (high heels + active 30-plus pound child + nearly equally weighted purse = frustration/back pain), and I just wanted to be very casual.  Soooo...shorts, a shirt, and some shoes.  How hard could that be, right?

An hour-and-a-half-long-hard, I tell you.  An hour and a half.

That. is. ridiculous.

I mean, I could understand if I were getting ready to go somewhere important or special, but geez, I just wanted to take my kid to the mall and be comfortable, cool, and kinda cute.

I guess today was just an insecurity day.  I was whining complaining telling my husband earlier that if "it takes me this long" to put together a casually stylish outfit that just ends up looking like I spent a long time trying to put together a stylish outfit, then I must really not have any sense of style.  His response was actually a pretty good and uplifting one that should have completely obliterated my sour disposition, but too bad... I was not trying to hear it.  Misery was looking for company, and his invitation was quickly revoked

So, this outfit was the final result: 
Plaid madras Loft shorts (that I've already worn twice before, but obviously not well enough to post). 
An "unruly-necked" Gap tee (that kept shifting around...I think some poor soul at the mall was flashed)
A flower pin from Talbots (that was awkardly placed and kept aiding the "unruly-necked tee" with the flashing).
And Old Navy flip flops (that I hardly ever wear).  

(Hmmm...and why was it again that was I skeptical/miserable/insecure to begin with???)

Seriously, I'm okay with the outfit, though. 

And I'm okay with myself, too.

Just so you know, I'm not going through some kind of crisis.

I'm just mad.

In plaid.


  1. Well, you might be mad, but you do look awfully cute. The shorts are adorable, I love the flower pin and the half-tucked shirt is fun!

    That's why I end up hating some of my outfits, because I just don't have that time in the morning to figure out what I'm going to wear, so I grab something too quickly and it's meh.

    I really like how this turned out on you!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. This looks great! I have a pair of madras shorts and I struggle every time I wear them with what to wear with them. This gives me some ideas! :)

  3. You look great! I especially love your floral broach. The shorts are so fun and colorful, so I think you did a wonderful job!

    I know what you mean though. Sometimes casual outfits are harder for me to put together than my work attire for some reason.

  4. Ok, so if this is how annoyed you get by going through this for ONE DAY, how do you think I feel when I go through it almost EVERY DAY?? I jest (no I don't)...I'm not insecure (yes I am). I'm sure the teenage boys at the mall fully appreciated the flash, so rest assured, your outfit was appreciated. And as for your bloggy-friends (and relatives, as I consider you my bloggy-sister...I was an only I'm a tad pathetic), I love the madras and was TOTALLY scoping those shorts at LOFT, even almost pulled the trigger when they went on clearance, but I have worn shorts exactly twice this whole year, so I thought my money would be best spent on a maxi dress...or anything with stripes :)

  5. Your outfit turned out so cute! Love these plaid shorts, and the addition of the flower pin is darling!

  6. Sorry you had a bad dressing day. :( we all have them.

    you're still cute

  7. Ha! I bet that guy who got flashed was pretty happy. ;)

    I think you look 100% adorable! So, just wave those insecurities away! I actually really want those shorts. =)

  8. hahaha mad in plaid, well you also look cute in plaid.

  9. The look is cute. I would have gone with a white tank to make the colors in the shorts stand out. I'm rarely wear flats. Yippe I remember the days but now my kiddo is 13 and I can wear wedges on our outings.