Friday, July 1


Hello Weekend!

Old shirt from Marshall's,
Loft Shorts, Target belt,
Havaianas from Gap
I was left to my own devices yesterday to take pics, so this is what you get...a little peek into that place where you know what happens!  (That would be sleeping, by the way.  And obviously watching t.v.)

This is what I normally look like when just running errands to the Bank/Target/TJMaxx/Ross/Grocery Store that are all conveniently located within a five mile radius from our neighborhood.  Nothing special on this menu.  Just a t-shirt, bottoms (which usually aren't short-shorts cuz these tree trunks might scare some folks), and a good ol' pair of Havaianas.

Now, if I had to go six miles away from home, then maybe I would dress up.

Anyway, I spent the day in the hot-as-Hades sunshine with This Guy:

This Guy, who wanted to take the pictures for me...but only while he was doing his Power Rangers Ninja moves.  ("Umm...thanks, but that's okay, Preston.")

This Guy, who after his PK4 assessment this week was introduced to scissors, so I bought him a pair of kid-friendly ones to practice cutting with.  And now, when I ask him to go outside to ride his bike, he tells me he's busy b/c he has "paperworks" to do (read: cutting up paper).  Oh, and he's also asked me several times to cut the cat's whiskers. 

This Guy, who, while laying in bed and watching t.v. with me two days ago, discovered a new, um, "feature" of know...and, out of genuine curiosity, asked me, "Mom, where did this come from?  It's tall!"  (Trust me, although I was trying not to laugh, I was totally taken aback, too!)

For you moms out there, do you remember when you first got pregnant, THE go-to text that everyone would tell you about was "What to Expect When Expecting"??? 

Yeah, I looked through it, but didn't refer to it as much as I thought I would. 

But I'm wondering now if they ever come out with a version that covers What to Expect From the Unexpected

Cuz I may need that one.

Have a Happy and Safe 4th Everyone!


  1. hahaha that is cute you got your own human prop :)

  2. I'm digging the brown bag mixed with your gray and black - great idea. Your son looks adorable!! TGIF......have a safe and happy extra long weekend Kish ;)

  3. The joy of kids!! What did you say to him?

  4. Hahaha, "that place"! That's where I also do a lot of my blogging. =) You look cute in your casual shorts & tee. Cute! And your little dude is so cute!

  5. I hope you aren't referring to your legs as tree trunks, cuz them's track star legs! Short shorts every day!
    And ohmygoodness, I hope I have a few years before I have to answer any penis questions with a straight face!

  6. Melissa - Yes! I also like to consider him as our free entertainment.

    Callandra - Thanks, ma'am! Love some brown and black mixing!

    Sarah - Oh, man! I didn't have any words to say! I was not at all ready for that "MOMent"...which is why I need a book that will tell me how to respond to that!!! ;) (Just kidding!)

    Tiffany - I forgot to mention this room is Blog Central, as well!

    CC - Haha! If I had your legs, then I would have no problem at all wearing short shorts everyday!!!
    I would love to know what your response would be to your son, cuz I'm still at a loss!

  7. This was such a cute post kids say some of the funniest thing!!
    Love your outfit

  8. Very cute errands outfit!! Talking about cute...Preston is too cute!!